National Black Cat Day falls on October 27th. Photo:
National Black Cat Day falls on October 27th. Photo:

National Black Cat Day falls in October and is not to be confused with Black Cat Appreciation Day which falls in August. Both days celebrate these cuddly kittens and cats but were created by different people, for different reasons.

Let’s dive into National Black Cat Day!

History of National Black Cat Day

The black cat carries a unique status among the wide batch of different cat breeds. In some locales, notably Scotland, Britain, and Japan, the presence or appearance of a black cat is indicative of imminent good fortune and prosperity. Beyond these regions, though, public favor of the black cat runs sharply southward. In much of the Western world, black cats are considered to be harbingers of misfortune and wickedness, according to National Today. This unfortunate association stems from an image that will be familiar to many readers, which is that of the black cat serving as a companion to potion-brewing, spell-casting witches everywhere.

This relationship would prove to hold severe consequences for owners of black cats in America in the early 17th century. As the Pilgrims established their occupancy on the east coast of the country, they maintained a strict suspicion of anything remotely tied to the perils of witchcraft. The black cat served a symbol of the supposed evils and Satanic sympathies of witches, and as a result, those found harboring black cats would receive harsh punishments; some would even be sentenced to death.

While, in general, the fears surrounding the demonic potential of witches has subsided significantly, the black cat will be left wondering why it still must suffer the consequences of a damaged collective reputation. According to several animal-advocacy groups and adoption agencies, black cats experience lower rates of adoption and higher rates of euthanization relative to other cat breeds. Because of this, National Black Cat Day stands as a fantastic opportunity to subvert these trends and demonstrate appreciation for an animal that could use a little luck.

Learn about Black Cat Day

A lot of people think that black cats are associated with bad luck. If you see a black cat, do you walk away from it? For a lot of historical settings and cultures, black cats were actually related to positive things. However, it seems that this myth about them bringing bad luck is the one that has stuck the most. That is why Black Cat Day is so important. It is all about dispelling this myth and appreciating how great black cats are, Days of the Year noted.

Black cats are loyal companions, and they have been seen in pop culture over recent years. We have Luna, the classic cartoon black cat, which features in Sailor Moon, as well as Salem, which is the black cat from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – a show that we’re sure many of you, watched when you were younger! We can’t forget about Hocus Pocus and the brilliant, sarcastic Thackery Binx either. Black cats are great, and they have so much personality, which is why we need to promote everything that is good about them rather than allowing this negative black cat spin to keep rolling.

It’s worth pointing out that there are a lot of myths and superstitions regarding black cats, and many of them are actually positive. For example, in sailing lore, having a black kitten on a ship is said to calm both the sea and the wind. In England, if a Black Cat visits your hotel, B&B, or inn, you are encouraged to welcome the cat nicely, as he will bring more patrons. There are some other superstitions in England regarding black cats as well, for example, if a black cat walks in front of you, he is said to take your troubles with him. Also, a pudgy black cat is believed to be a charm for a great marriage.

In Scotland, it is believed that placing black kittens on your porch will attract positive events and allay misfortune. In Early America, they believed that black cats had magical powers in their bones, which attracted power and good fortune.

Black cats are also very symbolic. Rather than being associated with bad luck, they actually symbolize understanding that there is no such thing as bad luck. They are also associated with strength, sensuality, elegance, supporting and advocating adoption, beating the odds, and standing up against prejudice. So, as you can see, black cats are very powerful creatures, which send a positive message to people. This is why black cat gifts, including jewelry charm bracelets and artwork, have become so popular with people who are looking to send positive and uplifting messages to their loved ones.

National Black Cat Day Timeline

Photo: National Today
Photo: National Today

1232- A Bad Rap

This 13thcentury Latin church document is where Pope Gregory IX first suggested black cats were associated with Satan.

1843- Edgar Allen Poe's Black Cat

Poe published his story "The Black Cat"in 1843, about a murderer carefully concealing a crime, but eventually breaking down and revealing himself because of a nagging reminder of his guilt.

1880- The Anarchist Black Cat

Since the 1880s, the color black has been associated with anarchism, and the black cat in alert, fighting stance was later adopted as an anarchist symbol

2016- Assuming Office

The black cat Gladstone achieves the position of Chief Mouser to the Treasury in the United Kingdom.

How to Celebrate Black Cat Day

There are a number of different ways that you can celebrate Black Cat Day. One way to celebrate this day is to adopt a black cat. When compared with other cats, black cats get adopted much less! If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, one of the nicest things that you could do is adopt an abused or homeless black kitten or cat by getting in touch with your local animal shelter to see if any require a good home.

