Privacy and efficiency are the two main reasons you should remove cookies from your phone. While cookies might save you a lot of time when accessing websites, if you allow them build up on your devices, you can put your security at danger. Hackers are always looking for personally identifying information about website visitors. They can use or sell personal information about you that is kept in cookies on websites if they manage to virtually obtain it. It's likely your information may end up on the dark web, including your date of birth, passwords, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Simple Ways To Clear Cookies on Phones and Computer
Simple Ways To Clear Cookies On Phones and Computer

For what purposes are cookies used?

Cookies are text files that are used to store data about you, including your preferred settings, online activity, username and password, and more. "Cookies are used for tracking, personalization, and your own convenience," writes chief editor Gabe Turner. Cookies can include things like your login credentials, the subjects you choose to read about on news websites (such as whether business or sports stories load first), and the browsing history you've collected from your preferred online retailers. Targeted adverts are also connected to cookies.

In contrast, your cache saves page resources—including images—in an effort to speed up page loads and enhance user experience. "These bits of information are stored on your device to improve a website's performance," explains Andrew Jackson, tech expert at "So if you previously visited a website and downloaded these files before, the browser doesn't have to download them again, which makes the page upload faster."

What happens when you clear your cache?

Images and files (HTML, CSS, and javascript) are removed from your device by clearing your cache. The cache on your smartphone can take up a lot of storage space if you browse the internet regularly and visit a range of websites. This can negatively impact the speed of your device in the following ways:

The main reason for clearing cookies on your phone is for the performance benefits. Every website you visit uses cookies, and these take up storage space on your device. In addition to freeing up this storage space, you may enhance the efficiency of your iPhone or Android phone by removing its cookies. This is especially advantageous if you have a phone with less memory that doesn't have much storage to begin with.

How often should we clear cookies?

The frequency with which you should empty your cache is determined on how you use it. Here are some rules to follow:

Shared Devices: You should think about doing a daily cache clean if you utilize shared devices. Performance and privacy are preserved in this way.

Personal Devices: A once-monthly cache emptying ought to be adequate for personal devices.

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How to clear cookies on Android

Launch your web browser (Chrome, for example).

In the upper-right corner, tap the three dots.

Navigate to Privacy under Settings.

Click on Clear browsing data.

Select site data and cookies, then adjust the time frame.

Select Clear data.

How to clear cookies on iPhone

Navigate to Safari under Settings.

Select "Clear History and Website Data."

To see the amount of data used by a particular website and/or to remove your history:

Navigate to Website Data under Settings > Safari > Advanced.

Simple Ways To Clear Cookies on Phones and Computer

Click "Edit" in the upper right corner, choose the red circle next to the site you want to remove data from, and then press the red "Delete" button that appears.

Alternatively, you can click the "Remove All Website Data" tab at the bottom of the screen to instantly remove all website data.

Putting cookies on hold

If you would rather not have cookies stored on your iPhone:

Navigate to Safari > Block All Cookies under Settings.

This will save you from always having to Google how to remove cookies from your phone, but it can also make it impossible for you to browse websites that do in the future.

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How to clear cookies on Chrome

Google Chrome is the default browser for Android devices. To delete cookies on an Android device:

Open Google Chrome.

To clear browsing data, click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen, then select History.

To delete an item, check the box next to it: Cookies, site data, browsing history, and/or files and images that have been cached.

You may select the time period you want to remove by tapping the upside-down triangle next to "All time"; options include the last hour or all time.

In order to finish, press the "Clear data" button.

To disable cookies on an Android phone using Chrome:
Simple Ways To Clear Cookies on Phones and Computer

In the upper right corner of the screen, click the three vertical dots, then select More > Settings > Site settings.

Turn off the "Cookies" switch.

How to clear cache on third-party apps

Go to Apps under Settings.

Choose a specific app from there, then touch "Storage."

Tap "Clear cache" if you see it. You cannot remove the cache of that specific app if you cannot see it.

In summary

To sum up, cookies must be cleared from your phone in order to maintain privacy and functionality. By routinely clearing cookies, you can preserve the efficiency of your device, increase surfing speed, and free up storage space. When determining how frequently to delete your cache, take into account your usage patterns and adhere to the instructions unique to your Android or iPhone browser.

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