CAPRICORN Horoscope: Astrological Prediction for Love, Relationship and Family
Capricorn Love & Relationships

Capricorn Horoscope: Love and Relationships

Like Scorpio and Pisces, Capricorn is a difficult sign to get to know. They are deep, introverted and like to keep their own counsel. Capricorns do not like to reveal their innermost thoughts. If you are in love with a Capricorn, be patient and take your time. Little by little you will get to understand him or her.

Capricorns have a deep romantic nature, but they do not show it straightaway. They are cool, matter of fact and not especially emotional. They will often show their love in practical ways.

It takes time for a Capricorn – male or female – to fall in love. They are not the love-at-first-sight kind. If a Capricorn is involved with a Leo or Aries, these Fire types will be totally mystified – to them the Capricorn will seem cold, unfeeling, unaffectionate and not very spontaneous. Of course none of this is true; it is just that Capricorn likes to take things slowly. They like to be sure of their ground before making any demonstrations of love or commitment.

Even in love affairs Capricorns are deliberate. They need more time to make decisions than is true of the other signs of the zodiac, but given this time they become just as passionate. Capricorns like a relationship to be structured, committed, well regulated, well defined, predictable and even routine. They prefer partners who are nurturers, and they in turn like to nurture their partners. This is their basic psychology. Whether such a relationship is good for them is another issue altogether. Capricorns have enough routine in their lives as it is. They might be better off in relationships that are a bit more stimulating, changeable and fluctuating

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How To Attract The Capricorn Man

Capricorn men are determined and ambitious people, who want to reach the top to get the rewards. He prefers reality over uncatchable dreams, but isn’t afraid to set some of their more realistic dreams in motion. His need for control is strong, and he could be judgmental towards his partners, expecting them to be something they really aren’t. His nature is wrapped up around accomplishment and responsibility and he often doesn't set romantic relationships on the top of his priority list.

A Capricorn man wants to take charge and be the one to make the rules from the beginning. He is in search for a practical, grounded partner, and almost always ends up with an emotional one who has a hard time controlling their heart. When starting a relationship, he will think about ways to respect the norm but also show his feelings, expecting the person in front of him to feel comfortable and attractive enough no matter the amount of affection he gives.

CAPRICORN Horoscope: Astrological Prediction for Love, Relationship and Family
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How To Attract The Capricorn Woman

Capricorn women are ambitious, persistent, responsible and reliable. She only wants to find someone to make her smile, and can’t wait to open up and feel the real pull of emotion that makes her warm up to the possibilities that lie in the future. It will take some time for her to lower her guard and feel safe and comfortable enough to show just how sensitive and caring she can be when she is in love.

She wants her partners responsible, calm, and hard-working, and needs to know that she is taken care of if something bad happens in the future. A Capricorn woman needs to feel comfortable with people she dates and needs time to decide what she wants out of each relationship. Born in a Sun sign that exalts Mars, her instincts and initiative are strong, and this makes her a passionate lover always in charge of her own life no matter the outer circumstances.

How You'll Know If a Capricorn Is in Love or Interested

Capricorns don't flirt and are not attracted to people who flirt. They tend to have a naturally authoritative bearing and a traditional approach to romance. However, you'll likely have to make the first move, and then if a Capricorn is into you they'll be direct and let you know they're also interested. But if that's not happening there are a few signs you can watch for.

1. They'll try to be close to you every chance they get

2. They'll be generous with you

3. They'll change their plans and make their plans around yours

4. They'll attempt to make themselves indispensable to you

5. They'll go out of their way to impress you

As a Matter of fact, if a Capricorn goes out of their way to be near you and impress you, then politely waits for you to give them a sign that you're interested in them, you can rest assured, they're interested in you.

Capricorn Love Horoscope: Compatibility

Capricorn has extremely high compatibility with Taurus and Cancer.

Taurus complements Capricorn’s qualities of being responsible, grounded, and hard-working, and their similarities make them a great match. Taurus is also financially stable, and wants a secure and comfortable home life, just like Capricorn.

Cancer is also a great partner for Capricorn and is a perfect example of opposites attracting. These sister signs balance one another out, with Cancer providing Capricorn with the emotional vulnerability they need, and Capricorn delivering on Cancer’s need for reliability and understanding.

Is a Capricorn and Capricorn compatible?

Two Capricorns together isn't an ideal match. Since Capricorn is an Earth sign, a relationship of these two partners will be incredibly stubborn. Neither will want to compromise when an issue comes up, causing arguments to happen often.

This means that the relationship could get boring really fast, which isn't something anyone wants with their love life.

However, that's not to say that a relationship between two Capricorns would be doomed. Since Capricorn is practical and organized, you can bet there will be a high level of attraction based on what each wants: to love and be loved in return.

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Capricorn Horoscope: Friends And Family

Friends - Capricorn is intelligent, stable and reliable, and this makes its representatives loyal and extremely good friends, standing in one’s life as pillars on their way to their dreams. They need to be surrounded by people who don’t ask too many nosey questions, know where boundaries are set, but also warm, open-hearted and loyal enough to follow their lead. They will not collect too many friends in this lifetime, but turn to those who make them feel at peace, intelligent and honest at all times.

Family – This is a sign with full understanding for family traditions. Capricorns feel connected to every single thing from their past and their childhood, and loves bringing out these memories whenever a season of holidays or birthdays is near. This is a sign of a typical conflict one has over dominance in their household, with their father being and extremely important figure in the way this person built their self-image over the years. As parents they tend to be strict but fair, readily taking on responsibilities that come with a child.

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