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Public Transport in Germany

Whether you are a tourist or an expat, you may be perplexed by Germany's public transportation system. KnowInsider.com walks you through and demystifies the structure and operation of public transportation in Germany.

Public Transport in Germany

Public transportation is generally very good in Germany and Europe, effectively connecting smaller towns along the way as well as areas inside of major cities. It has a stellar reputation for being trustworthy, cozy, and reasonably quick.

Although Germans are known for loving their cars, the majority of city dwellers, especially foreigners, choose to use public transportation such as buses, trams, and urban/suburban rail lines on a daily basis.

Smaller towns lack the variety of public transportation options that larger cities offer, but even the smallest towns have a bus system.

Means of Transportation in Germany

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There are four different public transportation options available in the major cities. The Rapid Transit System, which includes 13 S-Bahn systems and five U-Bahn systems that operate underground in the city center and above ground toward the suburbs, is the fastest and most widely used.

U-Bahn (subway/underground)

The Untergrundbahn, also known as U-Bahn, is the underground rapid transit system found in the majority of German urban areas. They travel underground in the center of the city, rising to the surface as they approach the edges.

S-Bahn (suburban commuter rail)

This railway serves suburban areas and close-by towns in addition to city centers. In larger cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and others, express trains that travel from the city center all the way out to the suburbs run flawlessly.

Bus & Tram

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Buses are a fantastic option for transportation at night. In Germany, bus stops are identified by a capital H. The number of operating bus systems in a city rises with its size. Trams are used in addition to buses because they can move more quickly because they follow their own tracks and are largely unaffected by other traffic. Sometimes they run beneath city centers. Drivers of buses and trams typically only offer single tickets and day passes.

Stadtbahn (light rail)

Similar to the U-Bahn but primarily used in suburbs and over ground, some major cities also have this mode of transportation known as Stadtbahn or light rail. The frequency, which runs every 10 to 20 minutes, is also pleasing.


Types of tickets

Only two or three stops on a single mode of transportation are covered by short trip tickets.

Single tickets typically have a time limit (often 90 minutes) on their validity. You may switch between modes of transportation as often as required to complete your trip, but you must always stay inside the legal zone(s).

You are allowed unlimited travel within certain zones with day tickets for either a full day or a 24-hour period. Tickets frequently allow travel until 2 or 3 a.m. the following day so that customers can get home from a night out.

Week tickets are good for a week in the designated zones. Longer-validity tickets (such as a month pass) are also available, but you typically have to buy them directly from a ticket office employee.

If you are traveling in a group of three or more, a group day ticket offers excellent value for your money. They typically provide unlimited travel for a day or 24 hours within predetermined zones for groups of up to five people.

How to buy a ticket

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All tram, U-Bahn, and S-Bahn stations have ticket machines where you can purchase a ride. The language of the device can be changed to English.

On buses, you can purchase a ticket directly from the driver. Major stations typically have a ticket office with a staff where you can purchase any kind of ticket, including season tickets. The majority of transport companies now provide E-tickets through an app.


Don't be alarmed by the German ticket machine; simply press the English language switcher button and begin considering your options.

You won't be in the least bit perplexed by the machine's straightforward German display. Ask anyone for assistance or go to the DB Info counter if you are still having trouble.

Validating tickets is required prior to travel. To accomplish this, visit the yellow or red boxes on the platforms and obtain a stamp. The driver of a bus or tram does it manually. A ticket that is not stamped upon inspection is invalid, and you will be fined about 40 euros.
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