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Acorn TV in October 2023: Full Schedule and Highlights (Update)
Acorn TV October 2023 - Full Schedeles and Highlights

Acorn TV October 2023 (Update)

We will fully update the Acorn TV broadcast schedule in October 2023 in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. later.

Acorn.TV, Prime Video Channels, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity, iOS, Android, Cox, and more all offer the Acorn TV October 2023 titles.

The Acorn TV October 2023 schedule includes Harry Wild Season 2, Candice Renoir Season 7, The Chase, new episodes of Mrs Sidhu Investigates, and The Terror Season 1.

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Acorn TV October 2023 Highlights and Premiere Full Schedule


Candice Renoir Series 7 streaming on Acorn TV UK from Monday 2 October

For a seventh season, the French crime drama will air new episodes.

Early departure from her honeymoon allows Canice Renoir (Cécile Bois) to resume her detective work. As Candice travels back and forth from Paris to try to reopen a cold case, she has time to consider: What is it that she really wants? To reconcile with her ex-lover or establish a happy blended family with her husband?

To stay in her current position or to accept one with more authority and responsibility? She can certainly respond to these questions with the same common sense, keen observations, and practical nature that she uses to solve challenging cases. These qualities have been honed by a busy mother's life.

Series 7 of Candice Renoir premieres on Monday 2 October 2023 on Acorn TV UK

FearFest on Acorn TV: The Terror – Season 1 Debuts Monday, October 2

The Terror is a supernatural thriller based on a true story that follows a crew from the Royal Navy on a perilous expedition into uncharted territory in search of the Northwest Passage. The crew is pushed to the point of extinction by hazardous conditions, scarce supplies, waning hope, and fear of the unknown.

The Terror, which depicts a group of men who are frozen, alone, and stuck at the end of the world, highlights all that can go wrong when they struggle to survive not only with the environment but also with one another. starring Tobias Menzies from The Crown and Mad Men's Jared Harris. Shudder and AMC+ premieres on September 25 as well.


Harry Wild Series 2 UK Premiere 9 October on Acorn TV

Acorn TV in October 2023: Full Schedule and Highlights (Update)
Harry Wild Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed by Acorn TV

When Harry Wild Season 2 debuts next month, Jane Seymour will once again be working the case.

The Irish mystery-thriller series will make a comeback on Monday, October 9, 2023, with a two-episode premiere, only on Acorn TV.

The brand-new episodes will also be broadcast on Acorn TV in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Paul Tylak (Kin), Amy Huberman (Striking Out, Cold Feet), and Rose O'Neill are included in the supporting cast.

Harry Wild is produced by Dynamic Television.

Co-producing is Acorn Media Enterprises.

Executive producers for the second season include Jane Seymour, Daniel March, Klaus Zimmermann, James Gibb, Morgan O'Sullivan, James Flynn, Bea Hammer, and Catherine Mackin. David Logan, writer Jo Spain, and James Gibb are the show's creators and writers.

With the aid of her young partner Fergus Reid (Rohan Nedd, Whitstable Pearl), Harry Wild (Jane Seymour), a retired literature professor, has taken up an unusual hobby in retirement: working as a private investigator.

To the dismay of Harry's son, Dublin Garda detective Charlie (Kevin Ryan, Guilt), they collaborate to solve everything from missing person cases to homicides. What are Fergus's mother's true intentions in the second season when she unexpectedly returns to her family after having left them for so long? Can he put his trust in her?

Harry Wild Series 2 premieres on Monday 9 October on Acorn TV UK.

Mrs Sidhu Investigates Season 1 (Acorn TV Original) – New Episodes Premiere Mondays Through October 9

Mrs. Sidhu Investigates, a popular BBC 4 radio series adaptation, centers on Mrs. Sidhu (Meera Syal, The Kumars at No. 42, Yesterday, Anita and Me), a high-end caterer with a penchant for solving heinous crimes among the wealthy Berkshire residents.

Her abilities as an investigator—an instinct for the truth, a warmth with people, and a persistent sense of nosiness—have improved over a lifetime of living as a "Indian Aunty," invisible to the elite. Mrs. Sidhu, who was recently widowed, balances running her new catering company with controlling her errant son Tez (Gurjeet Singh, Ackley Bridge), all while dishing out justice to those who think they are above the law.

The world-weary DCI Burton (Craig Parkinson, Line of Duty, Grace), who reluctantly accepts that together, they're an unbeatable crime fighting duo, is amused by her forays into crime, much to the chagrin of his partner, DS Mint (Naana Agyei-Ampadu, Death in Paradise).

