Which Zodiac Sign Is The Worst? Weeknesses And Advice For 12 Zodiac Signs
Which Zodiac Sign Is The Worst? Weaknesses And Advice For 12 Zodiac Signs. Photo Freepik

You like it rough? Well, here’s rough for you. Those of you born under the worst zodiac signs are being called out right now for your shady behavior, your bad temper, your stingy nature, your lies and your selfishness.

Check out which zodiac sign is the most evil (list from the worst to the best).

1. Pisces

Weaknesses: Cheeky, sentimental and melancholy.

It is said that Pisces has a bad temper. This is completely related to their picky personality. They love one and then another with high breakup rate. They change their lover like changing clothes so it is difficult to have a lasting love, making a bad impression on people.

They always think that they are always toying with other people's feelings, and their personalities certainly don't get much better. However, for Pisces, love cannot be forced.

Pisces is naturally very dreamy but that's not their biggest weekness. Pisces can become practical like Virgo or Capricorn. The biggest minus point of Pisces, especially for their lover, is that Pisces finds it difficult to share emotions. When facing problems, Pisces often disappears, making those who care about them extremely worried.

Advice: In order to feel more peaceful, Pisces should look to Aries or Taurus friends. Because they are essentially two signs that have simple and positive thoughts. They can help Taurus untie the knots.

2. Taurus

Which Zodiac Sign Is The Worst? Weeknesses And Advice For 12 Zodiac Signs
Photo Taurus Horoscope

Weaknesses: Boring, taciturn, slow.

The poor personality of Taurus is that they are too practical, attach great importance to money and never help others unconditionally. In order to receive help from Taurus, you must first negotiate with conditions. Taurus will make people feel they are unfriendly. If Taurus wants to be a good character, they have to change their reality.

Taurus is stubborn as a bull and very selfish. When deciding on something, if his point of view is different from others’, he will not see everething from other person's point of view. Even when he is wrong, he will not concern about the feelings of others.

Taurus is always quite slow, making them difficult in jobs that require agility and vigilance. In addition, the conservative and stubborn personality also makes Taurus not easy to change. When entering a new environment, Taurus will find it difficult to adapt.

Advice: Try taking a risk once, maybe it will bring interesting experiences for yourself? In addition, when you want to implement an idea of ​​your own, Taurus should try to ally with Virgo - people of perfection. Both can find common goals and work together.

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3. Scorpio

Weaknesses: Suspicious, jealous, possessive.

Scorpios themselves have a relatively high IQ and superior capacity, which makes them feel superior to other signs.

They have a range of work ideas, including being a more superior zodiac sign.

Scorpio is a charming and loyal lover. Their degree of loyalty is directly proportional to their jealousy. They like to control their lover, making the other person feel cramped, constrained and suffocated.

Scorpio is the sign of hidden passions. Therefore, Scorpio's emotions are doubled: love wholeheartedly - hate deeply and never in the middle of love and hate. That leads to the consequence that all thoughts of Scorpio tend to be negative. Another bad habit of Scorpio is paying too much attention to other people to fnd their minus points.

Advice: Scorpio should make friends with Leo and learn from their positive thoughts. In addition, to minimise negative thoughts, Scorpio can ask Aries or Sagittarius for inspiration.

4. Capricorn

Minus points: Workaholic, strict.

Capricorn is a traditional, stubborn and independent person. Wherever they are, they like to coddle. Capricorn is a very serious, extremely narrow-minded sign. They think they are right and will not easily change their stance.

Even though you are right, Capricorn will not agree with you from the bottom of their hearts. As long as they think it is right, they will go their own way and not consider thinking about other people's thoughts and feeling.

Capricorn is the most responsible and mature zodiac sign. However, they are mostly workaholic and often neglect love affairs. Capricorn boys/girls often don't show their emotions openly, are quiet, a bit rigid and overly principled. With these people, you can hardly get sweet, warm words and gestures from them.

Capricorn's strong point is systematic thinking. But that also makes them extremely conservative and difficult to change. And of course, when Capricorn has a bad impression on someone, that impression will almost never change. Another bad habit of Capricorn is being too workaholic and having too little time for close people around.

Advice: Capricorn should see how Cancer cares for family and loved ones. In addition, to avoid thinking in a rut, Capricorn can learn from way of thinking of Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces.

5. Sagittarius

Which Zodiac Sign Is The Worst? Weeknesses And Advice For 12 Zodiac Signs
Photo Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Minus: Heartless, hard to control.

Sagittarius are free-spirited like adventurous horses. They cannot bear sitting still and living boring lives.

Sagittarius are also very carefree, leading to indifference, not understanding the other's psychology and showing little interest, easily making their lover feel disappointed.

Sagittarius are people who travel a lot, experience a lot. But it is difficult to ask them to take on responsibilities. Starting a project, Sagittarius can be very enthusiastic and eager to participate, then inexplicably disappear at key moments.

Advice: To be able to take on responsibilities, Sagittarius should learn more from Taurus or Cancer. If Sagittarius makes up for this shortcoming, he/she can become a leader in any chosen direction.

6. Libra

Minus: Indecisive, standing on thone mountain looking at another mountain.

Libra has a high overall value, not enough IQ, good-looking appearance, but Mercury is always at the top of the twelve constellations in terms of IQ, so good luck will come to Libras who are ready.

