National Fried Clam Day (July 3): History, Celebrations and Facts
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For New Englanders, an addiction to fried clams is a rite of passage, one that is celebrated every July 3 on National Fried Clam Day. Fried clams have been part of the New England coastal culture for more than a century. Fried clams are an acquired taste for some; for others, it is nothing short of love at first bite. Folks who live or summer along New England’s stunning Atlantic coast cannot imagine summer without the brush of a salty sea breeze on the cheek, and a basket of fried clams and a cold drink in hand.

What is Clam?

A clam is an animal that belongs to a group of invertebrates called mollusks. There are over 100,000 species of animals in the Mollusca phylum. However, the clams are found in freshwater as well as in seawater. They live under the surface of the water or in coastal muds. Clams are used to be in a circular and oval shape and have two shells of equal size.

National Fried Clam Day (July 3): History, Celebrations and Facts
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National Fried Clam Day (July 3): History

It’s rare to know exactly who, when and where the first of anything was created or invented. Imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery, and then everyone stakes a claim to the original invention. Fried clams are an exception, with a documented back story validating when freshly dug New England clams were first battered and deep-fried in a sleepy little New England coastal town.

Deep frying clams was a serendipitous brainchild of Lawrence Henry “Chubby” Woodman and his wife, Bessie. The couple began operating a small seaside stand in 1914, in Essex, Massachusetts, selling soft shell clams that Chubby dug himself and other goods to locals on the weekends. Business was slow the first two years, until July 3, 1916.

On that day, a local fisherman named Tarr was “shootin’ the breeze” with Chubby while enjoying a basket of Bessie’s delicious homemade potato chips. When Tarr asked Chubby how business was doing, Chubby quipped, “Business is slower than a couple of snails headed uphill.” Tarr wisecracked that maybe Bessie should deep fry some of Chubby’s freshly dug clams, heaped in a nearby bucket, the way she deep-fried potato chips. The two friends had a good laugh over the thought of deep-fried clams. But the idea intrigued the Woodmans, who talked about the idea of shucking and deep frying some of those clams that were in that bucket after Tarr left the store.

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Chubby and Bessie reasoned If fried clams tasted good, they may have a way to increase the demand for their shucked clams and be more competitive. They agreed it was worth a try. Bessie heated fresh lard in the fry pot used to make her irresistible potato chips, and the two shucked clams and experimented with different batters all afternoon. They asked a few willing locals to be taste testers. By the end of the day, the verdict was in and it was an overwhelming “delicious.” That’s when Chubby and Bessie Woodman knew they were on to something big.

The next day, during the town’s annual Fourth of July parade, Chubby and Bessie introduced the citizens of Essex to the first fried clams. And just like that, a New England tradition was born. New England summers have never been the same since.

National Fried Clam Day (July 3): Celebrations

Go out for dinner with friends and have fried clams. Try your hand at making your own fried clams and share them with family and friends. Post on social media with #NationalFriedClamDay.

Visit the birthplace of fried clams

New England fried clam aficionados swear the only place on the planet to enjoy authentic fresh, sweet, and tender fried clams is in New England. While there are dozens of clam shacks dotting the New England coast serving mouth-watering fried clams, the only place you can enjoy original recipe fried clams requires a trip to Woodman’s of Essex in Essex, Massachusetts, north of Boston. There you will find fifth-generation members of the Woodman family still frying clams the same way Chubby and Bessie did over 100 years ago.

National Fried Clam Day (July 3): History, Celebrations and Facts
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Tell jokes to be happy as a clam

Dads especially will enjoy telling clam jokes and using clam puns to shellibrate National Fried Clam Day, mostly to the delight of the kids. Don’t clam up if you don’t know any good clam jokes, such as, “If you find yourself addicted to fried clams, you should sea kelp.”

Dine on a basket of deep-fried clams

You will never know what you have been missing until you give deep-fried clams a try. It may be challenging to find a restaurant near you that knows the New England secrets to frying a perfect batch of clams but go for one that fries the whole clam so you get a tender belly in each bite. Trust us when we say, “Take a pass on clam strips.”


1. 1,500

The number of different species of clams there are worldwide.

2. A soft-shell clam by any other name is still a clam for frying

Softshell clams are the kind of clams that are deep-fried. Softshell clams are also called long necks, steamers, nanny nose clams, or Ipsowich clams.

3. Mollusks or shellfish?

Softshell clams are members of the mollusk family of invertebrates, which are animals without a backbone, but clams are also considered shellfish.

4. Clams are a healthy food

Clams are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, being packed with protein, low in calories, fat, and cholesterol, and full of essential vitamins and minerals.

5. Home, sweet coastal home

Softshell clams are found along the east coast of the United States, from northern Canada to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. They are also found in regions of Alaska, Washington state, and California on the Pacific coast, and in western Europe.

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