FACTS about National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day: History and Celebrations
National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day. Photo: Twitter

Pajams, payjamas, or jammies is a loose piece of clothing, not unlike pants, worn on the lower part of a person's body. While most people wear them to bed, they were once, and still are, part of a normal outfit worn by men and women during the day in many parts of the Middle East and South Asia.

What is National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day?

Each year on April 16th, National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day allows us a reprieve after meeting a late-night deadline shuffling receipts and adding columns to file our taxes.

While some people call this day “the best holiday of the year,” it was created for fun. Wearing pajamas to work creates a laid back and relaxed atmosphere especially for those accountants, tax preparers and last-minute filers. Wearing pajamas offers a little relief from the nailbiting and stress that often comes with filing taxes. The day helps to let go of the anxiety and offers a few more minutes of sleep for those who pushed the deadline to the limit, as reported by Nationaldaycalendar.

Appropriate styles of pajamas would include tops and bottoms, of course. Wear the cozy flannel or snazzy silk. Cotton always breathes so well, too. Cartoon characters are always fun. But, be sure to cover your feet, too. Slippers or other footwear are required.

Learn about Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day is a day to do exactly that: wear your PJs in the office! This is a day that has really taken off over the years. In fact, we have even seen Martha Stewart get on-board, with herself and all of her staff members wearing their pajamas for her television show.

It is a great way to have a bit of fun and feel comfortable in the workplace. After all, a lot of people don’t like sitting in a suit or a fitted skirt all day long, and so wearing pajamas for the day is a fun way of letting everyone feel as comfortable as possible in the workplace.

There is no secret meaning behind this day; it was simply created for a bit of fun! That’s why we love it so much! Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day creates a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, which is especially beneficial for those in high pressure and serious jobs, such as tax preparers and accounts. Wearing pajamas can help to alleviate some of the stress that is typically experienced. It also means that you have a bit of extra time in the morning, as you don’t need to worry about looking pristine.

Despite the fact that Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day was purely designed for a bit of fun, there are health benefits that are associated with wearing pajamas in the workplace. It has been shown that not only can employees be more productive, but they can also be more relaxed and less stressed. The author of The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, David Allen, said the following:

“Our ability to be productive is directly proportional to our ability to relax. Only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve stress-free productivity.”

This quote sums up why so many companies and entrepreneurs think that it is a wise idea to get on board with Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day. It can help to take the stress levels down a notch, giving everyone the opportunity to relax and become more at peace in the workplace.

We live life at such a fast pace nowadays, it is always good to take a step back and allow our minds and bodies to hit the refresh button. Why not use Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day as an opportunity to do this?

History of Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

FACTS about National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day: History and Celebrations
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Derived from the Persian word meaning “leg garment,” pajamas have come a long, long way. Originating as drawstring pants traditionally worn in Southwest Asia, and introduced to the rest of the world by British colonials, PJs started to gain acceptance in the Western world by the late 1800s.

Since then, jammies have been transformed into the sleepwear garments that we know and love today. Whether you wear a snuggly robe with cushy slippers, a superhero PJ set or onesie sleepers with attached fluffy bunny booties, dress for successful comfort on Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, according to Days of the Year.

In terms of the origins of Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day, this day has been going since 2004. It was launched by PajamaGram to reward those working late on taxes. For those who are unaware, PajamaGram is a brand that sells sleepwear for men, women, girls, and boys. At their company, it is not unusual to see team members wearing their pajamas while they are at their desks or at a board meeting. In fact, they even coined the following phrase:

“Life is bananas, send some pajamas.”

Facts About Pajamas

While we were researching this holiday, we came across some interesting facts about pajamas. Although most people give little thought to their pajamas—unless their scratchy or need to be washed—pajamas are actually an interesting item of clothing that’s worth a closer examination.

    • It’s believed that pajamas go back to the Ottoman Empire and were first invented in India.
    • Pajamas could’ve also originated during that time in Turkey or Iran.
    • In Southern Asia, pajamas are often called “Night Suits.” This is also their name in parts of Africa.
    • The largest footed PJ party in the world was held on March 11, 2012, in Texas. 309 adults attended.
    • During the 1920s, some people would wear their pajamas to the beach.
    • Prior to the 1950s, flapjacks on pajamas were common to make it easier for the user to use the bathroom.
  • Pajamas originally began as only loose pants tied at the waist.
  • During the 17th century, pajamas were introduced to England as lounging attire. They quickly fell out of fashion.
  • At the beginning of the 20th century, pajamas were reintroduced as women’s sleepwear.

National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day Celebrations

FACTS about National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day: History and Celebrations
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Celebrating National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day is as easy as wearing your PJs to work—with your bosses blessings of course. It’s also a good day to use the hashtag #NationalWearYourPajamasToWorkDay or #NationalWearYourPJToWorkDay on your social media accounts to encourage other people to celebrate this day as well. After all, there are few things better than being able to go to work wearing your pajamas and not get stared at for doing so. It’s just a shame that all of us can’t wear our pajamas to work every day of the year, as Holidayscalendar reported.

National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day timeline

1700s: Pajama glamour

Masquerade ball attendees, actresses, as well as “ladies of the evening” began incorporating pajama trousers into their wardrobe, while but more “respectable” women continued to look down on such fashion.

1911: Pajamas went mainstream

French couturier Paul Poiret was one of the first people to create pajama outfits intended for a use beyond sleeping, which was a step on their path toward widespread acceptance.

1920s: Beachwear

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel made beach pajamas popular. By the end of the decade, many women wore these outfits on their summer beach vacations

1975: Safety factor

Federal rules required children's sleepwear up to size 14 to meet a minimal flammability standard.

2000s: Posh pajamas

In an era of more informal dress, designers like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani brought pajama-style clothing outside of the bedroom and into daytime and evening wear.

Wear your favorite pajamas to work. Make a party of it and coordinate with coworkers. Don’t forget your fuzzy slippers and robe. Award prizes to the one who wears it best. Give a gift of pajamas to your tax preparer to show your thanks, even if that person is your dad or a close personal friend. If you work from home, this is a prime opportunity to wear your pajamas and invite the rest of the world to enjoy the comfort dressing down for the day. Take group photos and post them use #WearYourPajamasToWorkDay to post on social media.

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