Premier League 2023/2024: Full Fixtures and Biggest Matches of Wolves (Update)

Wolves Fixtures In Premier League 2023/2024: Overview

With the trip to Manchester scheduled for Monday, August 14, at 8 p.m., three days after the new season begins, Wolves will be starting a Premier League season away from home for the fifth time in six seasons.

The following week, Wolves will play host to Brighton & Hove Albion in the Premier League, marking Molineux's first Premier League action of the new season. August will conclude with a trip to Merseyside to play Everton.

The new term will return to pre-pandemic "normality" after the last three seasons were interrupted by Covid-19 and the 2022 World Cup. The campaign will run uninterrupted through the summer of 2024, concluding on Sunday, May 19, when Wolves plays Liverpool.

Supporters will be closely monitoring some of the most important games Lopetegui's team will play this year as they start organizing their calendars around the fixture schedule.

Among them is the season's opening West Midlands derby against Aston Villa, scheduled for the weekend of October 7 at Molineux. This is the second of two home games in a row; the previous weekend, on September 30, current Premier League champions Manchester City will also visit the Black Country.

During the Christmas break, Wolves will visit Brentford on Boxing Day, while Chelsea will visit Molineux on December 23. The final match of the year will take place at home against Everton over the weekend of December 30.

Other noteworthy events on the schedule include the first-ever top-tier match between Luton Town and Wolves since 1984, which takes place at Kenilworth Road on September 23rd. Rob Edward, an academy coach, former Wolves defender, and interim first-team manager, will be hosting his old team. In April, his team, the Hatters, will visit Molineux for the rematch.

Before the 2023–24 season ends with a trip to Liverpool, Wolves will host Crystal Palace for their final home game of the year. This will be the third time in the previous six years that the Old Gold have concluded a Premier League campaign at Anfield.

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Wolves Full Fixtures In Premier League 2023/2024

14/08/2023 | 8pm | Manchester United vs Wolves

19/08/2023 | 3pm | Wolves vs Brighton & Hove Albion

26/08/2023 | 3pm | Everton vs Wolves

02/09/2023 | 3pm | Crystal Palace vs Wolves

16/09/2023 | 3pm | Wolves vs Liverpool

23/09/2023 | 3pm | Luton Town vs Wolves

30/09/2023 | 3pm | Wolves vs Manchester City

07/10/2023 | 3pm | Wolves vs Aston Villa

21/10/2023 | 3pm | AFC Bournemouth vs Wolves

28/10/2023 | 3pm | Wolves vs Newcastle United

04/11/2023 | 3pm | Sheffield United vs Wolves

11/11/2023 | 3pm | Wolves vs Tottenham Hotspur

25/11/2023 | 3pm | Fulham vs Wolves

02/12/2023 | 3pm | Arsenal vs Wolves

05/12/2023 | 7.45pm | Wolves vs Burnley

09/12/2023 | 3pm | Wolves vs Nottingham Forest

16/12/2023 | 3pm | West Ham United vs Wolves

23/12/2023 | 3pm | Wolves vs Chelsea

26/12/2023 | 3pm | Brentford vs Wolves

30/12/2023 | 3pm | Wolves vs Everton

13/01/2024 | 3pm | Brighton & Hove Albion vs Wolves

30/01/2024 | 7.45pm | Wolves vs Manchester United

03/02/2024 | 3pm | Chelsea vs Wolves

10/02/2024 | 3pm | Wolves vs Brentford

17/02/2024 | 3pm | Tottenham Hotspur vs Wolves

24/02/2024 | 3pm | Wolves vs Sheffield United

02/03/2024 | 3pm | Newcastle United vs Wolves

09/03/2024 | 3pm | Wolves vs Fulham

16/03/2024 | 3pm | Wolves vs AFC Bournemouth

30/03/2024 | 3pm | Aston Villa vs Wolves

02/04/2024 | 7.45pm | Burnley vs Wolves

06/04/2024 | 3pm | Wolves vs West Ham United

13/04/2024 | 3pm | Nottingham Forest vs Wolves

20/04/2024 | 3pm | Wolves vs Arsenal

27/04/2024 | 3pm | Wolves vs Luton Town

04/05/2024 | 3pm | Manchester City vs Wolves

11/05/2024 | 3pm | Wolves vs Crystal Palace

19/05/2024 | 4pm | Liverpool vs Wolves

Wolves Hottest Matches In Premier League 2023/2024

1. Opening day: Monday 14th August, Man United (A)

2. First home game: Saturday 19th August, Brighton (H)

3. West Midlands Derby: Saturday 7th October, Aston Villa (H)

4. Boxing Day: Tuesday 26th December, Brentford (A)

5. West Midlands Derby: Saturday 30th March, Aston Villa (A)

6. Final Day: Sunday 19th May, Liverpool (A)

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