The Mrs. Sidhu Investigates Season 1: Last episode on Monday, October 9

Acorn TV in October 2023: Full Schedule and Highlights (Update)
Mrs Sidhu Investigates

Mrs Sidhu Investigates, an Acorn TV Original, premieres, Monday, September 18, exclusively on Acorn TV. New episodes drop weekly on Mondays through October 9.

The new Acorn TV show Mrs. Sidhu Investigates is ideal for Agatha Raisin and anything with female sleuths fans. When will the series finale air since new episodes are released each week?

Check out Mrs. Sidhu Investigates if you're in the mood for a quirky British crime mystery series. For fans of anything featuring a female sleuth, the first episode is now streaming on Acorn TV.

This Acorn TV Original Series is being released every week, just like many others. The first episode is available to watch right now, but you'll undoubtedly want to know when the finale will air. Although the show follows a mystery-of-the-week format, there are some personal storylines that we are particularly interested in following throughout the season.

This series consists of only four episodes. Because every episode airs on a Monday, it's very simple to determine when the finale will be broadcast.

The final episode will be available on Acorn TV on Monday, October 9. If binge-watching is your preferred method of viewing, this is the time to do it. After that, we'll have to wait and see if the show is picked up for a second season. We undoubtedly believe that it needs to be renewed.

Acorn TV in October 2023: Full Schedule and Highlights (Update)
Mrs Sidhu Investigates: Naana Agyei Ampadu as DS Mint, Craig Parkinson as DCI Burton — Photo Credit: Guido Mandozzi / Acorn TV

The Season 1 cast includes Gordon Kennedy (Robin Hood), Tori Allen-Martin (London Kills), Aaron Heffernan (Brassic), Andrea Lowe (DCI Banks), Jo Martin (Doctor Who), Clive Russell (Doc Martin), Sara Stewart (Queens of Mystery), and Zoe Telford (Unforgotten), amongst others.


The Chase Series 1 (16 October 2023)

The Chase, a family drama from the BBC from 2006, is debuting on Acorn TV.

In the family-run veterinary clinic Chevin Chase in Yorkshire, arguments frequently break out and backstabbing is accepted as normal.

After George Williams (Keith Barron) announces his retirement, Anna Williams (Gaynor Faye), who is pregnant, and her estranged sister Sara (Nicola Stephenson), are left to pick up the pieces of the failing practice. The staff must deal with their own problems, including escalating tensions, personality conflicts, and the disclosure of dark secrets, despite being surrounded by a variety of animal diseases.

The Chase Series 1 premieres on Monday 16 October 2023 on Acorn TV UK.

Thriller Series Angela Black streaming on Acorn TV UK from 16 October

Angela Black, a six-part 2021 ITV thriller, debuts on Acorn TV as a complete series.

Angela Black (Joanne Froggatt, Downton Abbey) appears to be having a great time. She has two sons, a hard-working husband, and a lovely suburban home in London. On the outside, Angela seems to have the ideal life, but in reality, her domineering husband Oliver (Michael Huisman) is abusing her. Angela is forced to choose between putting up with Oliver's abuse and putting her faith in Ed, a private eye played by Samuel Adewunmi, who has told her all of Oliver's dirty little secrets.

Angela Black premieres on Monday 16 October 2023 on Acorn TV UK.

Black Snow – Binge

The 1994 murder of 17-year-old Isabel Baker shocked Ashford and hurt the community of Australian South Sea Islanders. The case was never solved, and the murderer was never apprehended, but 25 years later, the discovery of a secret during the opening of a time capsule sends Detective James Cormack (Travis Fimmel, Vikings) on the hunt.

The Chase Season 1 – Binge

In the market town of Oxley, George Williams and his daughter Anna run the Chevin Chase Veterinary Practice. With three kids, a fourth on the way, a struggling practice, and a wedding to plan, Anna has her hands full. Sparks fly when Sarah, her sister with the designer lifestyle, flies in from London for the first time in a long time with a secret that could split their family apart—and it has nothing to do with cows and cats!


Harry Wild Season 2 (Acorn TV Original) – New Episodes on Mondays

Episode 4

When an old friend is framed for murder, Orla must ask the last person she wants to for help—Harry (Jane Seymour, The Kominsky Method; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Live and Let Die).

The Sommerdahl Murders Season 4 (Acorn TV Original) – Binge

Detective Dan Sommerdahl, Detective Flemming Torp, and their wife Marianne, a criminal technician, are conducting homicide investigations in a lovely Danish coastal town.

