How To Style A Wolf Haircut
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The saying "history repeats itself" has never been more true when it comes to fashion and beauty. Take the shag haircut for example. This iconic haircut has made its way back into the limelight from the '70s, where the most popular divas were seen rocking this voluminous, choppy haircut. Hey, Farrah Fawcett.

In 2021, however, the shag haircut is back — but with a modern twist. It's called the wolf haircut, and it's been most notably worn by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Keke Palmer.

While shag haircut trends have been popular since the start of vax girl summer, celebrity hairstylists say a wolf haircut is this season's most recent iteration of the style that will continue to turn heads this fall.

So, what makes a wolf haircut so special? Well, it's gives us all the nostalgia we crave but with a modern twist. It's similar to a mullet, but trust us, it's way cooler than the traditional "business in the front, party in the back" haircut you're probably familiar with. This haircut is more edgy, layered, and has a total rockstar vibe that anyone can wear.

What Is a Wolf Haircut?

Before the style gained popularity here in the States, pre-BTS K-Pop stars in South Korea were already sporting the look—a younger, hipper cousin to the shag cut from the '70s and '80s. “It’s got a lot more texture than the traditional shag and there is usually more separation in the layers, giving it a fuller look on top that blends into a shaggy mullet all around,” says hairstylist Brittany Johnson, content manager for wig, weave, and extensions company Mayvenn. These longer layers are often complemented with some sort of bang (see above) to finish the look.

It’s an intentionally piece-y, messy style (like the mane of a wolf), especially if you go the DIY route: “There’s a choppiness to it, a lack of blend,” says Matrix celebrity stylist Nick Stenson, senior vice president for store and service operations at Ulta Beauty. “If you’re open to a more tousled vibe and looking for a great way to spice up your look, you should try it.”

Does a Wolf Haircut Work For All Hair Types?

"The wolf haircut is going to look better on someone who needs more volume and body, so most people with fine hair love this look on them, but really, it could be rocked by any hair type if you're looking for more volume for your hair," says Lovette Candice, a celebrity hairstylist.

That said, Stenson says, if you don't enjoy hair that moves and has a more "lived-in attitude," this may not be the cut for you. "If you are open to a more tousled hair vibe and looking for a great way to spice up your look, you should try it out," he says. This haircut also works on all hair lengths. However, Pompeo says it's important to note that if you have shorter hair, the results will look choppier and more piece-y.

How Do You Style a Wolf Haircut?

There are so many ways you can style a wolf haircut, depending on your hair texture.

15 Long Hair Wolf Haircuts

1. Wolf Cut Haircut With Pink Highlights

This wolf haircut with pink highlights is a dreamy hairdo! If you’re someone who enjoys showy ideas and modern cuts you’re going to enjoy this one.

Go for some pop of pink and make this look playful, feminine, as well as flirty. Girls of any age can try to recreate this gorgeous wolf hairstyle.

2. Wolf Style Haircut Natural Hair

If you’re a fan of natural and subtle haircuts you will enjoy this retro wolf cut. It is not too much yet it is easy to recreate.

Show off your bangs and pair them along with this hairdo. Enjoy this style for everyday casual wear.

3. Voluminous Wolf Style Haircut

Image Source:@lacatrinasalon
Image Source:@lacatrinasalon

If you’re blessed with naturally thicker and fluffier hair you’re going to like this look. It is so soft, fresh, and romantic, perfect for most young girls.

This hairstyle will look gorgeous with a pair of curtain bangs. Show off the beauty for everyday sweet summer breezy looks and wear!

4. Wolf Cut Hairdo With Bangs

Do you have naturally dark brown hair? Are you a fan of subtle and cute transformations? This hairstyle will suit you if you’re someone who loves to look cute and flirty on a daily.

This hairstyle will suit girls who are in their twenties or thirties. Rock this look for formal or informal events, ideal for this summer season and ideal when paired along with a pair of bangs.

5. Shaggy & Voluminous Wolf Cut Hair

If you like shaggy hairstyles and you’re a fan of the mullet you’re going to like this look. It is perfect and easily wearable due to its low maintenance.

This look will suit girls who have thin and naturally flat hair the best. Simply add a bit of volume around the crown and decorate your hair with some hair gel or hair foam.

6. Natural Brown Wolf Cut Haircut

If your hair is naturally brown or dark brown you’ll like this powerful hairdo. It is so chic without being too dramatic as your new go-to.

