What Tarot Cards Represent Each Zodiac Sign in Astrology

Tarot January 2023 of 12 Zodiac Signs: Aquarius Season Promotes Breakthroughs
Tarot Reading For January 2023

The January 2023 Tarot of 12 zodiac signs and astrology is likened to a mirror that reflects our souls.

Each card will represent what is flowing within us and it connects the horoscope of each person with the divine energy of the universe.

It explains what the 12 zodiac signs see and can't see. Therefore, each time the universe moves, the cards also clearly show its influence.

Let's see what the January 2023 Tarot says to the 12 zodiac signs:

Special Astrological Phenomenon January 2022

December 29, 2022 - January 18, 2023, Mercury retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde for the 1st time in 2023 in Capricorn, giving us a reorientation in our lives. The 12 zodiac signs need to think about whether the upcoming path is still suitable for them, it is the planet that spreads the thought of job-hopping and transferring jobs to people.

In particular, the conjunction of the Sun into Mercury during this time also predicts a special turning point. Meetings, talking, chatting or texting can lead to new breakthroughs in work and life.

Next, Mercury retrograde and Uranus in Taurus will encourage us to change our thinking and use new approaches. Take risks and challenges to receive success, that's what Mercury retrograde 1 reminds.

4:16 pm January 20, 2023, Aquarius Season

According to the 2023 astrology, January 20, 2023 the Sun will move from hardworking Capricorn to the sign of Aquarius. It marks the beginning of the new year 2023. According to astrology, this phenomenon is called the season of Aquarius.

Astrologers say that this is the luckiest, most positive, and most forward-looking period. Although Mercury retrograde 2023 still exists, this time is still considered a season of luck, a season of favorable beginnings.

Tarot January 2023 of the 12 Zodiacs

The double retrograde of Mercury and Mars will sweep the heavens above, fortunately half a month later Uranus will go straight at the right time for Aquarius Season to bring peace and more happiness.

1.Aries: Cards The Hermit & 3 of Swords

Astrological Advice: Bold Mood

Aries kicks off the new year with some uncomfortable elements from the January 2023 Tarot of the 12 zodiac signs. You receive two cards, The Hermit & 3 of Swords. The general meaning of The Hermit card is that it wants you to examine your inner self, and the meaning of the 3 of Swords is the pain of being betrayed.

This month, the implication that the Hermit card is that it will bring an atmosphere of questioning and pause. The 3 of Swords will clarify its intensity. It means that things are not going well for you, you can't do anything but gnaw the pain and cheer yourself up. The appearance of the 3 of Swords makes you more painful, you are stuck in pain.

However, that does not mean that Aries will have a bad new year. The positive thing that The Hermit brings is what you will get when you go through the pain. This is the time when you should slow down, reflect on old mistakes, analyze and make your own judgments.

It's amazing that when you step out of that mess, you'll avoid the same old stains and enjoy a better, healthier life.

The January 2023 astrology in Tarot may not have as much spark and excitement as Aries would like. However, a humble attitude, a calmness to calm down can probably help your new year be more peaceful and happy!

2.Taurus: The Sun (Reversed) & 2 of Pentacles

Astrological Advice: Busy and Rushed

The January 2023 Tarot of the 12 zodiac signs gives Taurus positive and clear signals. But your progress will still be slow. The card you receive is The Sun (Reverse) & 2 of Pentacles.

In the deck, The Sun reversed represents despair, discouragement and helplessness. However, this January, when Taurus receives this card, it does not completely bring cloud and doom. It seems that what Taurus receives is not pressure, but aimless sadness, you feel lonely, lacking a lot of joy and happiness.

Sadness is turned into a motivation by Taurus to try harder at work. The coming of the 2 of Pentacles says that the way you are doing is working, your efforts are really helpful, everything around you will gradually get better and more stable.

However, this card is also taking away your resting space. This is likely to be a relatively busy period for Taurus.

