Canada's Top 10+ Most Esteemed Attorneys
Top 10+ Most Prestigious Lawyers In Canada
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How to become a lawyer in Canada

You're thinking about going into law. But hold on, did you know that you could practice sports law? A lawyer for the environment? Alternatively, how about an attorney with a focus on immigration, media, technology, labor, human rights, or entertainment? There is almost a law specialty for every hobby.

There are five basic steps to become a lawyer in Canada:

1. Complete at least three years of an undergraduate degree.

2. Write the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

3. Apply to law school in Canada and complete a law degree.

4. Article with a law firm or complete the Law Practice Program.

5. Pass the bar admission exams for the area where you plan to practice.

Practice these skills to prepare for a legal career

Communication abilities. Above all, excellent communication skills are required to be a good lawyer. Lawyers must speak concisely and confidently. They must listen carefully, whether to clients or in court. They must also write clearly and persuasively.

Research abilities. Law necessitates extensive research. Lawyers understand how to gather credible evidence to support their arguments. (Listening is also a research skill.)

Critical thinking and analysis. This means using good judgement when evaluating sources, and using evidence to build logical, compelling arguments.

Compassion and people skills. Lawyers frequently work in teams. And no matter what field of law you’re in, you’ll likely have clients who are dealing with difficult emotions.

What is the average income of lawyers in Canada?

In Canada, the average lawyer salary is $184,002 per year, or $94.36 per hour. Entry-level salaries start at $109,663, with most experienced workers earning up to $189,059 per year.

Who Are The Most Prestigious Lawyers in Canada

(Ranked by Langlois Lawyers Selection)

1. Catherine Biron

Area: Labour and Employment Law

Location: Montréal

Phone No: +1 438 844 7833

Email: [email protected]

Catherine Biron, CPHR, is a partner in Langlois Lawyers' Montréal office.

Catherine is an expert in labor relations, and she is known for her practical approach and ability to act in complex and sensitive situations. She is involved in collective bargaining as well as mediation, and she represents businesses before all courts and tribunals regarding employee management and a wide range of labor relations and employment law matters (grievances, civil remedies, human rights and allegations of discrimination, remedies for harassment or other allegations of labor standard violations, occupational health and safety, to name a few). She has extensive knowledge of, and a practical approach to, performance management, absenteeism, problematic workplace behavior, and workplace issues.

2. Marie-Claude Carrier

Area: Construction Law

Location: Quebec

Phone: +1 418 650 7906

Email: [email protected]

Marie-Claude Carrier is a construction law expert with over 25 years of experience.

Marie-Claude frequently argues cases in this area on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants for a clientele that includes general and specialty contractors, material suppliers, manufacturers, and project managers. Her practice is focused exclusively on construction law and she is an expert in all types of construction-related litigation, including claims for construction defects, legal construction hypothecs (builder’s liens), extra work and related claims, surety bonds, calls for tenders, and claims arising from the rules of the Québec Bid Depository System.

3. Stefan Chripounoff

Area: Corporate and Commercial Litigation; Energy Law

Location: Montréal

Phone: +1 514 282 7807

Email: [email protected]

Stefan Chripounoff is a commercial litigation partner at the Montréal office of Langlois. His practice focuses on commercial litigation and on restructuring & insolvency. The current chair of the firm’s arbitration and ADR group, he acts in a significant number of large-scale files before all levels of the courts and arbitration tribunals.

4. Jean Patrick Dallaire

Area: Construction Law

Location: Montréal and Quebec City

Phone: +1 514 842 7879 | +1 418 650 7082

Email: [email protected]

Jean Patrick Dallaire serves as a strategic advisor, risk analyst, negotiator, writer, and trainer in the legal management of projects, construction documents, and claims, regardless of how the work is completed.

He has appeared in court at all levels, including the Supreme Court of Canada, and he is still involved in the prevention and resolution of construction disputes.

Jean Patrick is the author of numerous publications, conferences, and accredited workshops focusing on industry best practices in contractual and litigation matters.

5. Mylany David

Area: Cannabis Law; Corporate Law; Energy Law

Phone: +1 514 282 7827

Email: [email protected]

Mylany advises real estate promoters, project developers, financial institutions, lessors and lessees on the plethora of issues involved in developing and completing projects, which can include acquiring the necessary land, obtaining environmental permits, securing financing, negotiating purchase and sale agreements, appearing before administrative tribunals, and so on. Mylany negotiates win-win agreements with the buy-in of all stakeholders by identifying and assessing inherent risks after determining the social acceptability of a project.

6. Vincent de l’Étoile

Area: Class Action Litigation; Product Liability Law

Location: Montréal

Phone: +1 514 282 7808

Email: [email protected]

Vincent de l'Étoile is a litigation partner and a member of the firm's Board of Directors. He primarily practices civil and commercial litigation, class actions, product liability, consumer law, and competition law. Vincent is a creative and dedicated lawyer who combines pragmatism and depth to meet the needs of his clients.