Make sure that you brush out your hair and use a round brush to achieve this level of volume. It is stylish and stunning, perfect for mature women who need a low-maintenance haircut.

7. Mullet Wolf Haircut With Bangs

This light brown hair with some fluffy bangs looks feminine and is so precise. If you’re someone who enjoys everyday looks and you prefer simple wear, give it a go with this beauty!

Ask your hairstylist to give you thinner ends and a voluminous top. Add loads of baby powder on top to achieve this fluffy look.

8. Feminine & Elegant Wolf Haircut

If you’re someone who loves stylish haircuts and you love to color your hair often, why not go for this cute wolf cut with bangs? It is chic and fashion-forward as well.

Make sure that you brush out your bangs and achieve this curtain effect. Usually, this hairstyle is worn by women who are in their twenties.

9. Long & Dramatic Voluminous Wolf Haircut

Image Source:@stylistbrittanylee
Image Source:@stylistbrittanylee

If your hair is naturally thicker and more voluminous down the ends you’ll like this style. Dark brown hair is naturally easy to maintain and is perfect for simple gatherings.

Style your hair with round brushes to achieve this amount of volume. If done and executed the right way, this hairdo will look perfect for sophisticated wear.

10. Straight Wolf Cut With Bangs

If you like bangs you can incorporate them into your wolf haircut look. This idea is perfect for anyone who likes sleek ideas and cute bob lengths.

Show off this hairdo for everyday events, especially if you’re trying to achieve that subtle and feminine vibe. You will enjoy the look the most for the summer season since it is so airy and breathable.

10 Colorful & Unusual Wolf Cuts

1. Hot Orange Wolf Haircut Short

Do you like hot reds and fiery oranges? If so, you will easily and naturally gravitate toward this hairdo. It is a feisty and fiery edition, ideal for girls who love to stand out.

This hairstyle will suit most young girls who like to show off their new and fresh colors. If you’re into cute ideas and trendy colors you will enjoy this outcome.

2. Bright Red Wolf Haircut Curly Hair

How about this bright red color and this gorgeous wolf cut? It is a must-have for younger women who enjoy fierce ideas.

Make sure that you book a hairstylist that knows how to recreate similar designs. This color is quite high-maintenance, so heads up before you commit to it.

3. Bright Blue Wolf Haircut Korean

Do you dare to wear some new and bright innovative colors? This one is so loud and powerful, ideal for girls who love to seek and attract all the looks!

This cut and this color will work the best on women who are young. If you’re a teen you should give it a go with this blue wolf cut.

4. Wolf Style Haircut Short Idea

How about this shaggy cut and these voluminous curls? This hair color is perfect for girls who enjoy lighter designs and super short hairdos.

Show off this wolf haircut for the summer season. Wear it with a proud face and show off the beauty during high heat and summer nights.

5. Hot Spicy Red Short Wolf Hair

Image Source:@kcerenahair
Image Source:@kcerenahair

If you like hot red color and gorgeous designs you should give it a go with this one. It is a beautiful hairdo for night-outs due to its color combo.

This hairstyle is ideal for women who like loud colors, yet low-maintenance looks that work so well for different head shapes and face types.

6. Spicy Grey Bob Wolf Haircut

How about this unusual silver and icy grey color? It is so unique, you’ll probably be the only one wearing it out and about!

Go for these bangs to round up the look. This wolf cut will work well for women and teens who love to attract looks and embrace their feminine beauty.

7. Short Mullet Wolf Haircut

If your hair is quite thin and on a shorter side you should try out this look. It will look lovely for younger girls and women who struggle with growing out their natural hair.

Show off your hair length and embrace it with full confidence. The end result is fierce and it will look the best once paired along with some fiery makeup and jewelry.

8. Gorgeous Brown Wolf Hairdo

Do you like unusual shades of orange and red? This hair color is so hot and perfect for women who like everyday hair options and yet a powerful vibe with their chosen color.

Wear your wolf cut in a voluminous way at the top portion. Style it with a little bit of hair gel to achieve this fluffy yet stylish bang action!

9. Mullet Short Wolf Haircut

Combine different shades of brown and orange to your hairdo. This look is perfect for women who like to style their hair differently and according to their mood.

Go for this fluffy too and show off your hair for any event. You’ll enjoy it if you’re a fan of practical summer cuts and breezy hairstyles.

