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K-Drama ‘Mad for Each Other’ Season 1: Release Date, Cast and Plot - Photo otakukart

A last-minute but welcome announcement means we’ll see another exciting new K-Drama arrive on Netflix in May 2021! Coming very soon is Mad for Each Other, and we have everything you need to know about the upcoming series including its plot, cast, trailer, and episode release schedule.

Mad for Each Other is an upcoming licensed Netflix Original rom-com K-Drama series written by Ah Kyung, and directed by Lee Tae Gon. When Mad for Each Other is released on Netflix it will be the 68th South Korean television series carrying the Netflix Original banner.

Mad for Each Other Season 1: Release Date

The first episode of Mad for Each Other will be coming to Netflix on Monday, May 24th, 2021. Episodes of Mad for Each Other will premiere on the South Korean streaming service KakoaTV before arriving on Netflix.

It has been confirmed that there will be a total of 13 episodes, with three arriving every week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays until the series finale on June 21st, 2021.

Each episode will have a runtime of approximately 25 minutes.

Mad for Each Other Season 1: Another Name

It has another name translated into English: The Crazy Guy in the District

Mad for Each Other Season 1: Trailer

Mad for Each Other Season 1: Plot

No Whi-O (Jung Woo) works as a detective. He thinks that he has a pretty decent life. One day, an incident takes place. This causes No Whi-O's life to change. He becomes a crazy guy, unable to control his anger and he gets angry at everything. He tries to return to former self, but, during this time, he gets involved with another crazy person, Lee Min-Kyung (Oh Yeon-Seo). She has a sophisticated appearance and a fine job, but something happens to her. Her ordinary life collapses and she doesn't trust anyone anymore. She has delusions and is compulsive. No Whi-O and Lee Min-Kyung become attracted to each other.

Mad for Each Other Season 1: Teaser Poster

The Crazy Guy in the District released a powerful promotional teaser poster on May 03, 2021, with the leading characters. In the poster, both Oh Yeon Seo and Jung Woo are sitting on a scrapped car’s top. Furthermore, the car has many ticket signs of yellow parking all over it. It seems the condition of the car is not that good as smoke is seeping from the car and the bumper is hanging barely. There is no parking sign attached to the window, and the side mirrors are also bent.

Photo Netflix
Photo Netflix

Jung Woo is holding a white-colored baseball bat in his left hand and wearing a patrol labeled vest. His face looks like he will shout at any moment and seem furious. Oh Yeon Seo holding a pink flower-patterned umbrella and wearing a blue flower-patterned dress. There is a flower behind her ears with her trademark sunglasses. She is giving a calm and confident expression. Moreover, Jung Woo and she are opposite and make a good pair. There is also a powerful phrase written on the poster, stating, “If you mess with me, you die.” The front plate of the car says about them being madly in love.

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Mad for Each Other Season 1: Cast members


Cast Member

Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?

Lee Min Kyung

Oh Yeon Seo

A Korean Odyssey | Please Come Back, Mister | Love With Flaws

Noh Hwi Oh

Jung Woo

Reply 1994 | Best Friend | The Himalayas

Sang Yeob

Ahn Woo Yeon

Nice Witch | Hip Hop Teacher | Five Enough

Su Hyun

Lee Soo Hyun

Part-Time Idol | AKMU – Welcome Home | AKMU – SPRING of WINTER

Seon Ho

Kim Nam Hee

Sweet Home | Mr. Sunshine | Springs Turns to Spring

In Ja

Baek Ji Won

How to Buy a Friend | Once Again | The Fiery Priest

Sun Young

Lee Hye Eun

100 Days My Prince | Second to Last Love | Angel’s Revenge

Joo Ri

Lee Yeon Du

Graceful Friends | Cinderella Man | Mood of the Day

Manager Kim

Jung Seung Kil

Stranger 2 | Be Melodramatic | Six Flying Dragons

Lee Min Kyung (Oh Yeon Seo), through certain events, becomes a crazy woman who is imprisoned in her own prison and suffers from delusions and obsessions.

Photo otakukart
Photo otakukart

No Hwi Oh (Jung Woo) is a detective at the Gangnam Police Station who never gives up on any of his cases, is extremely obsessed with catching criminals.

Su Hyun (Lee Suhyun ) works at a convenience store in the neighborhood where No Hwi Oh and Lee Min Kyung live. She is in her 20s, and she works hard to pay for her student loans, monthly rent, and living expenses. Through her part-time jobs, she has faced many rude customers, so she has already lost her love for humanity.

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