Top 20 Most Famous Electric Bike Brands In The US
Top 20 Most Famous Electric Bike Brands In The US
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The e-bike market in the United States is flooded with possibilities, making it critical to focus the search to the most notable electric bikes and domestic manufacturers. While several well-known American brands exist, the availability of e-bikes designed and manufactured in the United States is fairly limited.

Fortunately, this site comes to the rescue by presenting a carefully curated list of remarkable and premium products, providing discerning consumers with a unique and high-quality choices.

For those looking for an unparalleled e-bike experience while still supporting local craftsmen, this carefully curated collection is an invaluable resource for finding their ideal ride.

Top 20 Most Famous Electric Bike Brands In The US

1. Lectric Electric Bikes

Despite having only a few models available, Lectric is one of the fastest-growing electric bicycle brands in the United States. They specialize on affordable folding electric bicycles for commuting and leisure riding.

Despite their basic appearance, electric bikes ensure quality in all areas that matter. The company offers outstanding value for money, with free shipping, a respectable guarantee, and a devoted customer support service.

Lectric is gradually becoming one of the greatest electric bike brands in its sector, thanks to affordable prices, high quality, and frequent lineup upgrades.

2. Charge electric bikes

Since 2004, Charge Bikes has been making dependable and effective bicycles. Nick Larsen, the company's founder, was driven by the desire to make riding more accessible and easy.

Charge returned to the United States in 2020 and rebranded as an electric-only bicycle firm. Charge, being part of a bigger cycling company that includes Cannondale, Schwinn, and GT, may use the group's large-scale production and expertise by combining resources and personnel.

With two years of operation, Charge is expanding its client base across the United States by selling four high-quality and inexpensive urban e-bikes. Their bicycles address issues like storage, tire pressure monitoring, and assembling.

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3. Rambo

Rambo Bikes is a high-quality brand that sells a variety of electric bicycles, including cargo bikes, road bikes, and fat tire bikes. Their bikes are equipped with powerful motors and long-lasting batteries, offering a smooth ride and peak performance. Rambo motorcycles is dedicated to creating long-lasting and dependable electric motorcycles by focusing on high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

One popular model is "The Pursuit," which has garnered an amazing 4.85 out of 5 rating. Priced at $2,299.99, this bike provides a thrilling riding experience. Another notable alternative is "The Rebel," which has a rating of 4.86 out of 5 and costs between $5,299.99 and $5,499.99.

E-bikes have been around for more than 120 years!

The first patent for a battery-driven bicycle was filed in 1895, and various variations on electrically propelled two-wheeled transportation were developed in the years since. Some of the concepts, such as motors mounted in the crankset axle hub, are still relevant today!

4. Vintage Electric Bicycle

Vintage Electric Bikes provides a distinct blend of elegance, performance, and innovation. With their vintage-inspired looks and strong electric motors, these bikes offer an unparalleled riding experience. Vintage Electric Bikes embraces the ageless attraction of race cars and motorbikes, infusing its models with a nostalgic feel. The sleek chassis and attention to detail ooze elegance and class, drawing attention wherever you go.

When it comes to performance, Vintage Electric Bikes stands out among the pack. With their powerful electric motors, these motorcycles provide exciting speed and acceleration. Whether you're riding the streets or tackling difficult terrain, the powerful performance of these bikes will leave you wanting more.

5. Priority Electric Bikes

Priority Bicycles is a New York City-based electric bike manufacturer that creates one-of-a-kind bicycles, including a few electric models, with a focus on minimum maintenance, good appearance, great comfort, and a low price.

Its tale began in 2012, when the company's creator, Dave Weiner, decided to adopt a new approach to bicycle production.

He then resolved to build his own bicycle that would fit his friends' requirements: a bike that looks beautiful, is not very technical, is comfortable, lightweight, easy to maintain and ride, and is not prohibitively expensive.

E-bikes are leaving electric vehicles in the dust.

In several nations throughout the world, e-bike sales have surpassed those of electric vehicles in recent years. The word has spread about this fantastically simple and convenient method to go around town, with zero exhaust emissions, no traffic, and super-easy parking.

6. Super 73 Electric Bikes

Super73 is a California-based startup that has transformed the electric bike industry with its distinct blend of retro aesthetics and modern technology.

Their electric bikes are known for their unusual, vintage-inspired appearance, making them stand out in a fast developing sector.

The business offers a wide range of models tailored to diverse riding types, from urban commuting to off-road adventure.

Super73 is committed to provide a fun, environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional transportation.

7. Aventon

Aventon has firmly established itself as a brand known for transforming the market, continually extending its e-bike assortment to meet the demands of its ever-growing base of enthusiastic clients. Their e-bikes, which are known for their lightweight design and remarkable performance for a variety of applications, have greatly contributed to their popularity. Aventon's e-bikes are priced around $1600 on average, striking an ideal balance of affordability and high quality, making them appealing to a wide spectrum of users.

8. Raleigh

This trailblazing vintage brand is embracing the electric bike market, offering a broad choice of e-bikes to suit every cyclist's interests. Raleigh e-bikes convey a sense of status and prestige, thanks to their bold and eye-catching designs, all without costing an arm and a leg. Raleigh's e-bikes, which draw on their experience making Tour-worthy cycles, are ideal for both daily commuters and adventure seekers, thanks to their adaptable hybrid models. For those looking for a touch of elegance and glamour, Raleigh e-bikes are a wonderful and elegant option.

9. Trek

Trek, a well-known global brand, distinguishes itself with an excellent assortment of urban-friendly models, positioning it as a market leader in commuting bikes and a highly sought-after utility bike. Trek e-bikes are equipped with sturdy Bosch components that provide great speed, as well as a clever design that stresses comfort for urban riding. Trek Bicycles' electric choices, which range in price from $4600 to $12000, demonstrate the company's commitment to producing high-quality goods for discerning riders who prioritize top-notch performance and craftsmanship.

