How Many Prisons/Prisoners Are There In Florida? What Are The Most Dangerous Prisons?
How Many Prisons/Prisoners Are There In Florida? What Are The Most Dangerous Prisons?T
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How many prisons exist in Florida?

There are 230 facilities in Florida. Florida has 87 jails, while the FDC operates 143 correctional facilities. The latter consists of 50 correctional institutes, 33 work camps, and three reentry centers. Other types of facilities include work-release centers, private facilities, annexes, work-release centers, road jails, and forestry camps. The FDC is Florida's biggest state agency. It is also the third largest state prison system in the US, with an estimated yearly budget of $2.7 billion.

The state-run prisons, a network of 50 correctional institutions strictly overseen by the FDC, are central to the system. The agency carefully monitors a wide range of detainees, from low-risk to high-risk criminals, within their gates.

Private prisons, which are run for profit, play an important role alongside state-run institutions. The FDC collaborates with seven private prison firms to administer justice in Florida. This collaboration alters the disciplinary landscape.

The Florida jail system is distinguished by thirty-three work camps strategically located throughout the state. These low-security jails house inmates who work on public projects like road construction and forestry. This serves not just as a kind of rehabilitation, but also demonstrates the system's commitment to inmate output.

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How many prisoners are there in Florida?

The United States has one of the world's highest imprisonment rates, with roughly 2 million people behind bars and over 5 million under the supervision of the criminal justice system. Black people are disproportionately jailed and placed under state surveillance. Black men are six times more likely to be incarcerated than white men, and Latino men are nearly three times as likely to be incarcerated than white men. One out of every seven persons in prison is serving a life sentence.

Since 1970, Florida's incarceration rate has more than tripled. Florida's prison population began to fall slightly in 2010, but it still has one of the highest imprisonment rates in the United States.

In 2020, around 330,000 persons were under correctional supervision in Florida. According to the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC), there were 81,000 inmates in prison, 65,000 in jail, 4,300 on parole, and 180,000 on probation. Notably, the majority of people under Florida correctional supervision are not incarcerated.

According to 2020 data, around 15,000 people are serving time in Florida for murder or manslaughter, little under 12,000 for sexual offenses, 10,000 for drug offenses, and fewer than 5,000 for weapons charges.

How expensive is incarceration cost in Florida?

Prisons and jails in Florida are increasingly shifting the burden of incarceration to people behind bars and their families, concealing the full economic consequences of mass incarceration.

Jails in Florida charge up to $5.10 for a 15-minute phone call, resulting in profits for businesses, whereas prisons charge $2.03 for a 15-minute call.

Florida halted its $5 medical copays in prisons at the start of the pandemic; it should eradicate them entirely.

To send money to an incarcerated loved one, Florida jails charge families up to a 25% fee.

There is a paucity of crucial information about Florida's policies regarding services for the poorest inmates.

Prisoners in Florida can earn as little as 20¢ per hour for their work.

Florida costs up to 39¢ for e-messages to or from prison, significantly higher than the national average.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Prisons in Florida

Without a question, no one enjoys going to the hospital because it requires one to be ill. Most medical problems are the result of their carelessness. At the same time, no one wants to be a prison visitor, and his negligence makes him a jail inmate. On the other side, many of Florida's jails have been labeled as "worst prisons." So we decided to educate you about Florida's ten worst jails. Not only will we inform you about strange jails, but also about many other topics.

1. Suwannee Correctional Institution

It is a jail that, despite its debut in 2009, is considered a relatively new facility. There are better places to be. Although the prison can hold more than 1,500 offenders, it has more incidences involving the use of force per 100 inmates than any other jail in the state of Florida.

This is because the prisoner gangs have made it extremely difficult for the police to restore order. The FBI has been invited in to help the authorities battle some of the issues they are presently confronting.

2. Charlotte Correctional Institution.

Charlotte Correctional Institution, located in the state's southern part, is one of the state's worst prisons. Established in 1989, the facility has a maximum capacity of 1,291 offenders separated into six security levels.

The regular occurrence of unexplainable inmate deaths keeps Charlotte Correctional on our list. A 2016 study on the death of Matthew Walker at the hands of guards earned the writer a Pulitzer Prize and brought the jail to the forefront of the headlines. Six more strange deaths at the Charlotte Correctional Institution were being investigated in 2015. Today, the facility is still in the news, most recently for a brutal beating of an inmate caught on camera.

3. Walton Correctional Institution

The prison, located in DeFuniak Springs, Walton County, Florida, opened in 1990 and has a capacity of 1201. Prisoners have been violently beaten by guards and then denied access to medical assistance.

