Zodiac Signs Are The Least Likely To Get Married. Photo: knowinsiders.
Zodiac Signs Are The Least Likely To Get Married. Photo: knowinsiders.

Some zodiac signs don’t like the idea of ​​getting married. Maybe they don’t like the idea of ​​being with one person for life. Maybe it's about your level of commitment or need for freedom. the main personality traits of each zodiac and deciphered whether they were likely to get down on one knee and ask for someone's hand in marriage.

You cannot force a person to marry someone. Some people develop a sense of belonging over time while others hold the same opinion for years.

According to astrology, it is effective to identify these types of people. So let’s know about those zodiac signs whose life is least likely to get married.

It's not necessarily marriage itself that's the problem for all of these signs — it's usually the thought of being tied down at all that makes them run for the hills.

1. Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)

An Aquarius is much more likely to be found scrolling through the latest dating apps than sorting through wedding plans. It's the sign most likely to get hung up on one perfect, unattainable past lover, according to the Psychic Power Network, making them less likely to want to settle down with anyone else. While they might be happy to hang with you and keep things light, they'll resist all your efforts to take things to a deeper level.

He loves solitude as much as he loves company. He is not one to settle down quickly. They will indulge in cheeky romance, but getting married means piling on a lot of responsibilities, and this scares Aquarius people endlessly.

Aquarians are loners by nature. As reported by idiva, for them, their first love feels like the real love of their life, and everyone else after that is simply a fling or a friend or both. So, they aren’t comfortable being tied down in a legally-binding relationship with a person they aren’t irrevocably in love with. This is why they marry late, perhaps for companionship, or perhaps because they gradually learn to forget their first love.

They're very in tune with the needs of others and that makes it difficult for them to pen all of their hopes and dreams into one person. They also have a general fear of emotional intimacy which makes it hard for them to settle down, Daily Mail reported.

It’s Aquarius’ independence that stands in the way of them being the type to settle down — not to mention their fear of expressed emotions, theirs or anyone else’s.

While they’re not entirely against the idea of settling down, it just doesn’t make much sense for them. They pride themselves on being unique and taking the path less traveled, which naturally means settling down isn’t part of that path.

Aquarians are scared of opening up to people and being vulnerable, as they don’t want their feelings to get hurt. Moreover, they feel that there is no one who can understand them and who can give them the kind of unwavering and unconditional support that they need.
5 Zodiac Signs Are The Least Likely To Get Married
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Getting an air sign like Aquarius to settle down and get married can sometimes feel like trying to catch the wind with your hands — ya just can’t. That's because this highly independent sign is often perfectly content being single. Like Sagittarius, this sign really prizes its freedom above all else, and, to be honest, they aren’t all that comfortable with emotional intimacy. They need a lot of time to fully open up to someone, so if marriage is in the cards, it's going to be pretty far down the road. Besides, for a unique and nonconformist sign like Aquarius, the idea of needing a marriage certificate seems a bit absurd. They are not defined by paperwork, so why should their relationship be?

Marriage is simply not for everyone. For some folks, being single is the way they live their best lives. Or maybe a commitment ceremony over something more official is a better fit. The key here is to do what feels right for you and your partner. If that includes getting hitched, great! And if that's simply not in the stars for you, that’s OK, too.

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2. Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

Sagittarius is known as "the bachelor sign," according to Horoscope.com, and that alone may tell you everything you need to know. Astrospeak declares this sign the biggest commitment-phobe in the entire zodiac. If you want stability and intimacy that could some day lead to marriage, you'll be hard-pressed to get it from a freedom-loving Sagittarius.

They are so afraid of committing to someone that they even avoid getting into a relationship to avoid heartbreak. He prefers to be single as it best suits his independent personality. They are least likely to get married.

According to your tango, there are two major components that make Sagittarius the least likely to settle down of all the signs: they value their freedom and they can’t stand needy, clingy people. This isn’t to suggest that Sagittarius is incapable of love, it’s just that they need to have a relationship on their terms, which usually means at their convenience. Therefore, making them the hardest zodiac sign to lock down into a serious relationship or marriage.

Sagittarius is a restless sign. They are constantly on the lookout for the next exciting thing. They want to be free to follow their heart and desires wherever they roam, which, as you can imagine, is not exactly a ideal mindset for getting married. That's why Sagittarius tends to struggled with commitment in general and they avoid routine in every way they possibly can. For this fire sign, their fickle hearts mean relationships tend to burn bright while the last but burn out quickly, as soon as things start getting a little too serious for comfort. For this sign to finally feel like they are ready to commit, they need a partner who truly understands their wanderlust and is comfortable giving them all the space they need in order to want to settle down. After all, there is no forcing a Sag to do anything.

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Sagittarians are independent and self-sufficient people who like their own company and who have their own set of quirks and eccentricities. They never feel the need to have a partner or to get married.

