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The world is always arguing about whether or not there are mermaids, this is also a topic that has become attractive to many directors in the world. Let's take a look at the best movies with captivating beautiful mermaids that make the audience remember them forever selected by KnowInsiders.com, maybe we have more information about their origins.

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1. The Little Mermaid

Photo: Youtube
The Little Mermaid - Photo: Youtube

The Little Mermaid nearly completely avoids violent moments in favor of beautiful, fantastical, and calming imagery of the "old story" kind because it is a mermaid movie for children.

Elizabeth the mermaid, played by Poppy Drayton, is the center of the story; she somehow ended up in the clutches of a cruel circus owner. She meets sympathetic reporter Cam Harrison here (William Moseley). Cam Harrison made a vow to Elizabeth that he would do all in his power to return her to the sea.

2. The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead

Photo: kino
Lake of the Dead - Photo: Kino

The sentimental love tale, or "pink," has been "straightly" eliminated by The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead's producer in favor of elements of horror that will make viewers' hair stand on end. Although the project's content wasn't well received, it did manage in offering viewers a fresh viewpoint on this enigmatic creature.

The movie is based on a terrifying Russian myth about a ghost who tempts people to the hereafter if they venture near a body of water. I have no idea how unlucky it was that the Roman man went swimming at night and collapsed into her arms, "punishing" his fiancée Marina by making her a "half-life, half-dead" in an effort to keep them both alive.

3. Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Photo: csmonitor
Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Photo: csmonitor

In a movie famed for high-seas battle and widespread piracy, any movie fan would anticipate the arrival of merpeople in some way.

This movie also includes well-known characters like Barbossa and Jack Sparrow, as well as classic pirates like Blackbeard and themes like the fountain of youth.

In keeping with the marine philosophy that "nature is red in tooth and claw" for these legendary creatures, they also produced an entire race of vicious mermaids.

Action and mystery coexist in equal measure in this remarkable installment of a well-known franchise, which also stars Penélope Cruz, Ian McShane, Geoffrey Rush, Sam Claflin, Richard Griffiths, Keith Richards, Judi Dench, and Johnny Depp.

4. Splash

Photo: latimes
Splash - Photo: latimes

In this 1984 Ron Howard picture, Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah play prominent roles. Allen Bauer, the main character of Splash, nearly drowned as a young child and later encountered a mysterious female in the water. While Allen goes on a diving excursion, the girl resurfaces despite his best efforts to forget her as an adult. The mermaid searches for Allen in New York after saving his life twice.

They fall in love despite the knowing that the mermaid must return to the water in seven days. With the mermaid tail on, Daryl Hannah was able to outswim the safety squad, outpacing them. This movie's encounters between the various mermaid troupes maintain the anticipated confrontations while being humorous.

5. Dyesebel (2014)

Photo: theprincessblog
Dyesebel - Photo: theprincessblog

As a film produced by Filipino cinema, the content is derived from a fairy tale about a mermaid's journey to find love but encounters many difficulties and challenges.

The film stars the golden couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes. She is passionately in love with the land boy, she is determined to overcome many challenges, and at the same time has to confront his fiance on the mainland, not only that, but she has to find a way to solve the problems of conflict. position at home.

The film is not only attracted by the beautiful cast, but also makes the viewers have to constantly admire the scenery of the Philippines, the technical effects have been raised to a new level.

6. The Mermaid (2016)

Photo: moviesanywhere
The Mermaid - Photo: moviesanywhere

The Mermaid is a Chinese Hong-Kong romantic comedy written, directed, and produced by Stephen Chow (known for Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle). In this film, Liu Xuan, a playboy, and businessman, buys a wildlife reserve called “the Green Gulf” and uses sonar technology to kill the region’s sea life.

They send Shan, a stunning mermaid, to stop more harm because the Green Gulf is actually the home of a family of mermaids. Shan falls in love with Xuan while trying to persuade him, which causes more conflict between the two realms.

