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License Plate Number in the UK. Photo: Autotrader
It’s not as straight-forward as you might think to find vehicle owner information by using nothing but the number plate (VRM). The DVLA don’t hand out this information to just anyone, so you need to jump through a few hoops to get it.

Concerned about a vehicle? It may be a better idea to contact your local council if you have some concerns about a vehicle (such as an abandoned one), and there are processes in place to assist with this exact situation already.

What Information Our Car Check Offers About the Owner of a Car?

Our car check gives you the number of keepers of a particular vehicle. We legally cannot provide particulars of any owner. Our car owner check by reg number provides:

- the date when the former owner sold the car

- the date when the former keeper bought the car

- the number of previous keepers as per the logbook

- city/country/state where the vehicle was registered with DVLA

- the vehicle ages

At just £8.95, our comprehensive car check not only offers the above mentioned details, but you will also get to know if the vehicle has any outstanding finance, involved in an accident, was stolen, and so much more, Caranalytics noted.

How to Find the Owner of a Car by License Plate Number in the UK?

Photo: Bournemouthecho
Photo: Bournemouthecho

Step 1: As stated earlier, you need to apply to the DVLA for the name and the address of the owner.

- If you are an individual, fill form V888.

- If you are a firm that issues parking or trespass allegation warnings – fill form V888/3.

Step 2: Not involved in the issuance of parking or trespass warnings and you need details of a vehicle on a particular date, you may:

- Inquire for the name and address details of the owner of a car -fill form V888/2A

- Ask for any other information about a vehicle (for instance, insurers’ information) – fill form V888/2B.

There are several ways to get information on how to pay and where to send the completed form. Remember that in order to apply to the DVLA, you must have previously owned the automobile in question or fulfill the prerequisites for a justifiable cause, as we indicated at the beginning. Conditions are severe for the obvious reason. Therefore, the outcome of your application will depend on how you intend to use this information.

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Q&A around finding vehicle's owner by plate number in the UK

Photo: Driving
Photo: Driving

If you want to find out the address then the process is the same as above, you will need to fill out form V888 from the DVLA and provide a “just cause” reason. However…

It’s unlikely that the DVLA will provide you with this information if for example you are concerned about a car that has been parked outside your house. It would be much better to tell the DVLA or the local council about it, rather than do any investigate work yourself. GOV.UK provides more information here including a helpful lookup feature if you aren’t sure who your local authority is.

I have a dispute/legal issue with someone and want to find out their details by their registration plate. Is it possible?

No, it is not possible using any “vehicle check” service, so you may wish to approach the DVLA who hold this information.

Again, your mileage will vary but generally this kind of situation will not come under “just cause” with the DVLA, but remember it’s free to try. The DVLA’s form for requesting personal information on a registered keeper – form V888 – asks the applicant to provide some information on why they are requesting this data. As per this thread, it is then up to the DVLA clerk to decide if they will divulge this or not, although with the advent of GDPR has made this a bit trickier still, Freecarcheck noted.

What owner information do you get in a Vehicle Check?

A vehicle check on some websites and apps may show you how many registered keeper(s) have owned the vehicle. We just cannot show specific, personally identifiable information about previous owners/keepers including all of this information:

  • The date that the previous keeper sold the vehicle
  • The date the previous keeper purchased the vehicle
  • How many previous owner(s) there are according to the V5C log book
  • Date first registered
  • Model year eg “2015”
  • Optionally – town/city where first registered
  • …and much more!

Will a Vehicle Check show the registered keeper name?

No. It is unlawful in the UK for us to disclose the registered keeper’s details without their permission and it’s the same for everyone else – unless you have a just cause.

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