Gran Turismo 7: Release date, trailer, gameplay, career mode, tracks & cars - top most popular games in 2021
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The upcoming racing game will be developed by Polyphony Digital and will be the eighth installment in the series, and will feature the return of the GT Simulation mode with the game’s defining single-player campaign. Polyphony Digital has also added a number of traditional racing tracks and vehicles to the new game. Apart from this, the game will also feature a multiplayer mode.

Gran Turismo 7 Release date

Gran Turismo 7 was officially announced with a trailer during Sony's PS5 games reveal event on June 11. No release date was given, though at least the game's existence was officially recognized.

It’s important to note two things in any Gran Turismo release date discussion. First, this series has never launched a new game alongside a new PlayStation platform before. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec missed the PS2’s launch by nearly a year in North America, whereas Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo Sport dropped in the middle of the PS3 and PS4’s lifecycles, respectively.

The other fact to be mindful of is that Polyphony Digital is a studio that likes to take its time. GT5 slipped through the entirety of 2009, all the way until November 2010. Even then, it was further delayed from the beginning to the end of November, because the game missed its production date by mere days.

Gran Turismo 7: Release date, trailer, gameplay, career mode, tracks & cars - top most popular games in 2021
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Gran Turismo 7 Campaign mode

GT7 appears to bring back a traditional Gran Turismo campaign mode. This would see players starting out as a novice with a low-powered vehicle, then heading through licenses and race events to progress to higher levels. There’s no information on the precise structure of this campaign mode just yet, but areas exist on the main hub screen for “school” (licenses), missions, special events, and championships, according to GT Planet.

Vehicle Tuning and Modification: This function also returns after an absence in GT Sport, with some demonstration of the menus in the official trailer. Players will be able to modify their vehicles with engine, suspension, drivetrain, and chassis parts, along with tires. The clip shows five different grades of component type: entry, city, sports, racing, and extreme.

Used Cars: Used cars were entirely absent from GT Sport but return in GT7. It’s unclear how this will function, but in previous GT games, it was where players could pick up older vehicles with a few miles on the clock for less money than new ones.

GT Auto: GT Auto returns too. In previous games, this was a place where players could wash their cars, change the oil, apply for new paint jobs, change the wheels, and fit visual tuning parts. How many of these functions will return under this umbrella is unknown, but it’s likely that the livery editor will form part of GT Auto.

Online Multiplayer: Two areas of the new main hub refer to multiplayer modes. The first is a dedicated Multiplayer icon, under which it’s likely you’ll find all of the various types of online racing. There’s also a GT Sport Live icon, which resembles the GT Live part of the official GT website. This is probably a place for viewing media and articles relating to the top tier online events and World Tours.

Other Features: Brand Central, Scapes, and the Discover section – for finding other users’ liveries, decals, replays, and photos – all make a return from GT Sport. There’s an area of the main screen labeled as “GT Cafe”, and it’s not clear what function this might fill at present.

Classic tracks return to the menu: From what we can tell from watching the trailer it seems that Gran Turismo 7 will carry over most of the tracks already available in Gran Turismo Sport. However, it also seems that some of the great fictional Gran Turismo circuits are returning to the franchise. In fact, the trailer plays out around a newly adapted version of 'Trial Mountain Circuit' — a fan favorite that's been in existence since the first game dropped in 1997. This hopefully means that other asphalt institutions like 'Deep Forest' and 'Grand Valley' will also return.

Gran Turismo 7: Release date, trailer, gameplay, career mode, tracks & cars - top most popular games in 2021
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PSVR 2.0 support is a certainty

Virtual reality is one of the things that really excite lead designer and director Kazunori Yamauchi, as he has gone on record to say that VR is one of the areas that will benefit most from the technological advances offered by the new hardware. Yes, that does sound suspiciously like someone who’s been playing around with the new hardware. It also looks likely that PSVR 2.0 will launch alongside PlayStation 5, making PSVR 2.0 more of a core pillar of PlayStation entertainment rather than a sideshow released later on.

