Happy Papmochani Ekadashi. Photo: smitcreation
Happy Papmochani Ekadashi. Photo: smitcreation

About Papmochani Ekadashi Fasting

Ekadashi falls in between Holika Dahan and Chaitra Navratri is known as Papmochani Ekadashi. It falls before Ugadi and is the last Ekadashi of the year.

Papmochani Krishna Ekadashi is observed during the month of Chaitra Paksha according to the Purnimant calendar North of India and Krishna Paksha of the month of Phalguna according to the Amavasyant calendar South of India. However, northern India and southern India observe it on the same day. Currently falls in March or April in the English calendar.

Parana means breaking the fast. Ekadashi Parana is made after dawn the day after Ekadashi fast. Parana is necessary Dwadashi Tithi unless Dwadashi finished before dawn. Do not make Parana inside Dwadashi is similar to an offense.

Parana should not be done during Hari Vasara. We must wait until Hari Vasara finishes before breaking the fast. Hari Vasara is the first duration of a quarter of Dwadashi Tithi. The most preferred time to break the fast is Pratahkal. One should avoid breaking the fast during Madhyahna. If for any reason you can not break the fast during Pratahkal, then you have to do after madhyahna.

Sometimes the fasting of Ekadashi is suggested for two consecutive days. It is recommended that Smartha with the family only observe fasting on the first day. The alternative fast of Ekadashi, which is the second, is suggested for Sanyasis, widows and for those who desire Moksha. When alternate Ekadasi fast for proposed Smartha coincides with the fasting day Vaishnava Ekaadashi.

the fasting Ekadashi the two days is suggested for pure and hard followers who seek love and affection for Lord Vishnu, according to Templesinindiainfo.

Meaning of Papmochani Ekadashi

Photo: smitcreation
Photo: smitcreation

Ekadashi is widely followed by devotees on the 11th day of the waxing Moon phase or the Shukla Paksha and similarly in the waning Moon phase or Krishna Paksha as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar. Therefore, the Ekadashi comes two times a month when devotees observe fast throughout the day and night till the next morning. There are 24 Ekadashis every year. Lord Vishnu is ardently worshipped on this day as the Ekadashis are dedicated to Him. Devotees observe the fast to please the Lord and be liberated from sins and attain Moksha.

Observing fast or Vrat on this day means following the rules and regulations meticulously and chanting the name of Sri Hari/Lord Vishnu/Krishna. Every Ekadashi has a legend connected to it and demonstrates the power of observing Ekadashi Vrat. Anyone from 8 years to 80 years of age can observe Ekadashi fast and benefit from it. Scientifically, keeping fast on these two days detoxifies the body and has other benefits connected to it. You can keep a dry fast or a fast abstaining only from food or eat a fruit-based diet on this day. Keeping the mind clear and pure while observing the fast has significance in the successful completion of the fast.

Importance and Significance of Papankusha Ekadashi

Ekadashi fasting not only benefits the person but also benefits the family. On this Ekadashi, the Padmanabha form of Vishnu is worshiped. It is believed that those who observe this fast get peace and get rid of all negative thoughts. It is believed that by fasting on Papankusha Ekadashi, generations get liberation, according to English.jagran.

What to do and what not to do

Photo: smitcreation
Photo: smitcreation

Satvik food is served in the evening on this day. Do not consume rice on this day. There is special importance of opening the fast by worshiping during the night. It is considered blissful if you feed any Brahmin on this day. You can also offer clothes and food to the needy.

Papmochani Ekadashi 2021 Dates, Tithi

As per the Hindu calendar, Papmochani Ekadashi takes place on the Ekadashi (eleventh day) of the Chaitra month during the Krishna Paksha. It is regarded as the last Ekadashi out of all the 24 Ekadashi which fall in between two major festivities i.e. Holika Dahan and Chaitra Navratri.

Papmochani Ekadashi 2021 is on April 7, Wednesday.

Papmochani Ekadashi Parana Time on 8th Apr - 08:40 AM to 08:56 AM

Ekadashi Tithi Begins - 02:09 AM on Apr 07, 2021

Ekadashi Tithi Ends - 02:28 AM on Apr 08, 2021

On Parana Day, Hari Vasara End Moment - 08:40 AM

Vrat Katha

According to the Kathapauranic story of Paapankusha Ekadashi, once, there was a cruel hunter on the Vidhyanchal mountain who had done only evil acts throughout his life. So, Yamraj sent his messenger to take him. It threatened the evil soul. He went to the Angara and asked him for help. He told him about Papankusha Ekadashi. If anyone observes Papankusha Ekadashi fast with true integrity and without anger, all his accumulated sins are destroyed and he gets salvation.

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