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Most Handsome Male Golfers in the World - Illustrated picture. Photo: Mixi's

Golf is said to have originated in Scotland around the 15th century. Originally, golf was played with balls made from animal skins and played on grasslands. However, later, rubber-made balls were invented in the early 20th century, improving the development of the sport.

Originally, golf was played by Scottish aristocrats and aristocrats and speaking to date is a sport loved all over the world. Today, there are millions of golfers all over the world and international golf tournaments are held every year.

Find out with the world's best-looking male golfers of all time (updated in 2023):

Who Are The Most Handsome Male Golfers in the World of All Time?

1. Adam Scott

Photo: Golf Digest
Adam Scott - Photo: Golf Digest

Adam Scott is renowned for his captivating style, sexy commercials, and significant tournament victories.

In 1998, Scott made his debut after winning the Australian Boy's Amateur Competition.

At the age of 23, he became the player to win The Players Championship.

Adam Scott can now take pride in having won as many as fourteen PGA events.

He is Australian by birth, and over the course of his career, he has made up to 56 million dollars.

You would be thrilled to bring the Australian home to meet your parents. Or perhaps you would be excited to meet him if you were one of the parents. The 2013 Masters Champion, golf's Brad Pitt, is well-groomed, lean, and muscular with movie-star good looks. He would be a great catch.

Sadly, he wed Marie Kojzar, a Swedish architect, and the two are now expecting their first child.

Key Stats

* Country: Australia

* Tournament Wins: 14

* Career Earnings: $56 million

* Marital Status: Married (Marie Kozjar)

2. Camilo Villegas

Photo: Golfweek - USA Today
Camilo Villegas - Photo: Golfweek - USA Today

Just look at those muscles. You know when you’re at work, and you’ve called a plumber to sort something at the house, and your wife has taken a half-day to meet him? Well, Camilo Villegas is what you dread he’s going to look like.

He’s also incredibly flexible, as his famous “spider-man” method for reading greens displays, so he’d be extremely good at getting in to hard to reach pipes and that sort of thing.

Top 10 Most Handsome Male Golfers in the World Today Top 10 Most Handsome Male Golfers in the World Today

There are undoubtedly hot and good-looking males in golf. Check out the top 10 most handsome male golfers in the world right below!

3. Graeme McDowell

Photo: GolfMagic
Photo: GolfMagic

GMac makes it onto our list for the glint in his eye and his sartorial elegance. He may have lost most of his Irish accent somewhere in the mid-Atlantic, but he still has the gift of the gab and the ability, “for sure” to charm the pants off anybody within earshot.

Northern Irish golfer Graeme McDowell has won sixteen tournaments and has approximately $20 million in career earnings. One of the hottest golfers, according to women, is Graeme.

They claim that it is simple to be seduced by his alluring eyes and Irish accent.

In 2002, he made his professional golf debut after finishing fourth at the Volvo Nordic Masters.

At Pebble Beach, McDowell displayed his prowess by defeating Gregory Hervet by a single shot.

He was also given a prize for his contributions to golf by the University of Ulster.

He is a co-owner of the Florida restaurant Nona Blue, which is situated near to Lake Nona.

Graeme and Kristin Stape have been a happy couple since 2013.

They now have two adorable children, Wills and Vale, after he proposed to her in 2012 from the top of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

4. Martin Kaymer

Photo: Zing
Martin Kaymer

Kaymer makes the line-up for the sheer German efficiency of his looks: Unblemished skin, short well-kept hairdo, a good physique with strong arms and slim hips, neat and nicely-fitted polo shirts coupled with tailored strides.

Germany's Martin Kaymer is a professional golfer who has won multiple tournaments over his career.

Every woman's fantasy is him, with his powerful arms, short hair, and serious face.

He succeeded in winning numerous tournaments, including the Scottish Open in 2009, the International Open once in 2008, and the European Tour five times.

At the Abu Dhabi Championship, Martin also had two victories in competitions.

His competitive spirit propelled him to the top 100 in the World Golf Ranking [3].

Martin won the PGA Championship and the Us Open in 2010, both major championships. He has achieved twenty-three victories in total, and his net worth is $22 million.

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5. Jordan Spieth

Photo: golfdigest
Photo: golfdigest

Jordan Spieth is a three-time major champion, a member of the PGA Tour, a former world number one in the Official World Golf Ranking, and the 2015 FedEx Cup champion. At the John Deere Classic, he achieved his first professional triumph. Prior to ending the competition at under-18, he won the 2015 Masters Championship and set tournament records for the best 36-hole and 54-hole scores at 14-under and 16-under, respectively.

The 2015 U.S. Open was also won by him. He was a first-team All-American and the Big 12 Freshman and Player of the Year while playing at the University of Texas, where he contributed to the team's NCAA Championship victory. In recent developments, Spieth has the opportunity to formally declare his comeback.

