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Stolen Items Across the U.S

In their most recent crime report, the FBI stated that there were robberies every two minutes, burglaries every 28.3 seconds, and larceny-theft (which includes pickpocketing and purse snatching) every 6.2 seconds.

This suggests that there are 3,053 burglaries every day, more than 127 burglaries in an hour, and more than two burglaries per minute. The reports were gathered in the same year that property crime victims suffered a $15.8 billion total loss.

There were roughly three residential robberies for every 100,000 people in the nation each month, with stolen goods valued at over $4,000. Regardless of category, there were more than 16 robberies per 100,000 people each month, resulting in losses of more than $19,000 on average. Usually, a robbery brought in almost $1,200.

In Hawaii, there were over 11,000 burglaries for every 100,000 residents. In Nevada and Alaska, there were over 1,000 burglaries, while in New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming, there were 384 to 574 burglaries per 100,000 residents.

Homes were the main target of these crimes, but there were more than 78 burglaries per 100,000 residents each month, with over $180,000 worth of valuables taken on average.

FBI data indicates that miscellaneous was the category under which most stolen goods were classified. For instance, a loss prevention report states that pregnancy tests are among the most commonly stolen items from Walmart stores.

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
The Most Stolen Items in the US

Other than different valuables, the most often taken items across 26 states were jewelry and precious metals. In states like Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and Colorado, jewelry, including gold, silver, and diamond pieces, is frequently the target of thieves.

Among the seven states where clothing was the most commonly stolen item were Tennessee and California. In fact, comedian and actor Kevin Hart's California home was broken into in 2016 when thieves took clothing and other personal items.

Other commonly taken items in the US included office supplies, electronics, and cash, the latter of which was most common in 11 states. Even though thieves and robbers occasionally target pets, livestock was the least common category of stolen items, according to the UCR data.

Firearms were relatively low on the UCR data, but Hawaii had more firearm thefts than any other state in the union.In Alaska and Nevada, there were also more documented instances of stolen firearms.

Colorado and Montana also had notable rates of livestock theft, but Hawaii was the state with the highest frequency of livestock thefts. Delaware, Hawaii, and Alaska were the states with the highest rates of office equipment theft when taking into account the quantity of stolen goods per inhabitant in each state. Computers and other electronics are included in this.

Thefts involving the taking of items from people's cars were the most lucrative. With an average value of over $54,000 per year, handguns and smartphones were among the most commonly stolen items from cars and vehicles. You will need to account for your deductible if your coverage includes coverage for break-ins and subsequent damage. Even with auto insurance, replacement of the full cost of these items isn't guaranteed.

Each month, burglaries that occur in buildings—such as homes and offices—account for approximately $46,000 worth of stolen goods. It has also happened to target politicians in professional settings.

In comparison, auto accessories (above $11,000) and shoplifting (nearly $16,000) ranked highly for the average monthly cost of damages. Bicycles accounted for over $4,500 in stolen property each month.

Larceny-theft differs from traditional theft in that it is defined by the FBI as "the unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or riding away of property from the possession or constructive possession of another." This can apply to automobiles, bicycles, shoplifting, pickpocketing, and car accessories.

In the country, car accessory theft was far more common than pickpocketing and purse snatching combined, with nearly 20 incidents per month per 100,000 residents. Because electrical devices are often the most frequently stolen items from cars, experts advise making sure that when you leave your car unattended, items like navigation systems are out of sight.

By using force, threat of force, or violence, and/or inciting fear in the victim, someone tries to take something valuable from someone else's care, custody, or control. This is known as robbery, according to FBI definitions.

In Nevada alone, there were 347 robberies for every 100,000 residents. Four men were arrested in connection with sixteen armed robberies that happened in Las Vegas and Henderson over the course of two weeks.

Even though the majority of states had less than one bank robbery per 100,000 residents, or slightly more than $1,000 each month, the average bank robbery was valued at more than $3,900.

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Top 25 Things Are Magnets for Thieves in the US

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
The Most Stolem Items in America Today

1. Smartphones and Electronics

Due to their high cost and high street value, modern smartphones are especially appealing to identity thieves because of the abundance of private data they store.

The high cost and demand for electronics have made them a popular target for American thieves. Gadgets such as iPads, headphones, laptops, cell phones, charging cables, and other devices are always at risk of theft.

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
A smartphone is stolen

The chance to resell these widely used electronics on the market is the main driver behind this illegal strategy. Furthermore, it is more challenging to apprehend the thieves due to the flexible and instantaneous selling.

2. Clothing and Accessories

Expensive and branded clothing is more vulnerable to theft by robbers. Theftsters frequently target seasonal or current items to increase their resale value, and high-end brands are always in demand, making stolen goods easy to sell. Brand logos and emblems, which are frequently highly visible on the wearer, are a prime target for thieves.

