Call My Agent Season 5. Photo: otakukart
Call My Agent Season 5. Photo: otakukart

This French show is easily one of the best things you can watch on Netflix right now. It seems to be a common theme in 2021 that all the best shows on Netflix are French or not in the English language.

Case in point, two of my favourite shows and also two of the best-performing series on Netflix are Lupin and Call My Agent.

OK, so Season 4 of Call My Agent has just been released on Netflix and it’s already got people talking. Call My Agent’s producers Aurélien Larger and Harold Valentin of Mother Productions revealed to Variety that the fourth season is set to be the show’s final season.

The critically acclaimed dramedy-slash-satire, about a dysfunctional group of ambitious talent agents who manage the careers and clean up the messes of their A-list clientele—featuring real cameos by the likes of Monica Bellucci, Isabelle Huppert, and Charlotte Gainsbourg—while juggling their own personal lives, has been around since 2015 but recently introduced to a wider audience thanks to Netflix. So imagine the disappointment for late entrants to the world of ASK agency, to learn that their new favorite binge was coming to an end: the fourth season, which dropped on the streaming platform in January, was meant to be the series' last and ended, if not necessarily on a happy note, at least with a bit of closure for Andréa, Gabriel, Mathias, and co, according to townandcountrymag.

Is Call My Agent returning for a fifth season?

The French comedy-drama was originally set to end after its fourth series, with the writers saying they felt they had told the story through to its conclusion. But it seems the huge success of the Netflix run has inspired a U turn – the president of Call My Agent’s production company, Thomas Anargyros, confirmed earlier this month that the show would be back for a fifth season and a film. Hooray!

When will Call My Agent season 5 arrive on Netflix?

Speaking on French show Culture Médias, Anargyros announced that Call My Agent would return with a film first, which is currently in development and expected to air in France “probably at the end of the year or the beginning of next year”.

Filming on the fifth series will begin once the film is finished, with the upcoming episodes in an early stage of development at France Televisions according to Variety. However, series creator Dominique Besnehard revealed shortly afterwards that work on season five won’t start “immediately” and that it may be “a few years” until it arrives on our screens.

“All the players are taken everywhere,” he told Europe 1 earlier this month. “Camille Cottin is making a career in the United States, Grégory Montel is touring in London, Stéfi Celma in Italy…”

Besnehard also announced that an English remake of the series, developed by W1A creator John Morton, is due to start filming in May.

For international viewers, there are reports that Netflix is in “very early talks” to pick up streaming rights for the Call My Agent film and/or season five, according to Radiotimes.

Cast & crew

Photo: theguardian
Photo: theguardian

The show mainly revolves around Camille Cottin playing the role of Andrea Martel, Stefi Celma will be seen as Sophia Leprince, Thibault de Montalembert in the role of Mathias Barneville, Laure Calamy will be seen as Noemie Leclerc, Nicolas Maury playing the role of Herve Andre-Jezak, Gregory Montel will be seen as Gabriel Sarda, Assaad Bouab will be seen as Hicham Janowski, Liliane Rovere playing the role of Arlette Azemar, and Fanny Sidney in the role of Camille Valentini as they are the cast of the lead roles.

Ophelia Kolb playing the role of Colette Brancillon, Isabelle Candelier in the role of Annick Valentini, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu will be seen as Catherine Barneville, Francois Civil playing the role of Hippolyte Riviere, Jean-Yves Chatelais playing the role of Francois Brehier, Gabrielle Forest in the role of Helene Kerr, Antoine Croset playing the role of Antoine, Anne Marvin in the role of Elise Formain, Stephane Freiss will be seen as Igor de Series, Sarah Suco playing the role of Justine is present in the recurring roles in this series.

For the supporting and guest roles, Call My Agent always have Dominique Besnehard will be seen as Paul Granier, Maud Amour will be seen as Mathurine, Arben Bajraktaraj Gabor Rajewski, Anthony Sonigo will be seen as Augustin, Robert Plagnol playing the role of Clement, Marie Berto will be seen as Marie-Sophie Garnier, Elise Lhomeau in the role of Clementine, Eric Naggar playing the role of Duplay, Olivia Cote playing Armelle Borzek, Igor Mendjisky playing the role of Stephane Freiss, and Lee Delongin the role of Miranda Jones.

These are some of the prominent actors and actresses who have remained a part of this series, and all of them were completely amazing in all the seasons. They have attracted millions of fans in their fan following throughout the globe after this series as this French series is one of the best and one of the most-watched French series ever released. We have shared all the details about the cast of this series and about the cast and all the other sectors about the new season that the fans of this series should know, Otakukart noted.


