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How many prisons are there in the United States?

The United States has the world's highest incarceration rate. This is despite the fact that the national incarceration rate has reached a 20-year low. The United States accounts for over 25% of the world's total jail population, with approximately 1.21 million convicts as of 2020, a 15% decline from 2019. Mass incarceration in the United States has caused a number of issues. Overcrowded jails, for example, increase health hazards and reduce psychological well-being.

Furthermore, the growing number of convicts places a significant burden on governmental finances. State prisons spend up to $69,355 per offender (the average cost of an inmate in New York). Prisons oversee and administrate all elements of inmates' lives, resulting in an extensive list of costly demands. Food, recreational activities, educational opportunities, proper security, power bills, infrastructure maintenance, and health care are all included in the price.

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How many inmates are there in Texas?

Texas has the largest prison population in the US, with 1535,906 convicts.

Texas has 432 inmates per 100,000 people, ranking among the top ten states with the highest number of prisoners per 100,000 population.

According to official records, the number of prisoners in Texas jails has increased in recent months after a large reduction during the coronavirus pandemic, and it is expected to cross the 130,000 mark soon. Read on to learn more about the number of convicts in Texas and a list of the state's largest prisons.

Texas has one of the most extensive jail systems in the United States. Texas' jail system is also one of the largest in the country, with an estimated daily population of over 78,000 people. Texas has over 100 county jails that are responsible for the pretrial custody of criminally charged individuals as well as the confinement of individuals serving misdemeanor sentences.

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How many federal prisons exist in Texas?

Texas has 18 standalone federal prisons and nine federal prison camps. The South Central Regional Office oversees each of Texas' federal prisons. In total, 14,678 convicts are confined in federal prisons in Texas.

Complete list of federal prisons in Texas

Texas Federal Prisons by Security Level

High-Security Federal Prisons in Texas

USP Beaumont (Beaumont, TX)

Medium-Security Federal Prisons in Texas

FCI Beaumont Medium (Beaumont, TX)

FCI Three Rivers (Three Rivers, TX)

Low-Security Federal Prisons in Texas

FCI Bastrop (Bastrop, TX)

FCI Beaumont Low (Beaumont, TX)

FCI Big Spring (Big Spring, TX)

FCI La Tuna (Anthony, TX)

FSL La Tuna (Anthony, TX)

FCI Seagoville (Seagoville, TX)

FCI Texarkana (Texarkana, TX)

Minimum-Security Federal Prisons in Texas

FCI Bastrop Camp (Bastrop, TX)

FCI Beaumont Camp (Beaumont, TX)

FCI Big Spring Camp (Big Spring, TX)

FPC Bryan (Bryan, TX)

FMC Carswell Camp (Fort Worth, TX)

FCI La Tuna Camp (Anthony, TX)

FCI Seagoville Camp (Seagoville, TX)

FCI Texarkana Camp (Texarkana, TX)

FCI Three Rivers Camp (Three Rivers, TX)

Administrative-Security Federal Prisons in Texas

FMC Carswell (Fort Worth, TX)

FMC Fort Worth (Fort Worth, TX)

FDC Houston (Houston, TX)

Private Federal Prisons in Texas

CI Big Spring (Flightline) (Big Spring, TX)

CI Giles W. Dalby (Post, TX)

CI Reeves 1 & 2 (Pecos, TX)

DC Reeves (Pecos, TX)

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What are the distinctions between jail and prison in Texas?

The length of time they are kept in jail or prison is a significant difference. Those in jail are usually detained for less than a year, whereas those in prison serve longer sentences, frequently several years or more. Many state jails are likewise unairconditioned, making it a potentially dangerous environment for inmates.

Another significant distinction between jails and prisons is the amount of security. Jails are often less secure than prisons, with less personnel and resources dedicated to preventing escape or violence. In contrast, prisons are extremely guarded buildings with numerous layers of security, such as perimeter fencing, armed guards, and surveillance cameras.

If you are sentenced to jail, you will remain in Harris County; but, if you are sentenced to prison, TDCJ has the authority to send you to any prison in the state.

The distinctions between jail and prison in Texas are substantial, influencing the kind of incarceration, duration of detention, and detention circumstances. Understanding these distinctions is critical for those facing criminal charges in Texas because it allows them to navigate the criminal justice system and make informed decisions about their situations.

What to know about Plea Negotiations in Texas

In Texas, plea bargaining is utilized to resolve criminal matters without a trial. The process entails negotiations between the prosecution and the defense in order to establish a mutually acceptable agreement on charges and sentences.

During plea discussions, the defendant may offer to plead guilty to a lower charge or lesser offense in exchange for a less sentence. In exchange for a guilty plea, the prosecution may agree to dismiss certain charges or propose a reduced sentence.

In Texas, the plea negotiation process normally begins when the defendant is charged with a felony and enters a not guilty plea. The defense and prosecution will then discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each side's case in order to achieve a mutually beneficial arrangement.