7. The Legend of the Blue Sea (2026)

Photo: thecourierdaily
The Legend of the Blue Sea - Photo: thecourierdaily

Blockbuster Korean drama The Legend of the Blue Sea has been eagerly awaited by viewers since the first day of its debut. The movie, which features actor Lee Min Ho, is based on a Joseon Dynasty scholar named Yoo Mong In's first collection of North Korean mermaid legends about a fisherman who captures a mermaid and releases her back into the water.

Sae Hwa the mermaid ran aground in the past and was captured by fishermen. To extract superior fish oil, she was restrained in a lotus pond. Dam Ryung has been appointed as the new district command. He is a young mandarin with talent and good looks. The two came across one another beside the lake in a precarious scenario.

The young district commander made the decision to release the mermaid to the wide sea after becoming incensed at how the fishermen abused her and tied her up. Sae Hwa also received the ring of faith from Dam Ryung.

According to legend, touching a mermaid will cause the spirit to panic and cause the memory to be lost. Dam Ryung, however, grasped for her hand when Sae Hwa extended his hand, beginning a predestined connection that spanned many lives.

8. Mermaid Down

Photo: khenphim
Mermaid Down - Photo: khenphim

The film is set in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean, where it is rumored that good fortune will come to those who own mermaids. The fishermen began to embark on a journey to find and hunt for mermaids. Unfortunately, a mermaid accidentally fell into the nets of these fishermen and tragedy began.

A mermaid must endure a series of inhuman experiments by mad doctor Beyer. Will the girls at the Beyer Psychiatric Institute win over the sick doctor? What will happen to the mermaid, how will she rise up to free herself and avenge the grudge she is suffering?

9. Aquamarine

Photo: parentpreviews
Aquamarine - Photo: parentpreviews

The same-titled work by American female author Alice Hoffman served as the inspiration for the teen comedy and fiction movie Aquamarine.

Two good friends, Claire and Hailey, are spending their final summer together before Hailey has travel to Australia due to her mother's job. Because both of Hailey's parents perished in a shipwreck disaster, Hailey serves as Claire's friend and mother. Both of them pray for Hailey's mother to change her mind so that she can stay as they gaze out to sea. A storm soon followed, forcing them both back to their shelters.

The following morning, Claire stumbles into a makeshift pool on the sand and sees something bizarre with blue hair and a fishtail. She found out right away that it was Aquamarine, a mermaid.

The three get along well right away, and Aquamarine shares her destiny. Claire and Hailey represent her last chance of finding real love before she is forced to wed a stranger at her father's command.

10. A Mermaid In Paris

Photo: imdb
A Mermaid In Paris - Photo: imdb

The passionate love story between pianist Gaspard (Nicolas Duvauchelle) and stunning mermaid Lula is depicted in the film A Mermaid in Paris (Marilyn Lima). During a concert, he unintentionally saves her, and he also helps her hide in his bathtub.

Actor Gaspard resolved never to fall in love again when his relationship ended. Lula, a mermaid, always defends herself against love by speaking in a ghostly voice that compels each guy who hears it to fall in love.

But all changed when Lula was washed into Gaspard's life by the Seine in a tidal wave. Then the mermaid who had never experienced the taste of love and the man who endured suffering for love made their way into each other's hearts. In their love song, the two universes are brought into harmony.


The ten mermaid movies listed above are ones we recommend. This list makes it clear that mermaids in general experience the same problems. They always come to the aid of others and are on the run from their tyrannical fathers or selfish humans (usually males who are pursuing women). They desire to become human and discover true love.

There is still a lot that can be done with the mermaid story despite these recurring motifs, and it's always enjoyable to view these vintage films again. Please share any additional fantastic mermaid flicks you know of in the comments area.

For the time being, pick a movie swiftly and take in the captivating scenes in this fantastical universe!

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