How The First Laptop Without Screen In The World Works?
How The First Laptop Without Screen In The World Works?

Laptops have a problem with their screens. There is only one, and it is too small, too distant, and too visible. Sightful believes it has solved this problem with the Spacetop, a laptop that removes the screen entirely and uses augmented reality to create a 100-inch virtual display hovering in front of your face.

How much is the laptop without the screen?

Spacetop, a laptop with a unique design that eliminates the need for a screen and displays content directly in front of the user's eyes, has been officially released on the market for $2,150 USD.

Today's laptops feature comparable designs, but with differing internal systems and screen sizes. For individuals who desire to possess a laptop with a special and "unique" look, startup Sightful (based in Tel Aviv, Israel) has produced such a device. Surname.

What are its standout features?

How The First Laptop Without Screen In The World Works?

Display screen is not included

The laptop is named Spacetop, and it has a distinctive design in that it does not have a display screen, simply a keyboard and a touchpad. To utilize this laptop, users must wear virtual reality glasses.

In terms of configuration, Spacetop is powered by a Snapdragon XR2 CPU chip created by Qualcomm for personal computers, which has 8 processing cores clocked at a maximum of 3.1GHz. Using Qualcomm chips, this laptop can connect to both WiFi and 5G networks, and it has a battery life of roughly 5 hours for common applications including office, video conferencing, livestreaming, and online gaming...

Spacetop boasts 8GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, and a 5-megapixel webcam. The product runs on a platform based on the open source code for Android that has been customized to match the product's unique UI.

Use VR glasses

As previously said, the unique feature of this laptop is that it does not have a screen and instead displays content through a virtual reality headset connected to the laptop, which the user wears over their eyes while using it. product.

Sightful spent the last three years developing the Spacetop laptop, which combines standard computer technology with virtual reality glasses. Spacetop can eliminate the typical laptop screen, leaving only the keyboard, motherboard, processor, storage hard drive, and a webcam mounted above the keyboard...

This architecture allows Spacetop to be substantially lower in size than standard laptops.

Spacetop requires users to wear virtual reality glasses that are connected to a laptop via a cable. Content will be shown right in front of the user's eyes, with a size similar to a 100-inch screen, allowing for more working area.

Spacetop's virtual reality glasses can show 1080p resolution in each eye. Depending on the purpose of use, users can increase the resolution to bring the screen closer to their eyes or zoom out to move it further away by pressing three fingers on the touchpad.

Spacetop has the advantage of being compact while still displaying enormous amounts of content. Furthermore, because the content is exclusively viewed through virtual reality glasses, the user's activities and viewing habits on this laptop will remain completely private.

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The laptop includes a sensor that monitors the user's head motions. Wherever the user turns his head, the screen content moves with him.

How To Use Spacetop functions similarly to any other laptop on the market; users will use the mouse to move the cursor and the keyboard to enter data. The only difference with Spacetop is that the content will be delivered through virtual reality glasses rather than on a screen.

Sightful stated that this device is especially useful when users are seated on a plane, traveling by rail, or car... even though the space in front is quite tiny, it is still possible to watch material on the screen comparable to 100 cm. -inch, which helps extend work or enjoyment space.

Users can push a button on the glasses to turn off the information displayed in front of them, at which time the virtual reality glasses transform into ordinary spectacles, allowing them to see their surroundings.

However, one disadvantage of the product is that customers must wear virtual reality glasses while using the laptop, which can make them appear different in public.

According to user reports, Spacetop is very easy to use, has a vast working space, and does not produce headaches or dizziness after prolonged use.

Where to Test the Spacetop: Mobile World Congress 2024

If you want to try out the Spacetop, please contact our experts: At the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world's largest and most important connectivity event. Deutsche Telekom will showcase its technologies for today and tomorrow at the Barcelona trade fair from February 26 to 29, including innovations for telecommunications networks and the Internet of Things, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and more. In short, enriching solutions for the daily lives of businesses and consumers, as well as the environment.

In the coming weeks, you will find increasingly detailed information in our special. Information on the Deutsche Telekom stage program will be accessible here shortly. Highlight on February 26 at 2 p.m.: The Telekom news conference with Claudia Nemat, Member of the Board of Management for Technology and Innovation - on site at booth 3M31 in hall 3 and live streamed at

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With Spacetop, the Israeli startup Sightful seeks to improve mobile ("knowledge") work efficiency and facilitate creative decision-making. Another notable characteristic is the increased level of privacy. Nobody except the user can see what is visible in the glasses. For example, sensitive company information. Because, as Sightful correctly states regarding the Spacetop, "If you don't have a screen, nobody can see it!"

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