PLEA Negotiation Steps in Texas

In Texas, the process of plea negotiation usually includes the following steps:

Consultation with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your defense attorney discloses and reviews the state's evidence.

Discussions with the prosecution.

Evaluation of the plea offer


Acceptance or rejection of the plea deal

If a plea offer is accepted, it will be brought to the presiding judge, who will then determine whether to accept or reject it.

Prison Violence Facts In Texas

It's difficult to determine which prison is the most dangerous in Texas. However, it is true that violence is more common in maximum security jails. This could be due to the type of inmates imprisoned in the facility or the conditions under which they are kept. Celebrities, gang members, and sex offenders may be more vulnerable to violence since they are more likely to be targeted for retaliation or infamy.

Violence persists even when inmates are locked in cells for 23 hours a day and denied many privileges. Violent inmates in Texas jails may make effective weapons out of simple materials, and attacks can occur anywhere. Riots are one of the most dangerous kinds of jail violence, with some riots in Texas prisons lasting days and resulting in many deaths.

When someone is charged with a crime in Texas, they know they do not want to land up in a dangerous supermax institution. Hiring a defense attorney is the most effective technique for avoiding this scenario. A defense counsel may be able to get charges dropped or negotiate a sentence that shortens or eliminates time in jail.

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Top 4 most dangarous prisons in Texas

1. Ellis Unit

This horrific jail in Huntsville, Texas, originally housed Texas inmates on death row. However, after a prisoner murdered the warden and the prison farm manager in 1981 and attempted a mass escape, the death row was relocated.

2. The Polunsky Unit

It is a truly difficult prison, a supermax facility in Livingston. This prison has been classified as one of the worst in the country, and since its inception, it has only housed inmates who have been designated as disruptive and violent.

3. Reeves County Detention Complex

Located in Pecos, Texas, this facility gained a bad reputation after jail officials were accused of enabling horrible conditions. Although this institution is intended to detain solely nonviolent illegal aliens, issues occurred when a guy suffering from seizures was denied proper medical care. The guy eventually died inside the prison, sparking a violent riot.

4. Huntsville Unit

This legendary prison, which has been operational since the 1840s, formerly housed Wild West outlaws and Native American warrior inmates. Although the Texas men's death row is currently housed at the Polunsky unit, executions still take place at the Huntsville Unit. In a single 40-year period in the early twentieth century, nearly 300 convicts were executed on the Huntsville electric chair, known as "Old Sparky."

Top 6 Texas prisons with the most violent criminals

1. Huntsville Unit – Huntsville, Texas

The "Walls Unit" is the state's oldest prison, having opened in 1849. Although it is no longer in service, the Huntsville unit once housed the Texas electric chair known as "Ol' Sparky". This chair executed more than 300 inmates. While executions continue to take place here, men's death row is located at the Polunsky Unit. Did you know that Dog The Bounty Hunter served an 18-month sentence for murder in this prison?

2. United States Penitentiary in Beaumont, Texas

This is a high-security prison with two documented inmate murders, one fatal brawl, and numerous violent events. Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a prominent inmate here, fired at least 8 rounds at the White House in 2011 in an effort to assassinate President Barack Obama, whom he claimed to be the antichrist.

3. Reeves County Detention Complex in Pecos, Texas

This facility is unique since it is a privately operated immigrant detention camp. It was built in 1986 to alleviate congestion in federal prison facilities and county jails. Medical conditions were extremely poor, owing primarily to the administration's actions. It is suspected that two violent riots broke out in 2008 and again in 2009. It is regarded as one of the worst prisons in the United States because to the large proportion of inmates in long-term isolation.

4. Ellis One Unit - Huntsville, Texas

This prison was originally used for men's death row and housed several wicked men. There were too many death row convicts to mention. This prison now accommodates approximately 2000 inmates. Because there are no air conditioning units, temperatures can easily exceed 90 degrees. Johnny Frank Garrett was executed here in 1992.

5. Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas

This is a rough facility. It has been ranked as one of the most dangerous jails in the country, with a history of extreme violence. This is a death penalty unit with exclusively solitary cells, where offenders spend 22 hours every day. It is classified as a "supermax" institution, with the strictest security measures in place. Inmates must wear white jumpsuits with "DR" printed on the back.

6. John Montford Unit in Lubbock, Texas

This unit is a psychiatric facility for males who require both mental health and medical therapy. Currently, the main unit can accommodate around 550 people. The most well-known inmate here is Amarillo native Charles Albright, better known as the Eyeball Killer. In 1991, he was found guilty of murdering one lady and accused of killing two more. He died at the age of 87.


Texas has the highest number of convicts in the United States. In addition, it houses many of the country's most hazardous jails.

Texas has one of the most extensive jail systems in the United States. Texas' jail system is also one of the largest in the country, with an estimated daily population of over 78,000 people.

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