Fashion items such as coats, dresses, and designer costumes are among the most sought-after items to pilfer in the United States. While some shoplifters keep the clothes for themselves, others sell them at thrift stores.

3. Jewelry

Because gold and diamond jewelry are so costly, there is always a chance that thieves will steal them. Criminals have their eyes set on certain designs that add value to jewelry because they are uncommon. In addition to pricey jewelry, low-cost accessory items like plastic necklaces, bangles, and earrings are also intended for individual use.

Precious metals and stones are easy to hide and have a timeless appeal, which makes them a lucrative target for thieves. "Every year, jewelry worth over $100 million is stolen, and jewelry thieves frequently use weapons in their crimes," the FBI reports.

4. Laptops and Tablets

Because laptops are so valuable and portable, thefts of them happen frequently in the United States. "One in ten victims of laptop theft also experience identity theft," claims Gitnux. "Over 97% of stolen laptops are never recovered," in addition.

5. Bicycles

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
Stolen Bike

Bikes are easy pickings for sly thieves because they are frequently left unattended and are in high demand, which makes them simple to sell. When leaving your bike, make sure to lock it safely and, if at all possible, keep it hidden.

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6. Fashion Accessories

The public's desire for tiny fashion accessories has increased as a result of developments in the fashion industry. This has given criminals the notion to launch their own companies by offering to sell stolen goods for a low price. Branded handbags, jewelry, and watches are frequently pilfered accessories that are then readily sold on the black market.

7. Razors

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
Thieves love to steal razors

To keep shoplifters away, supermarkets prefer to keep their razors behind glass protectors. People can easily hide the razors because of their small size. Razors are also less likely to be stolen because they are typically inexpensive. After that, by simply altering the packaging, the stolen stocks can be readily sold to the general public for a lower price.

8. Power Tools

Second-hand tools are in constant demand from do-it-yourselfers and construction workers, which makes them easy to sell. They are frequently stolen from unguarded construction sites or automobiles. Tools from high-end brands, like DeWalt and Makita, are especially vulnerable, so store them safely when not in use.

9. Batteries

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
Stolen Batteries

Every new device requires a battery to be recharged. To meet the needs of the general public, a lot of batteries are needed. Furthermore, the majority of people cannot afford certain batteries due to their high cost. The public prefers to purchase these batteries on the black market because it can do so at a lower cost. The theft of batteries for resale is encouraged by this trend.

10. Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug demand has increased due to the American opioid epidemic and the high cost of some medications on the black market. Healthcare fraud can also be perpetrated through the use of stolen prescriptions. Make sure to keep your prescriptions and medications out of sight and safely stored away to prevent this.

Personal Identification and Financial Information

Credit card and bank information can be used to make unauthorized payments and withdrawals, and stolen forms of identification are used for various identity theft schemes.

To burglars, your personal information is more than just a string of characters and numbers. Your information can be used by an identity thief to make false credit applications, tax returns, or medical service requests.

Your wallet, purse, mailbox, and dumpster are typically the first places burglars look for personal information like your name, date of birth, social security number, etc.

Thus, before discarding the paper containing these private details, shred it, and store the crucial files in a hidden location. Make sure you safeguard your financial and personal information at all times, and get in touch with your bank as soon as a card or statement disappears.

11. Liquor

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
Liquor Theft

The theft of alcohol can be attributed to two factors. Two things: first, there are laws that restrict alcohol consumption; second, certain types of alcohol are pricey. After the heist, people attempt to stockpile the pricey alcohol and then resell it for less money. In addition to reselling, some individuals attempt to pilfer alcoholic beverages for their own use.

12. Tobacco Products

Because tobacco products are now more expensive due to high state taxes, there is a greater demand for them on the black market, particularly among minors. Because they are simple to sell, which attracts thieves, store your goods securely out of sight to keep yourself safe.

13. Meat

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
Stolen Meat

It might surprise you to learn that thieves target specific types of meat, such as expensive cuts. Some of the most frequently stolen meats are lobster, shrink, and some types of steak. The meat is used by the thieves for their own consumption or to resell it for less money.

14. Car Parts

Tires and rims for particular brands and models are among the high-demand auto parts on the secondary market. Because catalytic converters contain valuable precious metals like platinum and palladium, thieves also want to get their hands on them.

15. Detergents

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
Stolen Detergents

Criminals have the ability to steal detergents of any kind, including laundry detergent. In the market, popular and branded detergents are specifically targeted and resold. The general public prefers to purchase high-quality goods at discounted costs without being aware of the products' origins. The thieves are being encouraged to steal and resell the detergents by this strategy.

16. Firearms

According to a Statista report, more than any other type of firearm, 7,916 pistols were reported stolen or lost in the US in 2022. The next four most common stolen or lost firearms in the US were revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and receivers/frames. These are valuable and difficult to find items.