Tarot Reading For January 2023 of 12 Zodiac Signs
Tarot Reading For January 2023 of 12 zodiac signs

3.Gemini: The Hanged Man & 8 of Swords (Reversed)

Astrological Advice: Take a Break

Gemini is receiving a signal to rest when the January 2023 Tarot deck is shuffled. You receive the 8 of Swords reversed and it refers to the difficulties that Gemini has endured throughout the past 2022.

You seem to have lost a lot of energy lately, you feel imprisoned and torn inside about a lot of things. Rest assured, Gemini, every gate will pass. The reversal of the 8 of Swords indicates that you can let go of all difficulties, which means you are liberated.

Immediately you will receive The Hanged card, which implies pause, suspension and thought. When difficulties and pain have subsided, Gemini do not rush to do anything. Instead of rushing into big projects, Gemini should spend the first month of the new year reflecting on what they have experienced and learned so far.

Take some time to rest, reflect on your past lessons to find the most perfect answer in 2023.

4.Cancer: The Magician & 4 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Astrological Advice: Spend Money

The January 2023 Tarot of 12 zodiac signs is considered to be quite good for Cancer. You receive the reversed 4 of Pentacles - a good card that brings a cheerful, generous mood. You feel light and extremely comfortable during this time. Everything from work, time, money, ... is extremely abundant.

When turning to The Magician card, the luck of Cancer is enhanced. You will be open to new opportunities, especially those created by yourself. An optimistic energy is exploding within you.

And that energy will help you welcome a good and rich new year. If you have a business or are holding projects, then it is advisable to invest in venture capital; dare to take the risk because that is the most suitable door for you.

5.Leo: Card The Lovers & Queen of Cups

Evaluate: Flow of Love

When the tarot deck is shuffled, Leo can be completely happy and happy because the cards you receive are cards of love, good feelings and new things.

The first card is the Queen of Cups, it brings love, nurturing spirit and infuses Leo with the energy of compassion and connection. Then there is the sweet The Lovers card, which appears and emphasizes your relationship with the people you care about.

The core thing that the cards say to Leo is: "There is no forever smooth love, always smooth sailing; no road is always smooth and we don't always go. However, if you can keep a light-hearted attitude and remember that it's okay to make mistakes, then maybe you'll learn something good going through those difficulties too!"

6.Virgo: The Devil (Reversed) & Ace of Swords

Evaluate: New Step

The January 2023 Tarot of the 12 zodiac signs will bring new steps forward for Virgo. The first card that appears to Virgo is The Devil reversed. And the appearance of this card is very wonderful, it indicates that you are finally ready to release the old things, the things that are no longer beneficial.

The year 2022 has stepped back, Virgo is ready for a new journey, ready to welcome a new year with new and better things.

The Devil is followed by the Ace of Swords, which means that it doesn't offer obvious opportunities but its bold energy will push Virgo into action. Virgo will break the cocoon, you will no longer be afraid or afraid of anything, you will dare to do things that you have never dared to try before.

However, the Ace of Swords is an explosive energy so Virgo will have to regulate its energy carefully, the saying "Too much is too late" is what it means.

7.Libra: The Emperor & 7 Swords (Reversed)

Evaluate: Desire to change

A lack of motivation can make you nervous in this new year 2023. You receive The Emperor, a bland card of stillness. The second card is the reversed 7 of Swords, which emphasizes the stillness of Libra's time; it implies stagnation, suppression and brings unpleasant emotions.

The implications of both these cards indicate that Libra is trying to do something, you want to prove yourself, but the Emperor is stopping you. You can't do anything, you stand still, you fear your opportunities will run away. This is sad for Libra.

At this time, listen to the universe's advice, even if you can't do anything, it's great that you have dreams, plans, ambitions and want to fulfill your ambitions. Take advantage of this slowness to nurture your dreams, soon all good things will come.

