How To Check and Pay Individual Police Fines in UAE in 2022
How To Check and Pay Individual Police Fines in UAE
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There is no doubt that the United Arab Emirates has a robust traffic system in place. To ensure the smooth flow of traffic and minimize untoward traffic incidents as much as possible, there is an extensive list of traffic and driving rules in the UAE enacted by the traffic authorities.

Violating traffic rules in Dubai calls for a high amount as a penalty. Some even result in vehicle confiscation and black points.

A traffic fine not only takes a toll on your wallet but will also blemish your driving record. Fortunately, there is a straightforward procedure that you can follow to get that traffic fine to be shelved. Let us take you through a step-by-step guide on how you can check a traffic fine in the UAE.

Which are the major traffic fines in UAE?

The Dubai Police Authority has put forward a list of major traffic offenses and the fine to be paid for the same.

AED 3000 fine

Driving a heavy vehicle in a manner that causes danger to the driver’s and others’ life, or damage to public or private property will attract AED 3000 as a fine. Similarly, if a heavy vehicle jumps a red signal or causes the vehicle or another vehicle to overturn, it will attract a penalty of AED 3000.

AED 2000 fine + 23 black points + 60 days vehicle confiscation

The above penalty is applicable if the driver drives in a way that endangers his life as well as the life of others. This applies to both rented vehicles and own vehicles.

AED 1000 fine

If a vehicle enters from a prohibited place or if a light car or motorbike jumps the red signal it will attract AED 1000 as fine.

AED 500 fine

Driving a vehicle that does not comply with safety standards or is unfit for driving will attract AED 500 as a fine. In addition, reversing a vehicle dangerously or failure to stop after a light accident will also attract AED 500 as a fine.

AED 400 fine

Allowing a child below ten years to sit in the front seat or allowing a child below 4 to sit without a car seat will attract AED 400 as fine. Similarly, failure of the passenger to fasten the seat belt or failure to leave safety distance while driving will also attract AED 400 as fine.

How to check or look up traffic fines in the UAE?

Follow the steps to check traffic fines in Dubai UAE

Step – 1: Go to the Dubai Police Website by Clicking here Traffic Fines Check. You will see the screen like below

Step – 2: But if you cannot get this screen directly, then go to the Dubai Police Website

and follow the below path that is;

Home > Services > Individual Services > Traffic Fines Payment

Step – 3: Here, now click at Access Services if you have no directed to the next stage already

Step – 4: You will be redirected to the next page that you will see below. You can check by four methods like with License Number, Ticket details, Plate number, etc.

I will first check through the plate number. Enter the plate number of your vehicle, then select Dubai in plate source; plate category is private in my case, and then plate code.

Step – 5: Now select the Dubai police logo; you may be a different option, like select the Cyclist or any other option. Click on it,

Step – 6: Now click on search, and you will see the below screen where your fine is displayed

How to pay traffic fines in UAE?

Photo: gulftoday
Photo: gulftoday

If you see that it is fine against your number plate, license number, etc., you can pay the fine by the same web portals or visit ATM. It can go to the Traffic Police Department but better you an online portal like

1. Ministry of Interior: You can go here Ministry of Interior has a centralized federal payment system that allows residents to check for fines issued in any emirate. Drivers need to provide either their license plate number or their driving license information. Payments can also be made through the Ministry of Interior’s mobile app through either Apple iTunes or.

2. RTA: Follow the steps and access the website RTA Fines

3. Dubai Police: Visit this site Dubai Police for Traffic Fines

4. Mobile Applications: There are also mobile applications for Android & iPhone users like Dubai Now & myPay.

Non-payable traffic fines in Dubai

There are a few violations that can result in non-payable fines or black points. This means that these fines can only be paid at the police station.

Dubai laws are quite strict when comes to traffic-related violations. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of all the laws and make sure there are no pending fines to get you in trouble.

Can I dispute traffic fines?

You would need to visit the nearest police or traffic department to dispute your traffic fines. For further assistance, you can also call 901.

That concludes this guide on ways to check traffic fines in Dubai. If you wish to buy a used car in Dubai, make sure all fines are cleared by the seller. We hope you found this article helpful.

List of websites to check and pay traffic fines in UAE

These official websites work hand in hand to ensure a safe and convenient transportation network across the UAE. While each emirate has its own website, the Ministry of Interior website allows you to pay fines received anywhere within the UAE. You can also use these websites for any other Dubai traffic fines enquiry you may have. A few other websites that allow you to pay your traffic fines online are mentioned below:

-The official Ministry of Interior website

-The official Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website

-The official Dubai Police Website

-The official Sharjah and Dubai Roads and Transport Authority Website

How to check your traffic fines through Dubai's Police website

Visit the Dubai Police website

Click the ‘Services’ tab, and select Traffic fine>Access Fine’

Enter the details regarding the fine using license number, plate details, traffic file number, and fine number

Once you have entered the details, you can use a credit or debit card for payment

Fine inquiry is free of cost

List of applications to pay and check traffic fines

Abu Dhabi Police app

Ministry of Interior app

Dubai police app

RTA Dubai app

Dubainow app

You can download these apps from Google Play and App Store. Once you have paid your traffic fines, you will receive a confirmation on the app, email, and phone number.

Payment machines/kiosks

Photo: redyref
Photo: redyref

There are also several payment machines across the UAE that enable users to pay for traffic fines. These could be from any of the following authorities:

Ministry of Interior

Traffic department

Police authority

Municipal authority

Over the years, services across the UAE have become increasingly automated and centralized, which enables users to access services like payment of fines from any of the authorities above.

Data centralization has enabled users to access services like payment of traffic fines through multiple platforms. You can find several kiosks located across the UAE. Mentioned below are the steps to check traffic fines through the self-service kiosk.

How to check traffic fines through Kiosks?

Visit the nearest kiosk station with your ID.

Click ‘E-service’ then ‘Fine Inquiry’

Enter your vehicle details such as license and fine number

Pay the fine

7 quick, easy ways to pay traffic fines in UAE

Following the news that Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) credit cardholders can pay their traffic fines in installments, here are seven other ways to pay your traffic fines.

1. Dubai Police website

Visit the Dubai Police website and click on "Traffic Services." Next click on "Fine Payment." Fill in your details and proceed.

2. Dubai Police app

The official Dubai Police app has two new modes viz. Drive Mode and Police Station Mode. The app is your window to Dubai Police's smart services.

3. Dubai Smart Government's mPay app

You will have to create a mPay account after downloading the app. Register by providing your personal and payment details.

4. The RTA website

Click on "Driver & Car Owner Services" and click on "Fines." You will have to provide the date of birth of the vehicle license holder. The traffic file number and a valid GCC debit/ credit number are necessary to complete the payment.

5. Call 901 toll-free

Call the Dubai Police Call Centre on 901, speak to an employee and then pay your fine using your credit card.

6. Apple Watch

You can find out about your traffic violations and pay the fines

for them using an app that has been developed by the Dubai Police Smart Services Department.

7. Emirates NBD

For fines of Dh500 or more, pay with your Emirates NBD credit card through the Dubai Police app and website. Choose the 0% online option for 3,6 or 12 months.

How to avoid traffic fines in UAE

While driving, it is the responsibility of Motorists to keep roads safe. That is where the traffic rules come into action. There are some major and minor violations. Everyone knows about most of the major violations, but I will discuss some underrated ones. Probably you don’t know any.

As per UAE law, a motorist with 24 black points will be banned for one year for driving.

Let’s review some of the violations that might be unknown to you;

Nose Picking

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