Life lesson: Really smart people are constantly "hungry"
Only by remaining hungry can you continue to work hard and move closer to your goals

Once upon a time, a wealthy man wrote down the secret to becoming wealthy before his death and kept it in a safe. He promised that whoever guessed correctly would inherit his entire fortune. Many people have provided answers, some citing opportunity and others speculating on skill, but none of them are correct.

It wasn't until this wealthy man died that the secret to getting rich in the safe was discovered. The secret is to remain "hungry".

"Hunger" makes a person dissatisfied with the status quo and motivated to achieve a goal. As the ancient Greek sages said, "Progress comes from hunger." People who are truly talented know how to stay "hungry".

Feeling hungry is a precursor to getting better.

One writer stated, "The "big rock" standing between you and continued success is losing motivation to succeed. You are "full" and unwilling to take risks.

In 1925, American scientist McKay conducted an experiment in which a litter of newborn mice was divided into two groups. He fed the first group of rats until they were completely full, while the second group was only 60% full.

As a result, over time, the first group of mice became sluggish, lethargic, aged, and had dull fur. The mice in the second group were agile and active, with powerful muscles and bright, smooth fur. Furthermore, McKay discovered that the average lifespan of the first group of mice was only 1,000 days, whereas the average lifespan of the second group of mice was more than 2,000 days. It turned out that a lack of food made the mice in group 2 constantly hungry, which made them more active.

In fact, people who have experienced "fullness" will find it difficult to continue mobilizing all of their talents and energies in order to move forward and accept risks.

Only by maintaining a sense of "hunger" will you have the strength and courage to fight and rise to new heights in life. When one's wish is big enough, you will be rewarded. When people are dissatisfied with the status quo and want to improve themselves, they will continue to outperform themselves, thereby opening the door to better opportunities.

On the other hand, when people achieve some level of success in their careers, their ambitions shift to "full" mode. After a short period of experiencing the world, they believe they understand the laws of nature and stop moving forward.

Fake satisfaction will only deflate people, leaving them paralyzed and unable to move forward. Only by maintaining a sense of "hunger" can we continue to progress and live a more abundant life.

Always aim to stand out and not be left out

In an era where everything changes and evolves on a daily basis, if you are not determined to renew yourself and are unprepared, you will be eliminated from the game, whether by humans or artificial intelligence. People who constantly live in the past, abandon learning and progress, and lose sight of the importance of innovating themselves will only fall behind and be unable to keep up with scientific and technological advancements. Technology was crushed by the wheels of time.

"Exam cram king" Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, stated that you must always become motivated. Self-motivation entails constantly absorbing new ideas and constantly stepping outside of your comfort zone."

No matter how stable your current situation is, you can only stand out if you constantly strive to improve. The world's largest prison is not a cell behind bars, but rather human satisfaction. When we are content with our comfortable lives, our ability to detect and respond to new trends is greatly reduced. If we become stuck in that so-called "stability" and stop updating and progressing, we will almost certainly be quietly pushed out by time.

Regardless of your age, staying hungry will always allow you to face changes with a positive attitude. This way, you can not only become a highlight, but also a powerful wave that propels a new trend. Whether you're in hot water or not, getting out of your comfort zone and remaining "hungry" will help you gain motivation in life.

Do three things well to become an enthusiastic and dynamic individual

Zeng Guofan once put it this way: "There is no one who cannot endure hunger and cold on normal days, but can suddenly endure hunger and cold when facing the enemy."

Life is an endurance run, not a 100-meter race. Only by maintaining a constant sense of "hunger" will we be able to keep up with the long race of life while remaining calm.

To become a person who is always hungry and passionate about this life, do three things well:

Set long-term goals

If a person knows where they want to go, even if it is thousands of miles away, they will get there eventually. The difference is simply a little faster or slower, a little earlier or later.

Long-term goals can provide motivation and help us stay on track throughout our journey. The desire for a goal will help us clearly define the direction in our hearts, igniting ambition, mobilizing all of our talents, and making our lives more extraordinary.

Develop a habit of regular innovation

Many people learn a lot during their first year or two at work, but then the work becomes monotonous day after day. That is because they are not in the habit of constantly innovating.

Those who are better than us continue to learn. Learning not only improves our cognitive abilities, but it can also enhance our temperament. Develop the habit of continuous learning and a thirst for new knowledge, and you will pave the way for a more diverse future.

Use a vision board to motivate yourself

In this life, it makes no difference whether you are temporarily ahead or behind; what matters is that you always make an effort. In life, we all experience periods of stagnation, when we become depressed and lack motivation.

At this point, we can try creating a "vision board" to motivate ourselves. You can select photos from real life or the Internet that correspond to your ideals, photos of people you admire, or photos that excite you, print them, and paste them on a piece of paper or drawing board.

You can easily relate to their admirable work and draw inspiration from outstanding people when you look at the vision board. Only by consistently pushing yourself can you awaken your desires and potential, break free from the cycle of low energy, and overcome adversity.

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