8.Scorpion: The Fool (Reverse) & Page of Cups (Reverse) Card

Evaluate: Low feelings

The Tarot deck sent to Scorpio two cards is The Fool and Page of Cups reversed, it seems that both of these cards are hitting your psyche, wanting you to see into your heart.

In your mind, the past 2022 was so peaceful, you didn't have any difficulties. It is so calm that you accept and depend, you do not want to change or you do not dare to trade the current peace to rush into new opportunities, challenge many other colors.

At this time, your mood is also unstable, Page of Cups reversed makes you moody and think too much about unhappy things; You are welcoming the first month of the year with nostalgia and nostalgia for someone, a certain scene or story in the past.

Your emotions are fluctuating, sometimes happy because your life is peaceful, sometimes depressed because you think it is too boring. It's not the most exciting month, but it can be a productive one if you let yourself roll with those high and low emotions, feeling better than empty.

9.Sagittarius: The Moon (Reverse) & 8 of Cups (Reverse) Card

Tarot Reading For January 2023 of 12 Zodiac Signs
Tarot card for 12 zodiac signs in January 2023

Evaluate: Listen to the heart

The January 2023 Tarot of the 12 zodiac signs for Sagittarius is a time to listen to your heart. The reversed 8 of Cups is the first card for you, and the message it gives is to want Sagittarius to focus on themselves. It's time to think about your dreams and consider what you really want in this life.

Stop giving up on everything, don't make arbitrary choices, think carefully and make the best decision about what you want to achieve.

And with that in mind, the reversed Moon shows that you are on the right track. Use intuition and creative thinking to take the next steps of success; Believe in yourself because you are very talented.

Not everyone understands what you're doing, they think you're crazy, but you know what you want, you dare to do it, be confident, the day of success is coming very close.

10.Capricorn: The Star & 7 of Wands . Card

Evaluate: Face the challenge

Tarot January 2023 predicts Capricorn will receive many new challenges. The opening card is The Star, the card of the beginning.

The past time, you have been too difficult and are still healing the hurt in the past, this card will help Capricorn heal completely. You will receive a new energy of confidence and courage, you will learn to let go of the past to welcome a new future.

Following The Star is the 7 of Wands, a card that strengthens the confidence of Capricorn. You are a person who comes out of a painful past, you understand that in this world no one can help you but yourself; Every opportunity or challenge must be accepted and handled by you. You are awake and strong to do everything, a good future will come to you.

11.Aquarius: The World & 5 of Swords Cards (Reversed)

Evaluate: Communication trouble

Aquarius welcomes the first month of the new year 2023 with The World card. The message that this card brings is the continuation of life, when one journey ends, another begins.

It means congratulations on the end of a long journey, the things you get are totally worth it. The next road is about to start, what you have accumulated before will make the journey here easier and better. Rest assured that the year 2023 of Aquarius is extremely good.

However, the appearance of the 5 of Swords in reverse is reminding you not to be subjective. That is, although you will welcome a year of 2023 with many good things, there will still be obstacles. And when looking deeply at this card, it seems that this obstacle comes from the communication side. You will have trouble communicating, having problems and finding it difficult to connect with colleagues and loved ones.

12.Pisces: The Hierophant & 10 of Cups

Evaluate: Because you deserve

Pisces is on the rise, your knowledge and experience is also increasing. The Hierophant card appears in your January fortunes as a beacon of light and an excellent mentor.

It brings a balance of practicality and spiritual life to Pisces. You will understand who you are, know what you should and should do to have a better life.

With the 10 of Cups lined up right after it cheers for Pisces, you've made the right decisions, enjoy this great period. In the coming year 2023, it is expected that you will have difficulties related to work or study but rest assured that they are just spice in your life.

You are taking hold of success step by step, that little spice only strengthens you to overcome. This is truly amazing and you deserve it.


With explosive vibrations from astrology, the January 2023 Tarot is a way for the 12 zodiac signs to determine their direction and best prepare themselves throughout the year.

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