Evil Mermaid in History
Evil Mermaid in History

The ocean contains many mysteries that people aspire to decipher. During the past thousands of years, many civilizations in the world have anecdotes and legends about mysterious things and phenomena occurring in the seas of the world. Among these, the story of the mermaid attracted the attention of many people.

Who is the Mermaid, When did it First Appear in the World?

The word "mare" is Latin and means ocean, and merpeople are also named after the word itself.

The mermaids that live at Hogwarts Lake in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, like many other mermaids in literature, they have blue skin and long green hair. Their bodies are human-like, but without legs, they have silvery fishtails.

There are legends about mermaids in almost every culture. For example, there was once a saying that the nobility of France was descended from a mermaid named Merusina.

As Joanne Rowling said in "Fantastic Beasts", the Siren in Greek mythology is very similar to a mermaid. They are dangerous creatures because their beauty attracts sailors with their melodious music and enchanting voices to seduce these sailors from which they caught off guard, then lured them to stab and die. on nearby rocks.

When we saw the gray-skinned, yellow-eyed mermaids at Hogwarts Lake, we were just as surprised as Harry. In fact, beautiful or ugly, they all come from the mermaids family - this family is made up of mythical mermaids and legends from many different countries. They all have different names in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia and other countries. Just like humans, mermaids come in different sizes, some good and some evil, some beautiful and some ugly. But they all have one thing in common: they have a humanoid shape above the waist, but have a fishtail on the lower body.

Mermaids first appeared as a god in ancient civilizations. Aya (or Oamis in Greek mythology) was a sea god worshiped by the Babylonians around 5,000 BC. It is believed that he taught people the knowledge of art and science. In Babylon at that time there were no mandatory laws or systems and people behaved like beasts. Mermaids turn them into civilized people. In Syrian mythology, the first mermaid was named Atagetis.

The image of the beautiful, long-haired mermaid that we most commonly accept today dates back to the Middle Ages. People often describe her as sitting on a rock and singing a sweet song. At the same time, she would dreamily look at herself in the mirror and comb her long hair.

There are different explanations as to why mermaids like to comb their hair, with some suggesting that it was because an artist had copied the original depiction of mermaids and accidentally painted them. she is like that. In this view, combs and mirrors symbolize the beauty and emptiness of women and they also believe that mermaids can destroy men.

The Mermaid - Sailor's Obsession on the Ocean

Mermaid - Sailor's Obsession on the Ocean
Mermaid - Sailor's Obsession on the Ocean

Besides anecdotes about beautiful, gentle, kind mermaids, some legends in ancient Europe describe creatures with the upper half of the body as a human, the lower half of the body as a fish, extremely aggressive and cruel. .

Specifically, some European anecdotes say that some mermaids charmed sailors while sailing on the sea. Fascinated by the beauty, beautiful voice of the mermaids, the sailor was caught off guard, leading to falling into the sea and drowning.

The mermaid enjoyed watching the sailors be mesmerized and then drowned. The bones of the sailors were later used by the mermaid as musical instruments.

Some mermaids are even more cruel when they can sink ships, causing the entire crew and goods on board to sink to the bottom of the sea.

In Greek mythology, mermaids are called Sirens. They use their heavenly voice to lure sailors and fishermen into the deadly waters.

After the fishermen's ships and sailors enter their waters, the mermaids will show their cruelty by attacking the sailors to death or causing large waves that cause the boats to be damaged. overturned, sunk into the sea.

Sometimes mermaids charm, hypnotize seafarers to make them lose all reason. From then on, they became servants of the mermaid and forgot about the relatives, family, and friends waiting for their return.

Similarly, the Japanese have a number of legends about mermaids with odd shapes. According to some stories, this mysterious creature has an upper half of a monkey and a lower half of a fish.

The mermaid is described as ferocious with extremely scary sharp fangs. They sometimes attack, cannibalizing seafarers to satisfy their hunger.

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Mermaids Bring Bad Omen

Mermaids Bring Bad Omen
Mermaids Bring Bad Omen

In fact, although mermaids are very beautiful, they are often described as magical creatures that seduce sailors with their beauty, when causing sailors to die, they will imprison their souls. These sailors are under the sea.

The most evil mermaids will even eat humans. Therefore, seeing mermaids is usually a bad omen. Her appearance is a harbinger of storms, shipwrecks, and drowning people. An angry mermaid will take revenge on the person who offended her, drowning him, and even engulfing the village where that person is.

Fortunately, not all mermaids are so bad. Some mermaids, if they can convince mermaids, will help people heal. Their superpowers can help predict the weather and the future, fulfill people's wishes, or uncover treasures in a sunken ship.

It is because of these magical powers that mythical mermaids are often captured by humans and people force them to fulfill their wishes, moreover to catch mermaid, you just need to rob things. their combs, mirrors, or hats. Once the mermaids are caught, they can only be freed after getting what they lost.

Male Mermaid

Some people who love the beauty of mermaids even want to marry them, mermaids also want to find a human husband, this is not only for love, but also because only in this way can they get a soul. soul that all mortals do not have. But in any case, the children they gave birth to could be easily recognized because they had webbed limbs, and in other respects they were no different from normal children.

Male mermaids marrying humans do happen occasionally but are not as common as mermaids, which may be related to the male mermaids' reputation for being mean. In fact, some cultures make a clear distinction between male and female mermaids. They claim that male mermaids hate humans and don't want human souls. They are both rude husbands and even eat their own children.

Although stories of male mermaids have been circulated for hundreds of years, no one has actually seen them. From the Middle Ages until recently, there have been many famous people claiming to have seen mermaids. These include Christopher Columbus and Henry Hudson, but physical evidence has never been found to support this.

Some bad guys who wanted to make money intentionally displayed so-called "mermaids", but it was later discovered that it was fake - a man once sewed the upper body of a monkey and the lower body of a large fish put together to form a mermaid. Of the mermaids reported by serious scholars and people of integrity, most are seals, walruses, manatees, and dugongs (a type of manatee that lives in Asia).

Of course, if you see these animals with your own eyes, you will understand that there is nothing in common between them and the beautiful mermaid. It is difficult to confuse these ugly animals with long-haired, charming and beautiful mermaids. But most people who regularly report seeing mermaids are beachgoers, they go to the beach all year round, so it's not difficult to explain that they are the only ones who mistake the fat and ugly dug for a mermaid.

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