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Chris Langan: The Bouncer, Rancher
Chris Langan: The Bouncer, Rancher

Who is Christopher Langan: Biography, Personal Life, Education

Christopher Langan is an American genius who is considered by many as the smartest man in the world due to his brain capabilities.

Christopher Langan is the smartest man ever alive, with an IQ of 195 to 215 depending on different assessments.

By comparison, Albert Einstein's IQ is 150 and our average IQ is 100. But Christopher Langan - whose IQ surpasses that of Einstein - has spent most of his life working as a waiter in a restaurant. bar.

Fact-Check: Unsuccessful Life of the World's Smartest Man Alive - Christopher Langan
Christopher Langan with his grandfather in the 1950s.

In California's San Francisco, Langan was born in 1952. At the age of six months, he started speaking. When he was three years old, he began listening to the radio on Sundays while the announcer read the comics aloud and would follow along until he could read on his own.

He started asking his grandfather about the existence of God when he was 5 years old, and he recalls being let down by the answers he received. Without doing any studying, Langan would show up for a test in a foreign language class at school, skim the textbook, and ace it.

While working as a farmhand in his early adolescence, he began to read extensively in the field of theoretical physics. He finished reading Principia Mathematica, the infamously difficult masterpiece by Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead, when he was sixteen. Despite dozing off briefly during the SAT, he received a perfect score on it.

When Christopher Langan was fourteen years old, he started drawing things as a joke and they looked like photographs. He could match Jimi Hendrix lick for lick on the guitar when he was fifteen.

Christopher didn't go to school at all for the duration of his high school career. He would simply turn up for exams. In two days, Langan could brief a semester's worth of textbooks, handle whatever needed to be handled, and then return to the original task at hand.

His final years were primarily devoted to independent study. He did so after his teachers turned down his request for harder reading. Langan claims that he started teaching himself "advanced math, physics, philosophy, Latin, and Greek"

At the age of 12, Christopher started lifting weights to defend himself and his brothers from their stepfather, Jack Langan, who was a "failed journalist" and frequently picked on them.

When Chris was fourteen years old, Jack Langan began to treat the boys roughly, as he occasionally did, and Chris knocked him out cold. Jack left and didn't come back.

Chris received two full scholarships after graduating from high school, one to Reed College in Oregon and the other to the University of Chicago.

He later described his decision to go with Reed as "a big mistake," and he experienced "a real case of culture shock" in the new urban environment. Langan's scholarship was terminated because his mother failed to submit the required financial documentation.

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Why was born a genius unable to develop?

Christopher Michael Langan was born on March 25, 1952, showing signs of above-average intelligence from an early age. He could speak at the age of 6 months and at the age of 3, he could read.

But this prodigy brain was not discovered, trained and nurtured. Langan spent a poor childhood in a family with divorced parents and no adult attention. He was even abused by his mother's boyfriend.

However, Langan continued to excel academically. When he was 12 years old, he finished learning all that is included in the American high school curriculum and began to devote time to self-study.

“I taught myself advanced math, physics, philosophy, Latin and Greek, all that,” said Langan, who can learn a language just by skimming a textbook. After that, he even got a perfect score on the SAT, despite falling asleep during the test.

Christopher Langan is aware of his intellect, but the people around him are not. He entered Reed College with the hope of studying mathematics and philosophy. But Langan's mother didn't sign the application guaranteeing him a full scholarship, so he dropped out.

Next, he traveled around the United States, experiencing all kinds of jobs. Langan worked as a cowboy, construction worker, forest firefighter, fitness trainer, and security guard. When he was in his 40s, he earned only $6,000 a year (about 130 million VND), a very low level for Americans.

Christopher Langan is blessed with the highest IQ ever recorded, but Langan doesn't spend his days teaching in Ivy League schools or overseeing national laboratories. Instead, “the smartest man in the world” lived a life of peace and poverty all his life.

Fact-Check: Unsuccessful Life of the World's Smartest Man Alive - Christopher Langan
Christopher Langan and his wife Dr. Gina

The first and foremost reason for this tragedy is the family background and growing up environment. Langan lacks the support and opportunities he needs to nurture and develop his talents. Meanwhile, prodigies similar to Langan, if discovered at a young age, are usually supported by their families to the fullest extent and are facilitated by the whole society and government.

Despite his intellectual prowess, he struggled to find work because he was born into an unhappy family, was not taught other life skills by adults, and did not want a degree himself. Except for a brief television appearance, Langan continues to live a quiet life. He also dreamed of becoming a professor, but for a child not enough to eat, that was bullshit and unrealistic for Langan.

Unrealistic Intelligence

The lack of college education and being raised well in every way wasted Christopher Langan's brains. But the mind of “the smartest person in the world” is still working. In his spare time, Christopher Langan tried to unravel the secrets of the universe by developing a "theory of everything". He called it the Theoretical-Cognitive Model of the Universe, or CTMU for short.

“It covers physics and the natural sciences, but it also reaches a higher level, a level that covers all of science,” explains Langan.

However, “the smartest man in the world” doubts that his dedicated work will never be read, published or taken seriously. He admitted that projects he researched on his own would be judged as impractical and extremely difficult without any other resources to help. Even so, Langan continued to make them.

Career of The Smartest Man Alive

Prior to enrolling in math and philosophy courses at Montana State University, Christopher Logan returned home and spent 18 months working as a firefighter for the Forest Service.

Having trouble with money and transportation caused him to leave Montana State University. However, he thought he could live without the higher education system because of the strict bureaucracy that turned him away when he needed assistance.

The events at Reed and Montana State marked a turning point in Chris Langan's life. He had always envisioned himself as an academic.

Universities are institutions designed, in large part, for people with his kind of deep intellectual interests and curiosity, so he would have obtained a Ph.D.

Langan struggled since he had no degree. He worked in construction and on a Long Island clam boat. He worked in factories and in minor civil service positions before eventually landing a job as a bouncer in a Long Island bar, which he did for the majority of his adult life.

He persisted in reading widely in philosophy, mathematics, and physics throughout it all as he worked on a lengthy work he refers to as the "CTMU" or "Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe." But he gives up hope of ever being published in a scholarly journal because of his lack of academic credentials.

The Mega Foundation was established in 1999 by Langan and other individuals for people with IQs of 164 or higher.Langan and his wife Gina, a clinical neuropsychologist, relocated to northern Missouri in 2004. There, Langan runs a horse ranch and works on projects for his Mega Foundation.

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