But Dan's years of dedication to the job have damaged his marriage, and now that Marianne wants a divorce, Dan learns that his best friend is actually competing for her affections. And in order to solve crimes, everyone still needs to cooperate. *Language: Danish Drama


The Holiday streaming on Acorn TV UK from 30 October

Acorn TV UK premieres the recent four-part Channel 5 thriller The Holiday.

The idea was to spend a week in the sun together as a big group, creating memories. The four long-time friends are looking forward to spending some quality time together in their brand-new, ultra-luxurious villa. Thoughts of Sean (Owen McDonnell, Killing Eve) cheating on Kate (Jill Halfpenny, The Drowning) arise when they arrive at the location.

The once-fantastic trip becomes a nightmare for Kate when she starts to believe the other woman is one of her closest friends. But which one specifically? In the scorching heat of the Mediterranean, Kate discovers that the stakes are much higher than she initially believed as she gets closer to the truth. It's possible that someone in the villa would kill to keep their secret a secret.

The Holiday premieres on Monday 30 October 2023 on Acorn TV UK.

Harry Wild Season 2 (Acorn TV Original) – New Episodes on Mondays

Episode 5

The fun dies at a hotel’s murder-mystery party as participants realize a murderer lurks among them.

Mayflies (Acorn TV Exclusive) – Binge

In a small Scottish town in 1986, James (Martin Compston, Line of Duty, The Nest) and Tully (Tony Curran, Your Honor, Ray Donovan) developed a friendship. They promise to each other that they will approach life differently one weekend.

The phone then rings after 30 years and halfway through a life. The worst kind of news is what Tully has. Ashley Jensen (Agatha Raisin, Ugly Betty) is also included.

Acorn TV September 2023 – Full List and Schedule

Wondering what else you’ll be able to watch on Acorn TV this month? Here’s the full list of new Acorn TV shows streaming in September 2023:

Released September 4

The Chelsea Detective, Season 2: Episode 2 – “Golden Years” (Acorn TV Original)

Released September 11

Spirit of Winter

The Chelsea Detective, Season 2: Episode 3 – “The Reliable Witness” (Acorn TV Original)

Released September 18

Mrs Sidhu Investigates: SERIES PREMIERE (Acorn TV Original)

The Chelsea Detective, Season 2: Episode 4 – “A Crime of Passion” (Acorn TV Original)

Released September 25

Mrs Sidhu Investigates: Episode 2 (Acorn TV Original)

The Dry

The Trip, Seasons 1-4

Top Best Acorn TV Shows

While many shows on Acorn TV are enjoyable, a select few truly shine. In the United States, many of them can only be found on the streaming service.

My Life is Murder — Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) stars in this Australian drama. She plays a retired police detective who is constantly being called in to help solve murders.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries — Set in Melbourne, Australia, in the 1920s, this series centers on a glamourous female detective, Phryne Fisher, trying to prove herself in a profession ruled mostly by men.

Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries — A spinoff of the series centers on Miss Fisher’s niece Peregrine who also tries her hand in the detective game, this time in the swinging 1960s.

Queens of Mystery — A modern female detective in the UK gets help in crime-solving from her three aunts.

Foyle’s War – The long-running UK mystery series that centers on a quiet but determined detective during and after World War II.

Blood – In a small town in Ireland, a doctor’s wife has just died. Everyone in town believes it was an accident, but the doctor’s daughter thinks otherwise.

Deadwater Fell — David Tennant (Doctor Who) and Cush Jumbo (The Good Fight) star in this mystery thriller. Set in a small town in Scotland, the residents have to deal with the mass murder of an entire family by someone trusted in the community.

Gold Digger — Julia Ormond plays a 60-year-old woman who begins an affair with a man that’s 25 years younger than her.

Dead Still — In late 19th century Ireland, a photographer that takes pictures of dead bodies becomes a suspect in a murder case himself.

Keeping Faith — Eve Myles (Torchwood) stars as a lawyer whose husband suddenly goes missing. She then learns that the small Wales town she lives in has lots of secrets.

Close to the Enemy — This post-World War II spy tale centers on a British officer trying to convince a captured German scientist to create a jet aircraft engine.

Harry Wild — Jane Seymour plays a retired literature professor named Harriet “Harry” Wild who decides to help solve crimes, much to the chagrin of her son, a Dublin police detective.

The Straits — You can catch Succession’s Brian Cox in an earlier role in this series, as the head of an Australian crime family.

Agatha Raisin — Extras’ Ashley Jensen stars as a city woman who retires to a small town, and quickly becomes an amateur detective for the community.

Darby and Joan — A woman looking to solve her husband’s murder teams up with an ex-detective in the Australian outback.

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