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Just days ahead of Apple's "Streaming California" event, popular tipster Jon Prosser leaked a bunch of concept renders of the iPhone 14 likely to launch next year.

iPhone 14's Front

The star of the show here is definitely the front. For the first time since 2017’s iPhone X, it seems that Apple is moving towards a new design ditching the famed notch entirely in favor of a hole-punch design. There is a small hole-punch cutout for the camera where the old notch used to be. This coincides with the report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo back in March. Moreover, right above the cutout is the speaker grill which sits flush with the surrounding bezel of the phone.

But, what about the FaceID sensors? Well, all of the wizardry used to power TouchID will now be under the display, hidden from the naked eye. If possible, this would’ve likely been done for the camera as well but results from under-display cameras are significantly more lackluster because of their nature. Apple would prefer to wait out and let this technology develop before trying their own hand at it.

iPhone 14's Back

Photo notebookcheck
Photo notebookcheck

Talking about the cameras at the back, the renders shared by Prosser and made by concept artist Ian Zelbo show a triple camera setup at the back of the iPhone 14 Pro while the camera bump seems to have vanished. The three camera sensors, LED flash, and possibly LiDAR sensor can be seen in close-up renders for the iPhone 14 Pro.

The concept renders also hint at an all-new colour option that could be announced by the company next year. Prosser claims that his early leaks indicate a Gold colour option that may end up looking different from the current Gold model in iPhones.

Also noticeable on the back is the same “glass sandwich” design we’ve been seeing in iPhone and so many other phone for a while now. However, this time the Apple logo is actually underneath the glass instead of being atop it, giving the phone a very iPhone 4-esque resemblance. Likewise, the glass also sits on top of the antenna bands.

iPhone 14's camera

The camera on the iPhone 14 will also likely get a few tweaks. For the iPhone 13 series, Apple is expected to bring the larger sensor on offer by the iPhone 12 Pro Max to lower-end models. So what could Apple do in 2022? Well, we’re not quite sure yet.

It’s entirely possible that Apple could bring more cameras to the iPhone 14 series. Some smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, have brought quad camera systems to their high-end phones. We could see Apple do the same. Perhaps it will bring a third camera to the lower-end devices, and a fourth to the Pro model.

iPhone 14's Sides

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The edges of the iPhone 14 also look to be paying homage to the iPhone 4. Gone is the volume rocker, replaced by two distinct circular buttons. The sides are supposedly made of Titanium material instead of stainless steal and have a satin finish that gives it the same appearance as, you guessed it, the iPhone 4. The SIM tray and Silent/Ring switch are the same as before.

The Titanium body isn’t exactly an exclusive reveal here. Back in July, it was reported that Apple is considering a Titanium alloy build for higher-end iPhones to come, so that lends some more authenticity to this leak. Lastly, the renders show us a Lightning port and not USB Type-C, diminishing any hopes for a Type-C iPhone once again.

The design bares many similarities to the iPhone 4 with round volume buttons and that the glass sits on top of the antenna bands. The chassis is said to be made from titanium, something that has previously been reported by analysts at JP Morgan Chase.

iPhone 14's display

The biggest change to the iPhone’s display in years will likely show up in the iPhone 13, with the addition of ProMotion, or a 120Hz refresh rate, to the iPhone 13 Pro models. But the iPhone 14 could change that. In other words, it’s possible that it could come to lower-end models. A report from The Elec notes that both Samsung and LG may supply displays for the iPhone 14 series.

Apple could also start improving on the iPhone’s display resolution. Most phone manufacturers include at least 1,440p displays in their high-end phones, but the iPhone 12 still has a 1,170p display.

The 2022 iPhone may represent a comeback for Touch ID on the iPhone too. Reports indicate that Apple is planning on bringing in-display fingerprint sensors to the iPhone series. Early reports suggested that the tech might come to the iPhone 13. However, recent rumors note that it will likely come to the iPhone 14 instead.

Unknown Bits

Some other details like the proper dimensions of the phone, the color options, the specs under the hood and, of course, the pricing are not known yet. John took the liberty to render out some colorways he would like to see and I can’t lie, the turquoise/teal color does look pretty sweet. Apple could launch the iPhone 14 with much more varied and brighter color options since we’ve seen that happening with the new M1 iMac.

iPhone 14 specs

The device will likely represent a spec bump over the iPhone 13. While the iPhone 13 is expected to offer an Apple-built A15 chip, the iPhone 14 will get an A16.

Originally, it was thought that the A16 would be built on a 3nm process, however reports from Seeking Alpha note that TSMC has confirmed a delay in 3nm chip production. In other words, the 3nm process may not be available in an iPhone until the iPhone 15.

It’s also possible that the phone will get a little more RAM. Apple doesn’t really publish how much RAM it includes in its iPhones. Extra RAM, however, would allow the phone to remain good at multitasking, and better support larger apps and games.

iPhone 14 pricing and release date

We don’t even have an iPhone 13, so it will likely be over a year before we see the iPhone 14. Apple usually unveils new iPhone models around September, and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. So, the series could be released in September 2022.

But what about pricing? Well, if Apple does do away with the “Mini” device, and keeps the pricing of the standard phone, then we could have an iPhone for every $100 increment from $800 to $1,100. In other words, the iPhone 14 could cost $800, the iPhone 14 Max $900, the iPhone 14 Pro $1,000, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max $1,100. We’ll have to see if that ends up being the case though — these prices are based solely on speculation.

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