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Ranked: Drinking of 12 Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
Drinking of 12 Zodiac Signs
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If you want to be the life of the party, here is a chart that shows how much alcohol each of the 12 zodiac signs can handle.

The 12 zodiac signs are reminded by astrology to eat sensibly, be wise, enjoy life, and not overindulge in alcohol, even though their drinking abilities are exceptional.

When you drink alcohol, you lose control of your actions. Perhaps the constellations will one day abruptly stop projecting the lovely image they have worked so hard to create, or perhaps they will vanish entirely, causing harm to our emotional and physical well-being.

12. Libra

The Libran has the lowest tolerance for alcohol of the 12 zodiac signs; the mere mention of the word "alcohol" makes them tipsy, and that's before they even start drinking.

Libra will sometimes join the "army of killing prey" when it comes to eating and drinking, but they will never touch wine—even if they die trying.


Cancer is visibly intoxicated as they inhale the odor of alcohol; a single bite of their lips causes them to feel queasy and uneasy. This zodiac sign typically stays away from drinking gatherings because he knows his tolerance is low.

Due to their unfortunate circumstances, they had no choice but to drink a little and then accept that they would be in a state of "drowsiness" all day long.

10. Aquarius

Ranked: Drinking of 12 Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
Aquarius in Wine Drinking

Aquarius is the best of the three zodiac signs when it comes to enjoying a couple of glasses of wine. Having said that, they will lose control of their sanity if they consume more than that. Aquarius is a very talkative sign when yeast is present in the body.

Upon regaining consciousness, they entirely disregarded their previous statements; cognizant of this vice, Binh Nhi constantly reminded himself to abstain from alcohol and moderate his consumption.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius has many friends, so they often gather and eat with everyone. However, they are not good drinkers. Usually they will only drink after they have had a full meal and do not drink too much.

Sagittarius knows where his strength is, so he never drinks too much, just drinks a little so as not to ruin the fun.

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Most of the time, Scorpios only drink when invited to do so by the other party, and they aren't particularly fond of drinking themselves. This zodiac sign can only drink a maximum of five or six glasses per day, no matter how much they try. The Cable will immediately "down" if that number is exceeded. Scorpio is frightened of drinking because their bodies get tired and exhausted after each intoxication.


Whenever something is not happy or contains a lot of confidants, Capricorn will invite friends to eat and drink a couple of glasses for a feeling of excitement.

They can sip all day and still have a normal body, but just drink a little, and if they drink too much at once, they will inevitably get drunk, no longer conscious of anything.

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Leos possess a respectable quantity of alcohol; however, they personally prefer to drink moderately in order to circumvent the potential ill effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

Because people born under this zodiac sign are so wise to the terrible effects of alcohol, they drink very little and only on very special occasions. You can't make a lion drink more because they know how to tell if they're drunk or not; once they spot the telltale signs of intoxication, they'll stop drinking instantly.

5. Gemini

Ranked: Drinking of 12 Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology

Mood plays a role in Gemini's alcohol capacity as well; when they're happy, they drink more, but when they're sad, they drink just one.

No matter how happy they are, this zodiac sign must always remind themselves to drink and eat in moderation because when they're drunk, they're likely to spill the beans about everything that's going on in their hearts.

4. Pisces

When it comes to the drinking table, Pisces is usually near the top of the list of people who can stay until the very end. While they may not be completely alert at the moment, they also do not appear to be losing control. When a Pisces feels like something is seriously wrong with their body, they are self-aware enough to know to stop.


Because of their reserved nature, few people assume that Taurus drinks quite a bit. They don't try to force their way into conversations, but they are always game to join in.

Even after consuming a large amount of alcohol, Taurus appears to be highly conscious. Taureans will subtly fade away from the festivities to a certain degree, but they also control their alcohol consumption.

2. Aries

Has an exceptionally high alcohol tolerance, which Aries is blissfully unaware of. They refuse to believe they can drink enough until they drink several cups and notice no change in their bodily functions. Only then do they begin to understand their true potential.

While some people's faces turn red from even a small amount of yeast in their bodies, Aries does not experience this side effect at all.

1. Virgo

In terms of alcohol consumption among the 12 zodiac signs, Virgo is unrivaled.

They seem completely alert and clear-headed the whole time, even though they drink continuously throughout the meal. From the outside looking in, it looks like they're just drinking water with a filter, not wine or beer.

Because of Virgo's extroversion, friends will make sure to invite her to every social event, making her social calendar jam-packed. Please limit your alcohol consumption; it is detrimental to your health, Virgo, regardless of how much you drink.

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