At age 40, don't falter; At age 50, don't be greedy and At age 60, refrain from indulging
Life lessons: How to live peacefully from middle age

At Age of 40: Never Give up

When they are young, most people strive to achieve their own professional goals. However, not everyone has the courage to face all difficulties and challenges; many people simply give up or start over.

Many people believe that once they reach the age of 40, they should rest. However, now is still the time to try in your career. We should not falter, but rather face pressure with confidence. This is the time when our minds are still sharp and our health has not yet deteriorated, allowing us to contribute and outperform ourselves.

At this age, many people achieve admirable things. If we do not make an effort, we will most likely fall behind.

At Age of 50: Don't be Greedy

Our health gradually deteriorates after the age of 50. Furthermore, many people now have stable careers after years of work. Therefore, when we reach the age of fifty, we should not be greedy.

At this age, everyone should understand what is sufficient. You are a happy person when you believe that your life has valuable "assets". If we are greedy and seek distant values, we will not value what we have. Instead of expecting luxuries, cherish what you already have.

Many people want to avoid failure, so they venture into big business at the age of 50. However, now is not the best time for you to trade. Your agility and health are currently not as good as they were. It is difficult for you to "win" in the market, especially given the fierce competition from the young workforce.

As a result, at this age, you should live a peaceful life rather than becoming greedy for things you do not own. Only then will you be able to relax and enjoy your retirement years.

At Age of 60: Don't Indulge Yourself

When a person reaches retirement age, they have more time to enjoy life. We are currently focused on maintaining our health rather than making or saving money. People over 60 are most concerned about their health and longevity.

Because they have so much free time, many people develop their own hobbies. However, wise people will only pursue hobbies and interests that are healthy and beneficial to their health. Many other people gamble and use stimulants, which disrupts their lives. When people indulge excessively, they can easily lose themselves. Their finances, health, and even longevity are all impacted negatively.

In general, at age 60 and up, we should live a peaceful life by avoiding negative pleasures. We can love ourselves while avoiding bad habits.

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