17. Baby Formula

Baby formula is a staple in American households and is in constant demand. Because baby formula is so popular, it is often stolen.

Sadly, a lot of people cannot afford to purchase these formulas for their infants. Thus, they would rather pilfer them from the stores.

In addition, some steal them in order to resell them illegally and profit from it. Shopkeepers like to conceal baby formulas behind glass protectors for these reasons.

Shoplifters frequently target these products because they are relatively easy to conceal, and because of their high value, they are also profitable to steal and resell.

18. Cosmetics and Beauty Products

High-end beauty products are especially targeted because of their value and demand; they are small and simple to steal. In addition, thieves discover that they can resell through unofficial channels like social media and to authorized retailers.

19. Electronics Accessories

These little, expensive things are easy to sell in person or online, making them attractive targets for thieves. Because of their high value and degree of wear and tear, accessories like headphones are highly sought after, so when traveling, make sure to keep them safely stored.

20. Sporting Goods

Because expensive items like fishing gear and golf clubs are in high demand, it is simpler to sell stolen goods in the robust secondary market. When your sports equipment is not in use, make sure to store it safely because there is often an increase in these crimes during certain sports seasons.

21. Video Games and Consoles

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
Stolen Video Games and Consoles

Video games and some computer games are frequently pilfered with the intention of selling them again. Most parents find it difficult to afford these games because they are typically quite costly. Shoplifters attempt to steal these video games and resell them to parents or to the kids directly for less money.

Popular consoles and new releases are in high demand and have a robust secondary market, which helps them hold their value and makes them easy pickings for thieves. In addition to the tangible item, these devices' associated digital profiles can frequently be exploited to breach other accounts and deceive the target.

22. Grocery

Everyone needs groceries because they are necessary items. Many people steal groceries because they are having financial difficulties and are unable to purchase food. Some people pilfer groceries to sell them illegally. Cheese, seafood, and specific beverages are among the grocery items that are frequently targeted.

23. Pets & Pet Supplies

Thieves frequently target rare and expensive pet breeds because of their high resale value. In order to extract a ransom, thieves frequently take advantage of the victim's emotional attachment to their pet. Thieves who can easily resell their finds even target expensive pet accessories.

24. Toilet Paper

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
Stolen Tolet Paper

The realization that people will not hesitate to steal items like toilet paper will be startling and rather strange. Toilet paper can't really help shoplifters, but since it's so easy to steal and hide, people don't mind if they do the same. The toilet paper thieves get out of the supermarkets with ease, concealing it in their clothing or luggage.

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25. Cash

The most desirable item for burglars is always cash. Cash can be used immediately and discreetly, unlike other frequently stolen items that must be resold on the black market or in pawn shops. Even taking out cash from an ATM is not necessary.

Do you often hide money in secret spots or leave extra cash in plain sight in places like the drawer? It will never be a hassle for burglars to get the money for you!

Most Stolen Items from Retail Store/Walmart

Top 25 Items That Americans Steal Most Today
Most Stolen Items from Retail Store/Walmart

The entire U.S. retail economy has already lost $45.2 billion in 2015 due to merchandise theft. It's imperative that store owners pay close attention to the following most frequently stolen goods.



Baby formula




OTC medications



Tips to Keep the Most Stolen Items Safe

How can one effectively deter theft of these highly vulnerable goods? You can place them on the shelves in a location easily seen by employees, store the laptops and smartphones in secure cabinets, and position the displays at a lower height to improve visibility.

It is a reality that it is not possible to secure every valuable item, and it is not advisable to turn your home into a massive safe for all your belongings.

Presenting a simple and practical solution to safeguard the most frequently stolen items in your home, retail shop, drugstore, or hotel: Establish a surveillance camera network.

The security camera system enables vigilant monitoring of your belongings, offering real-time situational awareness, timely alerts in case of potential threats, and invaluable evidence in the unfortunate event of theft.

It is as if you have stored all your valuable items in a pocket, allowing you to monitor them from any location and at any time. No one could surreptitiously take them from you without detection.

It is worth noting that the mere presence of a security camera system can deter certain burglars. Burglars are unlikely to target your home again if they discover the presence of a security system.

In Conclusion

It is disheartening that an increasing number of individuals view theft as their means of survival and the most expedient route to financial gain. KnowInsiders has recently compiled a list of popular items that have been stolen in the US.

Increasing your knowledge about burglary will enhance your ability to safeguard your assets. Thieves are always interested in high-value assets that can be easily stolen. Always supervise them and assess your capacity to resist the allure of criminals!

Based on FBI Uniform Crime Reporting data, certain states like Nevada, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Delaware exhibit elevated rates of reported theft incidents.

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