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25 Interesting Facts about Germany   Swedish Nomad
Top Interesting Facts About Germany Today - Photo: DW

What do you know about Germany? Here’s a list of 17 Interesting facts about Germany and the Germans that you probably didn’t know!

1. Over 800 million currywursts are eaten in Germany each year

The currywurst is one of Germany's many favorite sausages, and these days it's also possible to find vegetarian or vegan versions of the dish. I'd venture to guess that the vast majority of Germans also take pleasure in the occasional currywurst.

About 10 currywursts per person per year comes to 800 million per year. Among the numerous fascinating information about Germany.

2. German inventions that have changed the world

Germans have made several important scientific and technological contributions throughout history. The automobile, bacteriology, book printing, the phonograph, the refrigerator, the television, and Albert Einstein's theory of relativity are just a handful of the most prominent.

Fill up your tank or make sure you have enough to get you to the next petrol station. Running out of gas on the Autobahn is a major traffic violation. The amount of the fine ranges from €30 to €70, depending on the circumstances.

3. It’s illegal to run out of fuel in the German Autobahn

Be sure to fill up your tank or have enough left until the next gas station. It’s against the law to run out of fuel while driving on the Autobahn. The fine can be from €30 up to €70 depending on the case.

4. Germany has officially abolished college tuition fees

In 16 of Germany's federal states, residents at public universities no longer have to pay tuition as of the 2014 school year. In other words, besides a nominal per-semester fee to cover administrative and other costs, attendance would be completely free.

Everyone, not just Germans, can come to the country and enroll in a public university.

5. Germans are brutally honest and precise

25 Interesting Facts about Germany   Swedish Nomad
Photo: Euronews

The honesty of the German people is something I greatly admire. Truth hurts if you can't take it, but I believe it's better to tell it straight out in the long run.

Also, many Germans strike me as being detail-oriented. Everything will be precise and in accordance with the rules if you ask for it. This leads to stability and confidence, which is great.

6. They have the best Christmas markets in the world

Going to a European Christmas market, and in especially a German one, is one of my favorite things to do in the winter.

The history of German Christmas markets can be traced back to the 1300s and 1400s. Dresden, Augsburg, Berlin, Dortmund, and Cologne host some of Germany's most well-known Christmas celebrations.

One of the best parts about visiting the Christmas markets is drinking Glüwhein.

7. Germans have one of the world’s best passports

They have the third best passport in the world. Germans can travel to 126 countries around the world without a visa, and to 36 additional countries, they can get a visa on arrival.

25 Interesting Facts about Germany   Swedish Nomad
Photo: Business Insider

8. 65% of the Autobahn has no speed limit

Unless otherwise posted, the maximum allowed speed on the Autobahn is 130 kilometers per hour. Don't be surprised if you see someone going above 200 kph on the Autobahn, though; the speed limit isn't enforced on 65% of the highway.

Nonetheless, most people drive at a typical pace of around 130 km/h, and there are multiple lanes, so you shouldn't feel compelled to go any faster than is comfortable for you.

9. More than 6 million liters of beer is being drunk at Oktoberfest each year

Germans love their beer and Oktoberfest is one of the major events yearly where many people dress up in the traditional costume, tracht, dirndl, and lederhosen while drinking delicious beer!

10. Germans are great at recycling

I bet you didn't realize that Germany has the best recycling rates in the world. In the realm of renewable energy, they are likewise making significant progress. Strong government policy and residents that care about the environment and want to take their duty in recycling for a better planet Earth have sparked a surge of recycling and renewable energy.

11. It’s the largest economy in the EU

It’s the major economic powerhouse in the European Union, and also one of the largest economies in the world!

12. Almost everything is closed on Sundays

On German Sundays, you'll be hard-pressed to find any establishments open beyond eateries and 24-hour convenience stores and gas stations. On Sundays, there is no place to shop, not even for groceries.

The word "Ruhetag," which means "resting day," is where the idea originated. It was always the law in the countryside that businesses couldn't be open on Sundays so that people could enjoy a day of relaxation and not have to work seven days a week.

One of the many fascinating things about Germany, in a time when shops and malls in almost every country are open on Sundays.

13. Prostitution is legal and considered a real job

25 Interesting Facts about Germany   Swedish Nomad

It’s legal with prostitution in Germany, as are all aspects of the sex industry, including brothels, advertisement, and job offers through HR companies. The sex-workers pay tax just like any regular worker.

There are about 400 000 sex-workers, whereas about 60% are from foreign countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Where Prostitution Is Legal In Germany Where Prostitution Is Legal In Germany

14. Hamburgers come from Germany

Thought hamburgers was an American invention? Guess again. Hamburgers origin from the German city Hamburg, so if you like burgers, of course, you have to make a visit to Hamburg!

15. One-third of the country is still covered in Forest and Woodland

Many Germans appreciate to be out in nature, and no wonder, one-third of Germany is covered in forest and woodland. In addition to forest and woodland, you also have many lakes with beautiful scenery scattered around the country.

16. The capital city of modern Germany has changed seven times

Aachen served as Germany's capital throughout the Carolingian era. Germany has had several different capital cities over the years, including Regensburg, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Berlin, Weimar, and Bonn. The government has been headquartered in Berlin since 1990.

17.The thumb stands for one in Germany

In order to order just one of something (a beer, for example) in a restaurant, cafe, or bar, you should use your thumb instead of your index finger. Thumb and index finger are used to indicate a request for two items, whereas thumb, index, and middle finger are used to indicate a request for three. To see how important this is, watch this scene from Inglourious Basterds.

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