10. Unique Hot Pink Wolf Haircut

Image Source: @wolf__hair
Image Source: @wolf__hair

Do you enjoy pink hair color and you wish to stand out from the rest? If so, just know that you’ll enjoy this hairdo for showing off and looking your best!

You can look trendy and like a true chic girl. This wolf haircut will suit younger girls who enjoy dominant and modern ideas.

10 Simple Everyday Wolf Cuts

1. Natural Brown Simple Wolf Haircut

Is your hair naturally curly and voluminous? Do you enjoy cute and powerful hairstyles? This hairdo is ideal for girls who like to show off and play with their natural texture.

Add a lot of hair gel and curling cream to achieve these soft curls. Make sure that you brush your hair out with your fingertips to achieve this cute design.

2. Gorgeous Light Blonde Wolf Hair

If you’re a natural blonde you can go for this look. It is a must-have for girls who enjoy flirty ideas and stylish hairdos. The end result is also perfect for nighttime wear.

Go for these bangs to achieve a sculpted look. This wolf hairstyle will suit you if you’re someone who likes flirty ideas and stylish blonde cuts.

3. Short & Voluminous Wolf Hair

Image Source:@itskatecoburn_liverpool
Image Source:@itskatecoburn_liverpool

This light blonde hairdo is for women who like their natural texture. If you’re a fan of sweet cuts you’re going to enjoy this design for everyday wear.

Go for some fluffy bangs at the top and wear them in a voluminous way. Add loads of hair gel to achieve this stylish cut for everyday wear.

4. Shaggy & Voluminous Wolf Haircut With Fringe

This retro mullet has that wolf-cut element. If you’re into loud hairstyles that are fashion-forward you’re going to like this design.

Show off your bangs and incorporate them into your look. It is a stylish cut for formal and informal events, just pair it along with the appropriate jewelry or outfit.

5. Brown Hair With Highlights Wolf Hair

Image Source:@untamedinstinct
Image Source:@untamedinstinct

Add some simple highlights and achieve this fierce wolf cut in the end. These results are perfect for girls who like subtle transitions.

Go for these fluffy and voluminous bangs to complete your wolf cut. The end result is perfect for your everyday wear, even for the office!

6. Dark Brown Hair With Highlights Wolf Hairstyle

Your hairstylist will easily achieve this cut, it is up to you to maintain it. The end result screams idealism and pure perfection.

Let your hair look artsy and elegant. You’ll like this hairdo for its simplicity and easy everyday styling.

7. Curly & Voluminous Wolf Cut Natural Look

If your natural hair is curly or wavy you’re going to enjoy this look. Wear it at any given moment and embrace this look with your natural texture and feminine waves.

The cut and the color are simple and easy to achieve. Wear your hair fit informal and important formal wear. It is perfect for stylish and chic wear, no matter your age.

8. Wolf Haircut With Bangs With Highlights

This short hairdo has some mullet elements that you’ll love if your natural hair is quite thin and short. It is the perfect hairdo for everyday wear.

Brush it out and make sure that you get regular cuts. The best time to schedule your appointment is every 6-8 weeks to maintain its form.

9. Dark Brown Wolf Haircut Idea

Rock your brown hairdo and let this wolf cut speak for itself! It is a gorgeous hairdo for women who need a change, as well as something fancy & cute.

Make sure that you go for your natural hair color for easier hair styling properties. It is a gorgeous cut for girls who like thinner wolf & mullet cut hairdos.

10. Long Blonde Wolf Haircut Design

Last, but not least, how about you try out this cut and color? It is the perfect look for mature women who like their natural texture yet wish to embrace a wolf cut.

Spice up the design with these light blonde highlights. Wear the hairdo for your office wear if you like subtle transitions and seamless cuts for a sophisticated approach.

Who Should Go For A Wolf Cut?

Everyone can rock a wolf haircut, it all comes down to your personal preference and what you like or dislike. However and as of recently, most young girls have been wearing wolf haircuts for everyday gatherings and due to its simple styling properties. If you’re a teen who loves to follow trends and you’re on TikTok, you probably know how viral this look is. Aside from teens, here’s who can also wear wolf haircuts:

• Women who have dyed hair and have natural roots (you will achieve that fluffy full volume around the top with ease)

• Women who have naturally thin hair and thinner ends

• Great for any type of length

• Perfect for girls who wish to frame their face (or for women who have bigger foreheads)

• For women who are trying to grow out their mullet

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