Ways to Reward Someone For Help
Ways to Reward Someone For Help

But it's not always simple to return a benefactor's kindness. It's not the best way to repay them if you think it's about buying them pricey gifts or taking them out to dinner.

Repaying kindness is done in three different ways.

1.Be grateful for your own success

A thief is apprehended and sent to prison. He was hopeless and exhausted during his time behind bars, so he made no effort to amend his ways or grow spiritually. The warden shared his thoughts and feelings with him, pointed out his flaws, and encouraged him to begin again. The drive to make progress is slowly returning. After serving his time, he made an effort to reform himself, eventually becoming wealthy. Years later, when he ran into the warden again, he felt compelled to thank him for all the help and guidance he'd given him back then. The warden has just said that his return is the most heartfelt expression of gratitude he has ever received.

A sincere expression of appreciation in the form of inner growth and development is worth a hundred times more than any material token of appreciation could ever be. To fully benefit from the help of others, you must first cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

2. Help others in times of trouble

People aren't always easy, and no one is consistently challenging. The saying "rivers have sections, people have times" refers to the fact that we all face adversity and need help at some point. Don't forget the kindness of those who come to your aid in times of need. Remember to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand when they are in trouble. That which we call "mutual love" is also the morality, the essence of human life.

Remember that knowing what the other person needs most during tough times is the most useful form of assistance. It doesn't make any sense to give money to a wealthy man you meet or to offer him expensive food. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen to them vent about their inner turmoil. The greatest assistance you can provide is through talking and listening.

3. Spread kindness to the community

Chow Yun Phat, a famous Hong Kong actor, came from humble beginnings. His parents worked hard, and with the help of many generous people, he was able to get a good education, break into the entertainment industry, and eventually become famous.

Chow Yun Phat once said in an interview that he was forever indebted to his childhood for giving him the foundation he needed to become the successful man he is today. To show his gratitude, despite his subsequent success and wealth, he maintained a modest lifestyle, giving away many of his possessions to those in need. Chow Yun Phat lends a hand behind-the-scenes to colleagues, takes part in numerous charity events, etc.

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