Call my agent (Dix pour cent) is a French television series that aired on France 2 on 14 of October in 2015. The basic storyline of this show is A talent agency (Agence Samuel Kerr). ASK is governed by Andrea, Mathias, Gabriel, Arlette. This agency is skillfully combined with art and business tactics by juggling risky situations and defending its business vision.

The sudden death of the agency’s founder makes the story more complex by taking us behind the scenes of a wild world celebrity where every sense of humans constantly collides.

Movie Spinoff

The film spinoff in development, according to Variety, would likely focus on Camille Cottin’s hard-charging character, Andrea. Among the possible storylines, the movie might follow Andrea to New York, somewhere she has previously considered moving in the series in order to work with an American talent agency, where her character would deal with both French and American movie stars. Forget Emily in Paris — Andrea in New York is the cross-cultural fish-out-of-water comedy we need. Imagine her trying to smoke in various public places! Imagine her harsh opinions about Broadway shows! The movie’s currently set to shoot before the end of this year or in early 2022.

Variety describes the fifth season, meanwhile, as “a reboot” that would also take place chronologically after the film, though it is “hoped the key cast members will also return for the new season.” It’s hard to know exactly what that all means, but it seems as if the new season will focus on a new set of agents in a new firm (after all, that was Camille’s plan in the season four finale), with the original characters checking in every once in a while. Call it Dix Pour Cent: Le New Class, Vulture wrote.

Has season 5 cancelled?

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

The ending of a hit show with just four seasons came as a big shocker for fans. However, you should know that the show hasn’t been cancelled. The producers decided they’d told the stories they wanted to and that it was the right time to end the show.

“With these characters, we feel we’ve told what needed to be told,” Valentin told Variety. “Rather than do something like The Good Wife where we split the team and create an antagonist or enemy, we are happy with what we’re doing. It’s the right time to close the show.” He added, “We’re very happy with these four seasons and to move on to new shows.” Blogtobollywood reported.

About season 5

According to reports, Netflix is now making both a spin-off and 5th season of this show with the same production team.

The 5th spin-off would mainly focus on the development of Camille Cottin’s character as Andrea. It is assumed the movie might come after Andrea to new york as previously she has considered working with an American talent agency. It is a reboot that would make sense chronology after the Film.

There is no confirmed information on the release date of season 5 yet. But it is confirmed that we would see a thrilling and exciting series of calling my agent with the interaction of new agents with Andrea on Netflix, Oracleglobe cited.

Call My Agent season 5 trailer

France 2 has not released a trailer for the Call My Agent film or season five yet, but keep tabs on this page as we’ll update it whenever teaser clips are released.

Where can I stream the four seasons of Call My Agent?

Luckily for you, all four seasons of Call My Agent including the latest, released last month are on Netflix. Each season has six episodes. Netflix, which streamed all four seasons of the show, is in very early talks to board the film and/or season 5.

Call My Agent Seaon 4

French television series 'Call My Agent!" built a steady following over the last few years with its first three seasons owing to it's acerbic, witty and sharp humour.The series, that gives a behind-the-scenes look at showbiz, follows the tumultuous and sprightly lives of talent agents who work in an agency in Paris called ASK (Agence Samuel Kerr). Right from season one, as ASK'S owner Samuel meets with a freak accident leading to his death while on vacation, the agency's main contention has been how to survive in the cut throat world of managing actors and artists.Add to that, simmering rivalries between the colleaguesthemselves, who are now vying for the top position. Manipulations, backstabbing, calculated risks all come to the fore as Andrea (Camille Cottin), Mathias (Thibault de Montalembert),Gabriel (Gregory Montel) and Arlette (Liliane Rovere) navigate their way through demanding clients and crazy work schedules, And while that by itself is engaging enough, every episode of 'Call My Agent!' has a star guest appearance, whose track is seamlessly weaved into the storyline. So from the likes of Juliette Binoche to Monica Belluci and Isabelle Huppert the series has seen an enviable line up of celebrity cameos. But in no way does it take away from the individual storylines of the main characters, whether it is the senior agents trying to fight it out amongst themselves or the lives of their assistants - Camille (Fanny Sidney), Noemie (Laure Calamy) and Herve (Nicolas Maury), who form their own little clique. Of course, there are romances brewing over wine, croissants and coffee. Some betrayals, and heartbreaks too, Indiatimes wrote.

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