Sagittarius is famously commitment-phobic, but that isn’t always why they marry late. This sign faces so many heartbreaks, betrayals, and almost-relationships, that they have trouble reconciling with the idea of a meat-and-potatoes marriage. The concept of marriage itself feels strange to this sign, which chooses freedom before all else. They are so scared of committing to someone, that they will even avoid coming into a relationship to avoid getting heartbroken. They love being single as it suits their free personality the best. They are probably the least likely to get married.

Because they love spontaneity and crave adventure they'll need a certain kind of hyperactivity to see them get married.

5 Zodiac Signs Are The Least Likely To Get Married
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3. Virgo (August 23 - September 23)

Once Virgo’s affairs are all in order, this sign dutifully sets out in search for a partner. However, that time only comes once they have attained their degrees, accumulated a decent amount of money, and settled into a career that satisfies them. To these loners, marriage is not that important, but living life “methodically” and doing things at the “right” time matters, which is why they tie the knot when they do.

These perfectionists will be scrutinising every partner and constantly craving someone who wants to improve themselves as much as they do. They tend to put off things that might get in the way of their micro-managed lifestyle, and marriage is certainly one of those things.

Virgos are too preoccupied with being driven and working towards their goal. They are always busy fussing over little details and convince themselves that they will get married once everything is sorted. But for perfectionist Virgos, everything is never sorted and they end up staying unmarried their entire life.

A Virgo can be too harsh and overcritical with others and with themselves. No one wants to be around someone who is constantly finding fault with them, so there are times when Virgo feels lonely.

When Virgo finds fault with themselves to the point where they can't enjoy their own company, they're lonely. Virgo needs to be kind with themselves and other people. Since they are often very sensitive, they may put their guard up and not realize they're alienating other people.

5 Zodiac Signs Are The Least Likely To Get Married
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While they are too busy working towards achieving their goals and ambitions, this zodiac sign simply does not have the time to focus on a relationship or think about marriage. They always neglect the idea of marriage as it is never a priority for them. All they do is work towards perfecting their lives in every aspect, except love or marriage.

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4. Gemini (May 22 - June 21)

Gemini is symbolized by the twins, which means you may find a Gemini partner changeable and fickle, according to AstroStyle. They love the thrill of the chase, but their attention might wander once they've made their conquest. If they manage to stay in a relationship, their flirty nature can still be hard to deal with.

Their nature is very fickle. Gemini people tend to change their decisions very quickly so being with one person for the rest of their life is not really an appreciable option for them. They like it when someone follows them because they get thrilled by it. But sooner or later they get bored.

Gemini constantly worries that her feelings about her significant other will change after marriage, so she tries to stay away from the topic altogether. Sometimes, she feels like being married could be fun, but she almost always changes her mind. She also knows that she can be difficult to live with at times and being an already-worrisome person, she convinces herself that marriage will only turn into divorce. Unless she is absolutely infatuated with you (like she is her fave celebrity), don’t expect Gemini to ever be interested in marriage, as your tango reported.

According to elite daily, for Gemini, much of what makes dating fun is the chase itself. Those early stages of getting to know someone new, the intimate conversations, the flirting, the cat and mouse of playing it cool, and the seduction are just magic to this sign. After that, things get a little dicey for Gemini, who craves new experiences and challenges. That's not to say they can't be great in a relationship, especially when this Mercury-ruled — the planet associated with communication — sign finds someone with whom they can banter and laugh with. However, they tend to stall out when things really start to get serious because they fear that, once they get married, the relationship will fall into routine and they will get bored, and the magic of their connection will get lost in the process.

5 Zodiac Signs Are The Least Likely To Get Married
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5. Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

It's hard to lock a Pisces down in a serious relationship, but it's not necessarily about commitment issues, according to Astroreveal. Instead, Pisces is so demanding when it comes to their partners that it's hard for anyone to live up to their standards. That may lead a Pisces to keep on looking for "the next best thing" instead of appreciating the partner that's right in front of them.

They are very afraid of commitment because they are afraid of being rejected for their expectations. If someone does not live up to the imagination of Pisces people, they will run away as soon as possible. He’ll keep things light, but he’ll never get close to marriage without being extra sure.

Pisces is a very romantic and emotional sign, no doubt. But, Pisceans tend to go with the flow when it comes to life, and to them, marriage can disrupt said flow. That is why they usually take their time with their nuptials. Plus, Pisces is too “meta” to even care about a social institution like marriage. What’s in a piece of paper, they say. They are very scared of commitments since they are afraid of being turned down for their expectations. If someone doesn’t live up to what Pisceans had imagined, they will run away as soon as possible. They will keep things light, but never will they approach marriage without being extra sure.

Pisces can get carried away dreaming about their future life with a prospective partner. But when it comes down to it they might become skittish at the thought of commitment and not want to give up all their cards.

5 Zodiac Signs Are The Least Likely To Get Married
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A Pisces is not too fond of marriages, as pinkvilla reported. Blame it on their past experiences or their expectations from a probable spouse, Pisces are never in favour of early marriages. They are firm believers in wanting nothing but the best no matter how many years or decades it takes.

Editor Note: The information given here is based on astrological predictions and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this.

5 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Marry Early 5 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Marry Early

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