Facts about National Nothing Day: Why and Celebrations for the bizzare day in January

National Nothing Day. Photo: biteable.com

National Nothing Day is quite simply... a day for nothing.

This day is an "un-event". The expectation is that we do not create or otherwise promote this day. In other words, we do nothing.

National Nothing Day

National Nothing Day can be most accurately described as an anti-holiday. On this non-holiday – celebrated (or actually not celebrated on) January 16th, participants are expected to not honor, observe or celebrate anything. It is a day meant for absolutely nothing and was designed that way to give people a break from the endless stream of holidays and observations that one has to take part in every year. Although the term “national” is in the title of this holiday, it isn’t a nationally observed holiday as designated by an act of Congress.

History of Nothing Day

In 1972, journalist Harold Pullman Coffin proposed National Nothing Day as a “non-event” to be observed — by doing nothing — every January 16. The next year, National Nothing Day made “Chase’s Calendar of Events,” a publication that marks annual occasions in print since the 1950s. National Nothing Day is sponsored by Coffin’s own “National Nothing Foundation.”

Nothing Day was founded with the intent of eventual self-destruction, through satirically reigning in what Coffin considered a glut of recently established, useless commemorative days. Coffin’s Nothing Organization was simultaneously formed in order to raise awareness. Fittingly, the organization has not yet held a single meeting. The continued official celebrations stand testament to Coffin’s ultimate failure, reported holidayscalendar.

As it is all about expending no effort on celebrating absolutely nothing, Nothing Day can also be about celebrating life itself. The only limits on how the day is spent are the imagination and bank balance of the participant.

The average person works more than thirty hours per week, and that doesn’t include all the non-paid work that they have to do. Cramming everything in and getting it all done, therefore, is an issue for some of us.

Fundamentally, Nothing Day is an act of rebellion. What started as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on all of the new days of the year, soon turned into something more than that. Coffin’s creation was a cynical ploy to raise awareness of an issue he was interested in – the chronic raising of awareness. But it soon morphed out of his control.

Nothing Day is now an opportunity for people to take a bit of time out, just once per year. Our society demands constant activity, so putting your feet up for twenty-four hours is, bizarrely, an act of rebellion. We’re told we should use every hour available to us. But modern Nothing Day is a license to slow down for a bit and take stock.

How to celebrate Nothing Day in 2021?

Facts about National Nothing Day: Why and Celebrations for the bizzare day in January
The holiday was created to provide Americans with one day where they can do absolutely nothing. Photo: wmcactionnews5.com

When you think about it, celebrating nothing day is slightly more challenging than you might imagine. Stripping back your life to the point where you do absolutely nothing, is a real philosophical challenge. You can try these things that nationaltoday suggest:

Work the word into every sentence

“Nothing doing.” “I got nothing.” “Nothing like it.” “Not for nothing.” The list goes on. See if friends pick up on it, and if not, tell them all about National Nothing Day.

Do nothing

It might be a nice exercise of self-discipline to see how long you can go without doing anything. Of course, staring at a wall is still staring, not doing nothing, but the attempt could be interesting. It may lead to a Zen state of mind!

Say nothing

Take a day-long vow of silence, and don’t say a word to anyone. Just carry your phone with an open web page like this one, and flash the explanation when your friends are confused.

5 Amazing Facts About Nothingness

We popped out of it: In the Christian faith, God is said to have created the universe “ex nihilo,” “out of nothing.”

Or did we?: In Buddhism, nothingness can be a meditative state, a feature of reality, or an analysis of existence.

No way, Jose: In “Les Miserables,” Victor Hugo states, “There is no such thing as nothingness, and zero does not exist. Everything is something. Nothing is nothing.”

The space between: space is not technically full of nothingness, as it contains a low-density plasma of hydrogen and helium and the cosmic forces that affect them.

It’s all about you: The members of Metallica don’t remember the original reason for writing their song “Nothing Else Matters,” so these days they sing it about their fans since nothing matters to the band but them.

National Nothing Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages

Facts about National Nothing Day: Why and Celebrations for the bizzare day in January
Photo: roodepoortrecord.co.za

It’s National Nothing Day. So if you’re doing nothing to celebrate, keep it up!

We should make a National Nothing Day where one day of the year is not National “something” Day. One day of the year we don’t celebrate a darn thing. You’re welcome.

What will you do today?” “Same thing I did this time last year, Nothing!” It is another National Nothing Day.

Have you ever celebrated National Nothing Day?

It’s National Nothing Day! What is National Nothing Day? It’s a day to just sit without celebrating, observing, or honoring anything. Are you doing anything productive today? We’d love to know what you are doing today!

So, use these to celebrate the National Nothing Day 2020 of the World. All of the collections specially added for you from various sources.

All or Nothing Day Messages, Quotes

The special occasion of All or Nothing Day reminds us of our dreams and goals that we often neglect because we are fearful. It is time to go out and make it happen, Bestmessages suggests.

Life is all about keeping your fears aside and chasing your goals. Warm wishes on All or Nothing Day to everyone.

Wishing a very Happy All or Nothing Day to everyone. This day is a reminder to each one of us to get rid of our inhibitions and be positive and full of energies to achieve our goals.

All or Nothing Day motivates each one of us to take the charge and be out there to perform. Warm wishes on this special day to you.

If you really want something then you must go for it. Wishing a very Happy All or Nothing Day to everyone to inspire them to act and not just sit behind.

Life is too small to regret and too small to think small. Think big and make your dreams come true. Happy All or Nothing Day to you.

Don’t listen to people who try to bring you down in life but listen to yourself and gear up to achieve your goals. Warm wishes on All or Nothing Day.

Life is all about making the most of the opportunities that come your way and not about sitting in fear of getting out of your comfort zone. Happy All or Nothing Day.

Let us celebrate the occasion of All or Nothing Day by promising ourselves that we will take a step towards our goals and dreams which we have neglected for too long.

National Nothing Day Dates

Year Date Day
2021 January 16 Saturday
2022 January 16 Sunday
2023 January 16 Monday
2024 January 16 Tuesday
2025 January 16 Thursday

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