Top 3 Smartest Zodiac Signs according to Astrology

Top 7 Zodiac Signs with Most Emotionally Intelligent

5 Smartest Zodiac Signs in 2023 - According to Astrology
Which zodiac signs are the most intelligent and lucid in 2023?


Few people will be surprised to see Aquarius top the list of the smartest zodiac signs in 2023. Out-of-the-box thinking and intelligence are trademarks of this savvy Air sign.

Aquarius are detached thinkers, capable of analyzing things naturally. Most Aquarius people can come up with unique initiatives and solutions to complex problems in a snap.

Bao Bao can be quite silly and seem out of place to some people, but they have a more realistic mindset than they are usually credited with.

When this sign finds themselves lost in life, it is because they are immersed in contemplating broader, more esoteric thoughts. They like to get lost in whatever spontaneous thoughts come to their eyes.

Aquarius is stubborn with their point of view. Plus, they like to be the smartest person on the team (or at least feel like the smartest).

Aquarius people often struggle with emotional awareness, as everything they encounter is filtered through their intellectual sieve. This sign is a keen judge of other people's emotions but is unable to look deeply into the context of their own emotions.

Don't be surprised if this sign is the one who comes up with the next big thing in a meeting. Intelligence is just something that comes easily to those born with the Aquarius zodiac sign.

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5 Smartest Zodiac Signs in 2023 - According to Astrology
Virgo - Intelligent Zodiac Sign in 2023

Although not included in the top smartest zodiac signs in 2022, Virgo will be listed in the top of the smartest zodiac signs in 2023 thanks to their sharp mind and attention to detail.

They think logically and analytically, can always see and evaluate situations from an objective position, without having a short-sighted or evil view as many people think.

Virgos aren't afraid to work hard and their diligence often pays off, with most people in this sign in 2023 having success in whatever field they choose to pursue.

He has a deep understanding of the world and how it works. Besides, this sign strives for perfection in all that they do, and Virgo's attention to detail often makes them leaders in their fields.

This sign is always eager to expand their knowledge and skills, not just standing still, Virgo is a testament to knowing how to use intelligence to your advantage, not a moving vase.


Scorpios are known for their intensity and passion. They are quick thinkers, always 3 steps ahead of their opponents.

This sign has a deep understanding of human nature and is an expert at reading people. This means they can easily see deception and manipulation.

The year 2023 Scorpio often succeeds in areas that require strategy and wisdom. They are natural leaders who are not afraid to take risks.

Scorpio has always pursued knowledge and understanding for the rest of her life. They are curious and inquisitive, always trying to learn more about the world and themselves.

Like Aquarius, Scorpio refuses to accept things according to their superficial values. They are not satisfied until they can dissect a topic thoroughly and develop a level of proficiency in understanding it.

They do the same with everyone. It is very difficult to fool or manipulate a Scorpio because this person is always mentally alert and looks for the unusual in others.


Capricorn isn't the most agile or witty on our list of the smartest zodiac signs of 2023, but this sign can boast of its most intelligence and practicality.

What they lack in raw mental strength, they make up for with sharp, sober pragmatism. End constantly covers up any shortcomings with work so others don't see.

Kee's intelligence in 2023 shines through in decision making and goal pursuit. They know how to weigh options realistically, are highly organized, and ready to face any obstacle they face.

Capricorn's sure progress towards long-term goals is always successful because they know how to keep a steady focus and always think objectively.

He is ready to be sober to accept any failure he faces and always knows how to correct his mistakes so as not to make the same mistake twice.

While Capricorns may not stand out in a conversation as the smartest and most fluent in a conversation, they are successful in the topics they invest in.

They also know how to use their knowledge more effectively than any other sign in the zodiac

Capricorn's profound timeless wisdom might not rank them at the top of this list, but they're nonetheless considered one of the smartest signs of the year.


In 5th place we have Gemini ruled by Mercury. With the rule of Mercury (planet of wisdom and communication), this sign has the edge mentally in most competitions. Scientific studies have actually shown that babies born in June have the highest IQs.

Gemini has a high-performance mind. They are intellectuals in the purest sense with an amazing talent for filtering, organizing, and interpreting a wide variety of information.

This sign's wit and sharp intelligence also reveal a high degree of intelligence. They are always ready to offer an insightful comment and lead discussions creatively.

Gemini's knowledge in 2023 is the widest of the zodiac, but sometimes it is a bit dreamy. With an alert, nervous personality, this sign rarely delves into any subject to fully grasp it.

Gemini reigns supreme in the world of pure intelligence and ideas but their emotional quotient ranks quite low as they are a zodiac sign that doesn't like to fight, to show off, and just wants to stay in seclusion.

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