10. Brompton

Among the pricey brands included here, Brompton has built its reputation mostly on their outstanding folding e-bikes, a tradition that spans over five decades. These folding bikes, designed for city travel, provide a simple commuting alternative by allowing riders to easily store them on trains, trams, taxis, or any other busy method of transportation. Brompton allows you to commute in style and comfort, ensuring a smooth ride through congested urban areas.

11. Volt

Volt, a company dedicated to promoting active transportation, provides the ideal e-bike solution for people looking to improve their fitness and live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. Volt offers a wide selection of models, including folding, hybrid, commuting, and mountain bikes, to meet a variety of preferences and purposes. What distinguishes Volt is its dedication to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by the two-year guarantee included with each purchase, making it a low-risk, high-reward investment for anyone looking for a dependable and fun e-bike experience.

E-bikes can help you get even fitter.

"You can still push as hard as you like on an e-bike, you just have added assistance." These are the words of an elite rider, Tom Bell, and while he was primarily referring to eMTB, the statement still holds true for other bike categories, with researches discovering that e-bikes deliver many of the cardiovascular health benefits that traditional bikes do!

12. GoCycle

Designed by former McLaren engineer Richard Thorpe, the GoCycle is the perfect folding e-bike for city travel. Its distinctive racing shape and cable-free construction make it one of the most identifiable bikes on the market. The GoCycle is designed with mobility in mind, simply folding up to conceal any oily parts for a mess-free daily commute. This smart design makes it an attractive and practical option for urban adventurers looking for a smooth and quick form of transportation.

13. Juiced Electric Bikes

Juiced Bikes is a California-based e-bike manufacturer that produces moped-style, commuter, and fat-tire electric bicycles with strong electronics at affordable costs.

Their bikes are remarkable in that some of them have 1000W motors and 52V 19.2Ah batteries, making them one of the most powerful electric configurations available today.

Juiced Bikes now provides e-bikes in four categories: moped-style, adventure, commuter, and fat tire, with over a dozen models available in total.

14. Keego Mobility

E-mobility has expanded beyond personal use as businesses embrace the idea, making micro-mobility an essential component of urban living. Keego Mobility, established in Taipei, designs bikes specifically for the delivery industry, providing low-carbon solutions for last-mile logistics. By leveraging IoT capabilities, these bikes keep delivery drivers connected and on time, offering a much-needed innovation boost to global decarbonization efforts.

15. Ancheer Electric Bikes

Ancheer is well-known for its diverse assortment of high-quality but reasonably priced e-bikes and e-scooters.

In 2015, Ancheer launched their first warehouse in Los Angeles, California. American riders were quick to embrace their e-bikes' low-cost, high-spec design.

If you're looking for a reliable e-bike in today's market, Ancheer is one of the top electric bike manufacturers available on Amazon.

16. Rad Powerbikes

Rad Power Bikes, North America's largest e-bike brand, holds a commanding position in the industry. By selling directly to customers, they keep their great e-bikes affordable, making the transition to e-biking easier for the typical consumer. Rad Power Bikes offers a range of affordable alternatives, with the Metro e-bike starting at $1099 and the Rad Wagon Cargo cycle priced approximately $2000. This wide range of prices enables a diverse audience to gain access to high-quality e-bikes that meet a variety of demands and tastes.

17. Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego Electric Bikes is a prominent brand that offers an impressive lineup of high-quality electric bikes for riders of all preferences and lifestyles. With over 200 locally-owned stores, Pedego is dedicated to providing a personalized and exceptional experience to every customer.

Pedego's commitment to premium quality is evident in their 5-year parts and battery warranty, anti-theft protection, and lifetime frame warranty, surpassing the industry standard of a mere 1-year warranty. This guarantee reflects their confidence in the performance and durability of their electric bikes.

18. E-JOE Bikes

e-JOE Bike, an innovative American brand situated in San Diego, California, has earned a name for itself in the e-bike business over the past decade. Their unwavering commitment to producing high-quality, yet inexpensive e-bikes distinguishes them, and they take satisfaction in delivering a varied choice of models that cater to various functionalities. The e-JOE portfolio has a beginning price range of $1200 to $1800, making their e-bikes accessible to a diverse variety of riders that respect quality and cost. This dedication to supplying high-quality products at cheap pricing makes e-JOE Bike an appealing choice for everyone looking for an exceptional e-bike experience.

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19. Cannondale

Cannondale is well-known for its high-quality bicycles, and its electric bikes provide the same level of performance, versatility, and sustainability. Cannondale's electric bike collection, designed with quality and innovation in mind, provides an exciting and environmentally friendly way to explore.

Cannondale's electric bikes are available in a variety of types to meet a wide range of purposes, including mountain bikes, road cycles, and city bikes. They have powerful motors and long-lasting batteries, so riders can enjoy maximum pedal assist and exciting speed.

20. Electra Electric Bikes

Electra was launched in 1993 and acquired by Trek in 2014. The management and corporate philosophy have remained same, thus Electra remains committed to its fundamental goal of creating bikes that are unique, enjoyable, and built for everyone.

Some versions are single-speed, others feature derailleurs, and a few have internal 3- or 8-speed hubs that require no maintenance and allow you to shift while standing still.


Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as a reliable and environmentally responsible mode of transportation. Designs and advanced features are appropriate for many types of riders, including commuters, adventurers, and those seeking a greener lifestyle. In the United States, there are many electric bike companies to choose from, which might be overwhelming.

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