While authorities have fired numerous guards for using excessive force, it appears that this is insufficient, and reports of guards abusing their authority are commonplace. Furthermore, the living conditions in prison have been found to be unpleasant and unsanitary.

4. Lowell Prison

Lowell Prison has a reputation as a brutal female prison in Florida, and it is one of the worst around. It is violent and unsafe, unlike the typical female prison. It established in 1956 in Marion County, Central Florida, and has a capacity of over 3,000 convicts.

Lowell Prison is riddled with controversy about violence, drug use, and guards employing excessive force. It is regrettable that there have been multiple reports of sexual abuse against detainees.

5. Santa Rosa Correctional Institution

The Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, with a capacity of 1,614 inmates, is likewise among Florida's worst prisons. Gang violence in prison has gotten worse over time, and violent correctional personnel aren't helping to put it out. There are also frequent murders in jails between different ethnic groups.

Officers and gang members are constantly fighting within the facility. Regardless of the reason, Santa Rosa Correctional Institution is not on anyone's list of places to serve time, and with good reason.

6. Dade Correctional Institution

Dade Correctional Institution is another horrible prison in Florida for a variety of reasons. The prison, which opened in 1996 and is located barely 40 miles south of central Miami, has since been synonymous with controversy. Prison battles, gang violence, guards employing excessive force on convicts, poor medical facilities, and other difficulties have arisen.

Dade Correctional Institution will undoubtedly remain one of the worst prisons in the state unless serious action is taken as soon as possible. Just a few months ago, some guards in the facility were charged with sneaking contraband inside and employing excessive force on inmates, resulting in one death.

7. Desoto Annex

The men's prison in DeSoto County, Florida, opened in 1996. It houses inmates with mixed security levels. While the prison has delivered on its promises, it still has some issues, ranking among Florida's worst.

The jail has been reported to be overcrowded, with detainees housed in cells with multiple other inmates, limiting their access to facilities, and guards accused of employing excessive force, which they think is the only way to restore law and order.

8. Columbia Correctional Institution

Columbia Correctional Institution is another notoriously unpleasant jail in Florida. It opened in 1992 and is located just outside Lake City in northern Florida. While it was designed to be sturdy and contain over 1,427 convicts, there have been complaints about inadequate facilities. Inmates at the facility have been discussing issues with cleanliness and maintenance, among other hygiene concerns.

There have been incidents where prisoners have been killed by others in prison, mainly as a result of drug overdoses (smuggled in) or gang fighting.

9. Union Correctional Institution

Union Correctional Institution was founded in 1913 and was previously known as Florida State Prison. It is well-known for being a dreadful prison, ranking among the worst in the state of Florida. It was revealed that the facility even has its own "prison farm," where convicts are required to work while getting compensated. Nonetheless, there have been reports that guards used excessive force on convicts in order to complete their duties.

Although officials are taking note of these issues, it is concerning that things have yet to improve, as past inmates who have been through the Union Correctional Institution continue to speak out about how guards mistreat convicts and how the jail is overcrowded. It was also stated that the guards are racist and appear to dislike Black African Americans.

10. Martin Correctional Institution

Nobody would have imagined the circumstances at the Martin Correctional Institution if it hadn't been for a covert footage uploaded to the internet in 2019 and discovered by an inmate.

After seeing the video, internet users ranked the correctional facility "one of the worst prisons in Florida". This video propelled this prison to the nomination. The film exposes some of the most despicable situations that anyone could ever wish to witness. The video showed terrible acts of violence, as well as drug use, overdoses, and inadequate medical care for individuals in need.

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Best Prisons in Florida

Some of Florida's more sympathetic and rehabilitative jails are:

Century Correctional Institution

It is a medium-security jail known for its innovative programs and rehabilitation focus. The jail offers a variety of educational and vocational programs, as well as substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling. Century Correctional Institution also lays a strong emphasis on restorative justice, allowing prisoners to participate in programs that help them repair the harm they have done to their victims and communities.

Hardee Correctional Institution

Hardee Correctional Institution, located in Bowling Green, Florida, is a medium-security prison known for its humanitarian and rehabilitative approaches. Convicts have access to a wide range of educational and vocational programs, as well as comprehensive substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling. This facility places a strong emphasis on inmate reintegration, offering a variety of programs to help people develop the skills and mindset necessary for a successful life outside of prison.


Florida ranks sixth in prison admission rates, with 795 per 100,000 people imprisoned. Unlike several other states, Florida has one of the worst prison records. This is due to widespread and ongoing issues such as corruption, violence, underpaid and understaffed guards, and terrible living circumstances, all of which contribute to an increase in rates of violence within Florida prisons.

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