6. Morgan Hoffmann

Photo: golfdigest
Photo: golfdigest

American golfer Morgan Hoffmann was born on August 11, 1989. Hoffmann, who was raised in Wyckoff, New Jersey, attended Ramapo High School. Hoffmann moved to the International Junior Golf School in Hilton Head, South Carolina to take advantage of the warm weather and training options after winning two straight New Jersey state titles. Hoffmann attended Oklahoma State University for two years, when he participated on the golf team. He participated in the 2009 Walker Cup as a highly regarded amateur and briefly held the top spot in the World Amateur Golf Ranking.

Hoffmann decides to leave college early in order to turn professional after competing in the 2010 U.S. Open. In tying for 29th place at the 2012 U.S. Open, he earned a spot in his first professional major. Hoffmann has called Saddle Brook, New Jersey, home. Hoffmann competed on the Tour in 2012, getting by on sponsor exemptions and Monday qualifiers because he had no status at the beginning of the year. He participated in 13 tournaments, finished 19th on the money list, and was thus promoted to the PGA Tour.

7. Rickie Fowler

Photo: Golf News
Photo: Golf News

One of the greatest golfers of all time, Rickie Fowler has been playing professionally since 2009.

He was noted as the golfer who earned the most money in 2016. Likewise, he was also ranked as the number one golfer constantly for four straight years.

Unlike other golfers, Rickie picked up the fundamentals of the game on his own. Up until his senior year of high school, he practiced alone.

Moreover, Fowler has won a number of competitions. He was unquestionably featured at the top of the list for four years in a row for a reason.

First, Rickie's grandfather introduced him to clubs. Grandpa Fowler was very encouraging and was the one who suggested Fowler seek a career in golf.

Key Stats

* Country: United States

* Tournament Wins: 5

* Career Earnings: $39 million

* Marital Status: Married (Allison Stokke)

8. Dustin Johnson

Photo: golfdigest
Photo: golfdigest

One of the hottest golfers in the game right now is Dustin Johnson, thanks in part to his fierce eyes and penetrating gaze. The 37-year-pleasant old's demeanor, practically ginger hair, and beard are some of the things that make it impossible to avoid watching him.

Sadly, he is not for sale. In actuality, Dustin Johnson is wed to the legendary hockey player's daughter. Yes, Paulina Gretzky, daughter of Wayne Gretzky, is in question. Yet more sons were born to the power couple.

Just after Spanish golfer Jon Rahm, Dustin Johnson is presently ranked second in the world. For the second time in his career, he most recently won the Saudi International in February.

Dustin Johnson is originally from the United States, and his wealth reaches as much as 71 million dollars.

His most recent victory was at the Saudi International.

He is known not only for his 24 victories- but also for his love of good suits.

9. Brooks Koepka

Photo: golfdigest
Photo: golfdigest

Because of his captivating playing style and good appearance, Brooks Koepka has been captivating female golf fans. He was the first golfer to win back-to-back major titles, which is one of his most notable accomplishments.

Brooks Koepka didn't begin playing professional golf on the PGA Tour like many others. He began playing golf at the European Challenge Tour.

Brook's most distinguishing achievement was when he became the first one to win back-to-back championships.

Brooks Koepka became the first golfer to win that many major championships with an overall earning of 35 million dollars.

It's interesting to note that Brooks didn't start off on the PGA Tour. Instead, the European Challenge Tour was the beginning of his professional career. He made his PGA debut in 2014 at the Fry' Open.

Although Brooks has not yet wed, he is in a well-known relationship with Jena Sims, an actress well recognized for her roles in B movies.

The famous Brooks Koepka had an incredible eight victories in his career.

10. Rory Mcilroy

Top 10 Best-Looking Male Golfers of All Time in The World
Rory Mcilroy

As we have reached tenth place on the list of the hottest players so far, it is time to mention Rory Mcilroy.

In addition to his gorgeous curly hair, Rory Mcilroy is well renowned for his stunning northern Irish charm and accent. His Irish accent is loved by many.

He developed a passion for golf as a young youngster. In 2012, Rory Mcilroy broke the record for the youngest player to earn $10.

His lifetime earnings are currently 56 million dollars. The Players Championship, which will be held in March 2021, has Rory Mcilroy as the clear favorite to win.

On the PGA Tour, Rory Mcilroy won 19 times, while on the European Tour, he won 14 times. He is currently among the best golfers, so we can state that.


It's no surprise that female audiences admire these gorgeous, smart male golfers because golf is one of the most refined sports.

But, they didn't become successful only because they were attractive.

Their widespread popularity was a result of their impressive professional histories, numerous tournament victories, and strong psyches.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading about the ten most attractive golfers and their incredible accomplishments and were motivated to attend more of their matches.

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