Libra is inherently charming and extremely elegant. There are many potential boyfriends/girlfriends surrounding them. However, they are hesitant and procrastinating, do not express their attitude to anyone so it is easy to make the lover feel uncomfortable, tired and impatient.

By nature, Libra always wants to please those around them. But that has turned them into a person lacking subjective opinions. Libra can tell others that they agree with something but in fact they are not sure that they really want to.

Advice: Libra should learn to express their own subjective opinions like Aries or look to Leo's assertiveness and confidence. Capricorn and Virgo are also two signs that Libra can refer to because they are both people who work with a clear purpose and plan.

7. Aquarius

Weaknesses: Cold-minded, mysterious, doesn't like stability.

Aquarius is very attractive, but they are so mysterious, cold-minded and rational, making people feel crazy because they can't understand what they think, what they want. In addition, most people born under the sign of Aquarius are very independent, like freedom, do not want to be tied down by any relationship. Therefore, their relationships are often difficult to last.

Aquarius is famous for being eccentric. It's impossible to ask an Aquarius to give someone special attention. In addition, a different way of thinking also makes it difficult for Aquarius in group work or work that requires collaboration. Aquarius is always dissatisfied with everything, good or bad.

Advice: An innovative and different way of thinking will be more beneficial if Aquarius shows a cooperative attitude and respect everyone you work with. Virgo and Capricorn are also two signs with a scientific way of working. If Aquarius knows how to combine with them, it will form an extremely effective working group.

8. Leo

Which Zodiac Sign Is The Worst? Weeknesses And Advice For 12 Zodiac Signs
Photo Leo Money Horoscope

Weaknesses: Conservative and arrogant

Leos are generous, confident and outstanding. Their weakness is their ego, which is too big. They never admits wrongfulness. That will lead to many conflicts and frictions between them and the other party.

Leos aren't happy with that because their biggest weekness is arrogance. Arrogance can sometimes overshadow all of their good qualities.

But Leos also have many good qualities: courage, creativity and strength that make them pleasant people

Although Leos are really kind, they will make others uncomfortable because of his ostentatious and boastful nature. They also don't care if the others really pay attention to what they say.

Tips: Showing more care to others will make Leo quickly get attention. Leo should learn from Cancer and Scorpio to know how to care for those who are close to them.

9. Cancer

Weaknesses: Get angry easily, erratic and unruly

Cancer is a person of family who is responsible and caring for everyone, especially their loved ones. However, these crabs are too sensitive, just one person's carefree word or action is enough to make them feel hurt. Cancer will feel hurt when not receiving equal attention and affection from the lover, leading to anger and suspicion. They refused to express that feeling, but only keep silent with a sad face.

Cancer people are reserved, humble and polite. They seem strong but inside Cancer is always full of conflicting emotions. In love affairs, Cancer often accepts sacrifices and give lots of care.

Advice: If you let yourself be immersed in emotions, Cancer will never fully accomplish anything. Maybe Cancer should try to learn cheerful optimism from Leo or the carefree comfort from Gemini, so maybe life will become a lot brighter.


Minus: Fastidious, perfectionist, too picky

Virgos are perfectionists and observant, setting sky-high standards in both personal, professional and love life. They often criticize something that does not please them.

Virgo is a perfect zodiac sign. They are delicate, gentle, and worship perfectionism. If things don't go as planned, Virgo will become more irritable than ever.

Virgo also has another bad habit which is to require something in return for everything and often sets expectations much higher than they can achieve.

Virgo is also quite workaholic. They respect relationships so Virgo is loved by many.

Advice: Maybe Virgo should learn to be more relaxed in everything. Try being carefree like Gemini. Or if you're going to do something, associate with Capricorns who are visionary and not tied to short-term benefits.

11. Gemini

Which Zodiac Sign Is The Worst? Weeknesses And Advice For 12 Zodiac Signs
Photo Gemini

Minus: Talkative, amorous, difficult to understand

Gemini is a liar, amorous and often easily impresses others at at first contact. But gradually, you will see that this zodiac sign has something conflicting inside.

Science has proven that Gemini is responsible for 47% of global warming. Gemini's hot temper makes him/her ruin everything. However, in another aspect, they are extremely delicate and flexible, so they have many good opportunities.

Gemini is the easiest to make friends out of the 12 signs. But making friends is easy, making close friends is difficult. Gemini often tends to listen to a lot of things from around. Worse still, sometimes they even unintentionally reveal a few words that should be kept secret.

Advice: The only thing Gemini should do is to be more careful with what they say. Because it's easy to make friends, take advantage of it to learn as many virtues from the other signs as possible.

12. Aries

Minus: Hot-tempered, impulsive.

Those born under the sign of Aries want to be pioneers. They all act instead of words. They are positive and enthusiastic, but easily get angry, irritable and behave arbitrarily when not satisfied.

In contrast to Leo, Aries is the first sign in this chart that has more negatives than positives.

Selfishness, childishness, spontaneity and thoughtlessness are Aries’ bad characteristics. Fortunately, Aries has an extraordinary mind, and although not everything goes his way, he still strives for success in life.

Advice: Aries is recommended to plan before you act or do anything. Aries should learn carefulness and certainty from Taurus or see how Pisces notices and cares about everything around.

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