Clearly, according to GamesRadar, if this and the game’s launch title status are both true, it would make perfect sense for Sony to show off their new VR hardware with a true graphical showcase. Gran Turismo has always fitted that description, not to mention keeping up with visual trends. GT1 showed off pseudo environment mapping, GT3 showed off real environment mapping, GT5 introduced 3D TV support... and that’s actually why the next rumor is also a distinct possibility.

Gran Turismo 7 gameplay

Polyphony rewrote the script with GT Sport, concentrating on building a schedule of events and a global competition sanctioned by the FIA: the body that governs international motorsport. It also trimmed down the number of cars in-game, omitted tuning and customization (aside from a robust livery editor), and only added a more traditional catalog of single-player events in a post-release update. Additionally, no classic Gran Turismo circuits, like Trial Mountain or Seattle Circuit, ever made their way to GT Sport.

That certainly doesn't look to be true of GT7. Before the start of the reveal trailer showcased as part of June's PS5 games-focused event, Yamauchi confirmed that longtime fans of the franchise can expect a traditional campaign mode in the new title, complete with a world map-style interface that hasn't been seen since GT4.

Looking closely, we can see icons for a tuning shop, GT Auto maintenance shop and a used car dealership, cementing the classic Gran Turismo structure. Interestingly, these early screenshots tip us off to a new advisor, named Sarah, whose job it will presumably be to show you the ropes.

Even before GT7's announcement, we were slowly gaining a clearer and clearer picture of what the future of Gran Turismo could look like, courtesy of Yamauchi himself. In an interview with GTPlanet, Yamauchi stated that he believed “the next title that [Polyphony is] going to create will be a combination of the past, present and future — a complete form of Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo 7: Release date, trailer, gameplay, career mode, tracks & cars - top most popular games in 2021
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Gran Turismo 7 performance

Gran Turismo has long been regarded as a technical showcase for Sony’s hardware, dating back to the original PlayStation. If history is any guide, critics will likely look to GT7 to determine what Sony’s next home console is truly capable of when fully optimized and pushed to the max. While it may be more of an ultimate goal than an immediately achievable one, Yamauchi expressed interest in raising the frame rate of gameplay all the way up to 240 frames per second back in February while speaking with Australian media, according to GTPlanet.

That’s four times the 60 fps standard that modern console titles strive for, and GT Sport currently runs at. Perhaps GT7 will land somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 fps, but even so, that would still be far smoother than any other console title to date, and in line with expectations from gamers who prefer playing on high-end PCs. Polyphony has experimented with ultra-high frame rates and resolutions in the past, demoing an 8K 120 fps version of GT Sport running on a 440-inch Sony display at the International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition back in November 2018.

While frame rates and resolutions are ultimately unconfirmed, the GT7 trailer we saw during Sony's June event tipped us off to ways in which ray-tracing would be incorporated in the game. A clip of a Porsche 917 sitting inside a transport trailer with a mirrored interior demonstrated light reflecting off other reflective surfaces, while a scene of a driver inside a Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion showed the driver's helmet reflected in the rear-view mirror. Both of these are telltale signs of ray tracing at work.

Gran Turismo 7: Release date, trailer, gameplay, career mode, tracks & cars - top most popular games in 2021
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Gran Turismo 7: What to Expect

Although Gran Turismo Sport is definitely an incredible racing game, it wasn't the definitive Gran Turismo experience that appeared in GT6. The development team is targeting 4K resolution and 60 FPS on PS5 with HDR enabled, so it's likely to be a stunner.

In an interview with the Guardian, Simon Rutter of PlayStation Europe noted that the game will “benefit from almost every single technological enhancement. Sitting in the cockpit, the 3D audio allows you to hear the thunderous roar of a Ferrari behind you or in front of you, and you can recognize the difference between that and the engine noise of a Maserati. Driving the car using the DualSense controller, you’ll have a different feeling in your hands from the smooth undulating tarmac of a racetrack, compared to the gritty sensation on a gravel track,” Rutter claimed. “Pressing a soft accelerator will feel very different than pressing on a stiff brake pedal or gear paddle.”

The utilization of the next-gen console technology will provide the game with incredible graphics. Grand Turismo's driving gameplay never disappoints, the newest title in the series doesn't look like it will either.

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