Jalebi recipe | How to make jalebi
Jalebi. Photo: dishesandflavors.com

What is Jalebi?

Jalebi is a spiral-shaped crisp & juicy sweet that is made of all-purpose flour, gram flour, and sugar syrup. Similar to Gulab jamun, jalebi too makes its appearance during weddings, celebrations & festivals. They are much popular as street food and is also sold in Sweet shops or mithai shops.

This dessert can be served warm or cold. They have a somewhat chewy texture with a crystallized sugary exterior coating. Citric acid or lime juice is sometimes added to the syrup, as well as rose water. Jalebi is eaten with curd or rabri (North India) along with optional other flavors such as kewra (scented water).


Making sugar syrup for jalebi recipe

According to indianhealthyrecipes, these are steps to make a sugar syrup for jalebi recipe:

1. Add sugar to a pot. Avoid cast iron pans like the one I used as it quickly crystallizes the syrup.

Jalebi recipe | How to make jalebi
Photo: inthekitch.net

2. Pour water.

3. Boil the syrup until it reaches a 1 string consistency.

4. To check take a small portion of sugar syrup in between your thumb & fore finger. Gently move the fingers apart, you must see a single string. I took it off a bit early as it continues to cook in cast iron pans.

5. Pour 1 tsp lemon juice. Add in saffron (optional) and cardamoms. Mix & Set this aside.

Jalebi recipe | How to make jalebi
Photo: dishesandflavors.com

Making batter for jalebi recipe

Step 1: Prepare the Jalebi batter and let it ferment overnight

Jalebi recipe | How to make jalebi
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To make this easy Jalebi recipe, mix together all-purpose flour, cornflour, and baking soda in a bowl. Now, add ghee and food color to the above mixture. To make a thick batter add hung curd and water. Mix well until it is thick but has a slightly flowing consistency. Keep it aside for 8-10 hours to ferment. This step is important to give that unique "khatta" taste to Jalebi.

Step 2: Deep fry the Jalebis

Jalebi recipe | How to make jalebi
Photo: foodgravy.com

Now, heat oil in a pan over medium flame for deep frying. Fill the jalebi batter in a muslin cloth and pierce a small hole in the cloth. Squeeze the muslin cloth to make concentric circles. Move from inside to outside to make perfect circles. Fry till jalebis are crisp and golden.

Step 3: Soak the Jalebis in sugar syrup and 2-3 minutes and serve warm with Rabri

Soak the jalebis in sugar syrup for 2-3 minutes. Ensure that the sugar syrup is warm and not very hot. Now, remove from the syrup and place on a tray lined with butter paper or foil. Decorate with silver foil (optional) and serve the jalebis hot, warm or at room temperature with creamy Rabri. Note: To make the jalebi even more delicious, add a little bit of ghee to the batter, this will give your jalebi that perfect aroma. To the crispy Jalebi, don't forget to ferment the batter overnight.


The most important part of making Jalebi at home is to have the right consistency of your Jalebi batter. It should not be too thin or thick. Make sure your battery is of flowing co...

Traditionally, the Jalebi batter is fermented for 10-12 hours in warmth. But, if you live in a cold place, you must ferment it for 24 hours.

While frying the Jalebis, make sure the flame is on low. High heat will leave it uncooked from the inside. This will also give you ample time to give your Jalebis the best shape.

For Instant Jalebis, mix together all-purpose flour, cornflour, and a little turmeric. Then, add curd and water to it and whisk well in one direction to make a smooth batter.

How to Reheat Jalebi

You shouldn’t reheat them in a regular microwave, or they will get soggy. You can reheat in convection microwaves to retain crispiness.

If you have a standard microwave, you can reheat them for a maximum of 15 seconds before they get soggy.

Prepare hot sugar syrup and dunk your jalebi in it repeatedly. They will remain crisp, taste even better, and be warm enough to eat.

Break up the large jalebi and leave smaller pieces intact. Heat them gently on a low flame in a thick bottomed pan. Turn them over and over until they get nicely browned.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to restore your jalebi to their former glory. However, only by knowing all the steps will you truly be prepared for reheating jalebi. This is why we prepared a step-by-step guide for you. Check it out below!

Step-by-Step Guide To Reheat Jalebi

You’ve learned of the different methods in which you can reheat jalebi, but are you truly prepared to make the most of them? There are many nuances and little steps that may add to the taste. For that reason, we recommend that you read our in-depth guide on reheating jalebi in the right way.

Reheating Jalebi Using a Microwave

As mentioned, using the microwave the wrong way may make your jalebi turn out to be soggy or gummy. If you want to avoid that, please follow our steps carefully. Ideally, you should be using a convection microwave to reheat jalebi. If you have one, you can just reheat them for up to 30 seconds. For a standard microwave, follow the steps.

+ Place your remaining jalebi on a microwave-safe dish, such as a plate.

+ Put them in the microwave.

+ On high heat, reheat them for about 10-15 seconds.

+ After that time, you can check your jalebi.

If they’re still somewhat cold but also crispy, you can try to microwave them for an additional 10 seconds.

Be very careful not to overheat them, or they will get soggy.

If you don’t want to use the microwave, you can try an innovative method—preparing warm sugar syrup. Prepare a sugar syrup – it can be the same one you prepared for your jalebi – and heat it up until it’s hot. Dunk your jalebi in it one after one, keeping them in for a few seconds at a time. This will restore their crispiness as well as enhance their natural taste.

Reheating Jalebi Using A Thick Bottomed Pan

This method will allow you to not just reheat your jalebi, but also add a little more crisp to them. If you have the time to spare, we recommend it.

+ Break each jalebi a bit if they’re very large. If not, you can leave them as they are.

+ Heat the pieces of jalebi gently on a low flame. Use a thick bottomed pan for this.

+ Keep turning them so that they get nicely browned on both sides.

+ Let them cool a bit or eat them right off the pan.

This method will turn your jalebi crunchy again and it will add an amazing glaze to them too.

These methods ensure that you will be able to wow your friends and family with jalebi that taste just as good as new. You don’t have to waste time by preparing jalebi from scratch each and every time—make a huge batch and reap the benefits for a few days!

If, however, you find that you don’t enjoy the taste of reheated jalebi, all is not lost. You can use your leftover jalebi to prepare a whole new dish. They can be used in a jalebi pudding, which is made of sugar, milk, and eggs. Those ingredients are baked with jalebi added.

The end result is amazing and worth giving a shot. If you feel like it one night, instead of reheating, try to create this jalebi pudding.

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