How To Watch Golf Events For Free In The US
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From a competitive perspective, golf looks to be in excellent shape. What's even more encouraging is that it's now simpler than ever to watch golf online and locate a high-quality PGA Tour live stream. The greatest ways to watch golf for free are explained right here.

Easiest Way to Stream Golf in the US for Free

The Golf Channel is available for free live streaming from some cable providers. In addition to watching live on your favorite browser, you may download their app to your Android, iPhone, or iPad. Nevertheless, you'll need to provide your "username" and "password," which you may obtain from friends and relatives who own cable TV—after all, who doesn't?

Simple ways to watch golf events

fuboTV: Best value

Hulu + Live TV: Best for die-hard fans

Peacock: Best for NBC live coverage

TV Antenna: Best free way to watch golf


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Best Way to Stream Golf in the US for Free

How To Watch Golf Events For Free In The US

People who are wealthy and frequently well-known are thought to play golf. You love golf even though you are neither. But if you keep spending money on souvenirs and subscriptions, you won't ever have enough saved up to actually play the game. Thankfully, you can watch live golf events on several different platforms without having to use your credit card.

A quick search for "live channel streaming" can turn up almost dozens of websites that provide live channel streaming. Since many of the websites are not American-based, the DOJ is powerless to take action. You should anticipate seeing a plethora of pop-ups and different-designed adverts whenever you visit any of these websites.

Of course, that's how they monetize to feed the impoverished. Simply navigate through their channel lineup and select the "Golf Channel" to have the same experience as if you were watching cable on your computer.

Best Apps and Sites to Watch Golf in the US

1. NBC

NBC is a major rights holder for live golf broadcasts, including the PGA Tour, the US Open, the British Open, and the Ryder Cup. However, when compared to the Golf Channel, NBC only shows a small portion of live golf.

Because NBC owns The Golf Channel, it is occasionally referred to as NBC Golf. Actually, NBC Sports' primary coverage is replacing a significant portion of Golf Channel's broadcast.

2. CBS News and CBS Sports

CBS is required to watch the PGA Championship and the Masters Championship. If you want to watch the PGA Tour without cable, you'll need to have access to CBSSN (CBS Sports Network).

3. Olympic Channel

Because golf is featured in the Summer Olympics, having the Olympic Channel is essential. However, the channel shares rights with NBC's Golf Channel, which is unsurprising. You'll need both if you want to watch all of the live golf at the Tokyo Olympics.

4. Sling TV

Sling TV includes TNT, ESPN, and ESPN2, all of which broadcast professional golf events. You only need to pay a $20 subscription fee to be covered for many upcoming tournaments. Sling TV offers complete coverage of the following golf events:

The British Open (ESPN) July 16-19

The Senior Open Championship (ESPN) July 23-26

RICOH Women’s British Open (ESPN) July 30 -August 2

PGA Championship (CBS / TNT) August 13-16


Free Live Streaming The website has a free live stream available. You can also watch highlights from specific sections of the tournament or your favorite players on the Masters website.

6. AT&T TV Now

You may try AT&T TV Now for free for seven days before paying $55 a month. In addition to the Golf Channel and more than 100 other channels, FuboTV (opens in new tab) offers a 7-day free trial.

If you don't require a complete live TV package, ESPN Plus(opens in new tab), a $9.99/month sports streaming service, is a decent option because it offers various broadcasts of each tournament, with distinct feeds concentrating on holes or golfers.

7. ESPN+

ESPN Plus is a great place to view live golf in the United States. You can watch your favorite player hit every shot because there are feeds with marquee groups, featured holes, and main feed coverage in addition to the main feed.

This service will be accessible for all four Majors, as well as other selected tournaments on the 2023 PGA Tour schedule, in addition to significant PGA Tour competitions.

8. HD Antenna: Best free way to watch

It may surprise you to learn that there is still a totally free, no-subscription option to watch TV. Yes, you can watch important events like the U.S. Open and the Masters without having to pay a monthly build or sign up for a cable package.

You might wonder, how? using a traditional antenna that is connected to your television. To watch Rory McIlroy, Ayaka Furue, and all of your other favorite players as they tee off, simply locate your local CBS and NBC affiliates.

NBC, CBS, and CW are the three main networks that golf fans can watch with an HD antenna. The majority of the major PGA tournaments, such as the Players Championship, the Honda Classic, the Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, and the CP Women's Open, will be broadcast live on NBC and CBS.

Fans have access to every major LIV Golf tournament by subscribing to The CW.

How to install an antenna

Installing an indoor HD TV antenna in your home is simple and can be purchased for less than $30. Simply connect the antenna to your TV by following the easy instructions, then position the receiver next to a window.

With the antenna, you'll get more than simply live golf coverage. Local network affiliates will broadcast fantastic sitcoms like Ghosts, Abbott Elementary, and The Simpsons, along with nightly news.

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