Gamophobia Fear of Marriage
Gamophobia Fear of Marriage

Key Content:

♦Unlike pre-wedding stress, Gamophobia is a type of phobia that makes a person afraid to build a deep relationship.

♦Past trauma is one of the most common reasons.

♦Gamophobia is easy to negatively affect love affairs, so understanding and communication between two lovers is essential.

Gamophobia is a term used to describe the fear of marriage and situations that require commitment. Many young people often claim that they are "not ready to get married" or "never think about getting married", but Gamophobia is a bit more serious.

Specifically, it is seen as an above-normal and persistent feeling of panic when one thinks about an attachment relationship. According to psychologists, Gamophobia makes it difficult for a person to build social connections and reduces the joy of daily living.

Anxiety before marriage happens to everyone, but fear of sweating, heart palpitations and sometimes panic attacks is Gamophobia.

Below are some of the symptoms, causes, and ways to deal with this type of anxiety.

When marriage becomes an obsession

Like many phobias, this syndrome is identified by a fear that is not rational with reality. Instead of stopping at a level of careful consideration, people with Gamophobia stress when faced with the reality, or fantasy, that they will have to be in a long-term, permanent relationship.

It is sometimes confused with fear of abandonment, fear of intimacy, fear of trusting others.

Symptoms usually appear and persist for 6 months or longer. In most cases, Gamophobia causes people to avoid commitments, keep a distance from others, shy away from dating and even breaking up with people they once knew.

In addition, it also brings some physical manifestations such as:

♦ Chest pain

♦ Feeling suffocated, dizzy

♦ Rapid breathing, sweating

♦ Trembling

People who are afraid of marriage still have the ability to learn and love like many people, but when things start to get serious, they will immediately feel the nervousness and have evasive behaviors.

As a result, the relationship does not go anywhere, or they themselves struggle with thousands of insecure and confused thoughts.

One thing you may note is that Gamophia is not part of the DSM-5 - The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. That means that in seeking professional advice, clients will be diagnosed with one of five specific phobias or anxiety disorders, depending on the nature of each symptom.

What causes the fear of marriage?

Gamophobia comes from many different factors. There have been studies that suggest that the pressure of financial obligations and social needs contribute to this feeling. Some other causes include:

Bad experience in the past. Many people are afraid of getting married because they have experienced an unhappy childhood. Watching their parents argue frequently, they tend not to want to be in that situation again. Similar to the fact that they were once broken, distrustful of love affairs.

Avoidant Attachment - one of four attachment styles that involves behavior and bonding between couples. People with an avoidant attachment style are often afraid of attachments, don't want to lose their freedom, and find it difficult to share with their partner.

Genetic. Research also shows that genetics plays an important role in the onset of anxiety disorders, along with education in families and schools.

Courage to open your heart

Gamophobia can be gradually controlled through psychotherapeutic methods. So it's not too scary and you can actively limit it.

In addition to counseling, people with a fear of commitment can take some of the following steps into their daily routine:

Facing the past. Take the time to figure out what makes you insecure. Is it an unhealed wound? If so, what can you do to make your heart more peaceful?

Think about your personal desires. Not everyone is suitable for a long term relationship. You may be in the group that likes to be alone, but the question is, do you really want to or is your fear holding you back?

Write diary. Jotting down every happy thought is a helpful way to discover and label your true feelings.

Try relaxing regularly with deep breathing, yoga, or meditation.

If you're dating, honestly tell your partner your problem and work together to find a solution. Empathy and open communication are also key to understanding each other better when one of them encounters Gamophobia.

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