There are a lot of ways that you can celebrate Black Cat Day without bringing a pet into your family, though. You can spread the word about how great black cats are on social media and via blog posts. Share some photos of black cats with your friends, family members, and followers and spread the word about how they are loving, loyal creatures.

If you ever happen to be in Japan, or planning to take a trip there, you should definitely pay a visit to the Nekobiyaka Cat Cafe. As the name suggests, it pays tribute to black cats! In this restaurant, you only need to pay $10 and you will be able to spend an hour with kitties while you enjoy a beer or a soda. Black cats are allowed to roam freely, making it the perfect cafe for animal lovers. You are not allowed to hold the cats or pick them up, but you can pet them. Every cat wears a different color bandana so that you are able to tell them apart.

You could decide to spend the day watching films with cats in them or even reading The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe. This is a short story that was published in The Saturday Evening Post in 1843. It is one of the darkest tales the author has ever created, and so it’s not going to be for everyone.

Aside from the suggestions that have been mentioned so far, you may decide to do some arts and crafts with black cats as the theme. From painting a picture to making your own soft black cat toy; you will find lots of different tutorials online to help you get started.

Not to be confused with Black Cat Appreciation Day which is on August 17th.

Fun Facts about National Black Cat Day

Photo: Always the Holidays
Photo: Always the Holidays
  • On average, black cats and black and white cats take seven days longer to be adopted.

  • Brush up on your knowledge of National Black Cat Day with these fun facts.

  • There are two days in the year dedicated to cats that are black; National Black Cat Day (created by Cats Protection), and Black Cat Appreciation Day (created by Wayne H. Morris).

  • National Black Cat Day was first celebrated in 2011.

  • The dark-furred cat is a symbol of Halloween because of its perceived ties to witches and witchcraft.

  • An organization located in the United Kingdom called Cats Protection created National Black Cat Day.

  • Black cats have been thought of throughout history as bad luck, and have been associated with witches.

  • Though many people regard black cats as unlucky, in some places, black cats are thought to bring good luck and good fortune.

  • Ancient Egyptians worshipped the goddess Bastet (also known as Bast) who was represented as a woman with a cat’s head.

  • In 1845 Edgar Allen Poe wrote a horrifying short story called The Black Cat, but be warned, this story may be triggering as it is about the murder of a cat.

More National Days about Cats

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In fact, there’s another day dedicated to celebrating black cats called Black Cat Appreciation day. Be sure to find out more about this special black cat day!

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If you’re still looking for more feline centered days, National Garfield The Cat Day is for you! While Garfield is a fictional cat, he’s still a cat!

National Black Cat Day Dates





October 27



October 27



October 27



October 27



October 27


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Black Cat Day Messages

A black cat’s life it leading solely depends on us. Let us give it a good life!

For us black is beautiful. Why not for cats?

Black take away the bad luck from a home. So, why wait? Adopt one today!

Keep the peace on earth, adopt a black cat.

If a black cat crosses your way, don’t think something bad going to happen, just think the cat is going somewhere.

Black is elegant. Take me home then.

I’m a black cat and I thank you for saving me from the myth.

Cats do not have discrimination but people has. Change your view.

Black cats deserve the equal opportunity of living.

Cats are cute, but my black cat is the cutest!

The wisdom of cats is superior and prove it by adopting one.

Fall in love with the black cat and you start forgetting the myth.

A cat is a cat, whether it is white or black. Look at its innocence.

People learn to get knowledge from a ‘black’ board. Then how black is bad luck?

I do not have any regrets about adopting a black cat. It does all that other colored cats do.

When you touch a cat with love, in return they will touch your soul and heart.

Why only today they celebrate black cat day, why not every day?

I have equal rights to survive, why treat me unlucky?

Do not abuse black cats, keep them safe inside your home!

Black cats are the best decorations on Halloween not because they are fearful, but they suit the occasion.

Do not numb your heart when you see a black cat, it too has a beating heart.

Black is the favorite color of many of us then why only black cats are targeted?

Honor the day and adopt a black cat. Just check if your luck changes or not.

Pirates do bad to sailors, but they too have the heart to adopt black cats and consider them to be lucky!

Adopt a black and cat and name it with your favorite witch!

Black Cat Day Quotes

“A black cat will help you survive the gloomiest days, go adopt one.” –Anonymous.

“Why associate every dark-skinned creature with bad luck? Black cats are the best possible luck!” –Anonymous.

“If I ever want a companion, I will get a black cat.” –Anonymous.

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