He leads cases, advises, and assists his clients in a variety of fields. His practice is primarily focused on defending clients' rights and interests in industries such as banking and payment operations, manufacturing, telecommunications, air transportation, and pharmaceuticals.

7. Caroline Deschênes

Area: Privacy and Data Security Law

Location: Montréal

Phone: +1 438 844 7827

Email: [email protected]

Caroline Deschênes is a partner in Langlois Lawyers' Montréal office. Her practice focuses on civil and commercial litigation, with a particular emphasis on class actions, privacy issues, information access, construction law, product liability, and professional liability. She represents various corporations in Quebec's courts of first instance and appeal, as well as administrative tribunals. Caroline has represented clients in class actions involving personal information protection, pharmaceutical liability, consumer law, and civil liability. She has also testified before disciplinary bodies in cases involving insurers and professionals.

8. Danielle Ferron

Area: Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Location: Montréal

Phone: +1 514 282 7806

Email: [email protected]

Danielle has over 25 years of experience in civil and commercial litigation.Her practice is concentrated in complex commercial litigation files, fraud, anti-piracy, cybercrime, banking litigation, class actions, intellectual property matters, injunctions, seizures, and other urgent and extraordinary remedies such as Anton Piller orders (civil search), Mareva injunctions (asset freezing), and Norwich orders. She not only assists clients in crisis management following cybersecurity incidents (as a breach coach), but she also works with clients upstream as a legal advisor to prepare for potential crisis management.

9. Jean-François Gagnon

Area: Construction Law; Corporate and Commercial Litigation; Director and Officer Liability Practice; Insurance Law; Professional Malpractice Law

Location: Montréal

Phone: +1 514 842 7801 | +1 418 650 7098

Email: [email protected]

Langlois Lawyers' Chief Executive Officer is Jean-François Gagnon.He also serves on the company's Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

His areas of expertise include complex commercial litigation, corporate governance, strategy, crisis management, ethics, and deontology. He has extensive experience in matters involving directors' and officers' liability, non-profit organization management, construction law, and insurance law.

Jean-François also has extensive experience in matters involving professional liability, and has acted in matters involving the liability of directors and officers of financial institutions, lawyers, architects, engineers, and professionals in the medical and hospital fields.

10. Hon. Paul-Arthur Gendreau – Administrative and Public Law

Phone: +1 418 650 7020

Location: Quebec City

Email: [email protected]

On August 19, 1939, he was born. He earned a BA from Laval University in Quebec City and an LL.L. from this university's Faculty of Law in 1963. In 1964, he was admitted to the Québec Bar. From 1964 to 1965, he was a Commonwealth scholar at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has served as Administrator for the Province of Quebec since 2000, in accordance with Section 67 of the 1867 Constitution Act. On April 16, 1986, he was appointed to the Court of Appeal and sworn in on May 6, 1986. On August 30, 2010, he retired from the Court and joined Langlois Lawyers as counsel that fall.

Other best lawyers in Canada

Lucien Godbout – Banking and Finance Law; Corporate Law; Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law

Jean Grégoire – Maritime Law; Transportation Law

Sean Griffin – Appellate Practice; Class Action Litigation; Corporate and Commercial Litigation

William D. Hart – Corporate Law

Tina Hobday – Corporate Governance Practice; Employee Benefits Law

L. Michel Huart – Environmental Law; Railroad Law; Transportation Law

Marie-Hélène Jetté – Labour and Employment Law; Workers’ Compensation Law

Michel Jolin – Administrative and Public Law; Appellate Practice; Corporate and Commercial Litigation; Medical Negligence

Sébastien Laprise – Administrative and Public Law

Valérie Lemaire – Insurance Law; Personal Injury Litigation; Product Liability Law; Professional Malpractice Law

Katherine Loranger – Insurance Law

John G. O’Connor – Energy Law; Maritime Law; Transportation Law

Sophie Perreault – Class Action Litigation; Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Marianne Plamondon – Labour and Employment Law

Richard R. Provost – Construction Law; Insurance Law; Legal Malpractice Law; Product Liability Law; Professional Malpractice Law

Hon. François Rolland – Alternative Dispute Resolution; International Arbitration

André Sasseville – Labour and Employment Law

Éric Savard – Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law

Tommy Tremblay – Corporate and Commercial Litigation; Corporate Governance Practice; Director and Officer Liability Practice

Paule Veilleux – Education Law

Jean-François Vézina – Construction Law; Insurance Law


There are numerous influential and talented lawyers in Canada whose compelling arguments and impeccable credibility have left the entire court speechless. Large clients and businesses hire these attorneys to handle civil, criminal, and corporate cases, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in minutes. Some prominent lawyers have achieved political success in recent years.

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