Acorn TV in August 2023 - Full Schedule and Highlights
Full Schedule and Highlights of Acorn TV in August 2023
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The movies that will be available in August on the AMC-owned streaming service have been announced by Acorn TV. The Acorn TV August 2023 schedule complements the service's extensive selection of well-regarded dramas in English and other languages, entertaining comedies, documentaries, and more.

The Great Train Robbery, The Chelsea Detective Season 2, new episodes of Murdoch Mysteries Season 16, One Lane Bridge Season 3, and other programs are on the Acorn TV August 2023 schedule.

Acorn.TV, Prime Video Channels, Apple TV, Roku, YouTube TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity, iOS, Android, Cox, and other platforms all offer the Acorn TV August 2023 titles.

Acorn TV August 2023: Highlights

The Chelsea Detective Season 2 (Acorn TV Original) – New Season Premieres Monday, August 28

Detective Inspector Max Arnold (Adrian Scarborough, Killing Eve) and the team have new cases to look into in the second season of the four 90-minute episodes as Detective Sergeant Layla Walsh (Vanessa Emme, Dublin Murders) transfers to Chelsea CID from Exeter. Although Layla is not naive or wide-eyed about life in London, she still occasionally rolls her eyes at the worst excesses in Chelsea because she is an outsider.

She is passionate about her work and gives the group a clear "let's go!" attitude. Layla isn't afraid to ask direct questions and to speak her mind, whether she's interrogating a person of interest or the team's investigative process.

This season, DI Max Arnold will have to deal with four brand-new mysteries. Olivia joins Ashley, Jess, Connor, and Astrid in their return to take us inside Chelsea's glitzy, fashionable world and reveal the darkness that lurks there.

The team explores the world of art, opulent retirement living, rowing, psychotherapy, tailoring, and dating in season two.

Acorn TV in August 2023: Full Schedule and Highlights (Update)
The Chelsea Detective, DI Max Arnold, is back and bringing Chelsea's powerful and wealthy people to justice. Only on Acorn TV, Season 2 debuts on August 28!

The four feature-length episodes were written by Glen Laker (Vera, Prime Suspect), Peter Fincham, Liz Lake (Riviera, Call the Midwife), and Laura Poliakoff (Devils) and were created and executive produced by Emmy Award-winning Peter Fincham (The Lost Prince, Smack the Pony, I'm Alan Partridge).

Ella Kelly (Death in Paradise, Midsomer Murders) is the show's producer. The films' directors are Sarah Esdaile (Call the Midwife) and Richard Signy (Death in Paradise, Silent Witness).

Expectation, a BBC Studios-backed independent production company, Germany's ZDF, and Acorn TV's Acorn Media Enterprises are the producers of The Chelsea Detective. The show's exclusive home in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand is Acorn TV.

The series is distributed internationally by BBC Studios, and this month at MIPCOM 2022, the show will be presented to international buyers for the first time.

‘Granite Harbour’

Acorn TV in August 2023: Full Schedule and Highlights (Update)
Granite Harbour

Following agreements with Eccho Rights, BritBox International in the US and Canada and Acorn TV in Australia and New Zealand have acquired the British crime drama Granite Harbour.

The series, which was created by LA Productions in collaboration with Dopamine, premiered on BBC1 and BBC Scotland in December 2022.

The three-part (or two-part) drama centers on a rookie Aberdeen police officer who is thrown into the fire on his first day of work when a prominent figure is discovered dead.

The program will debut on BritBox on August 1 in the US and Canada before coming to Acorn TV later that season.

"Viewers in the UK loved this fish out of water story, and we can't wait to share it with audiences in North America, Australia, and New Zealand," declared Lucy Roberts, director of sales at Eccho Rights.

Acorn TV August 2023 Premiere Full Schedule for Viewers in, UK, Australia, US & Canada

A comprehensive look at the Acorn TV premiere schedule for the month of August 2023.


A Tale of Two Thieves

In the English countryside in 1963, fifteen men committed "The Great Train Robbery," stealing the equivalent of $ 85 million in today's dollars.

For the first time ever, Gordon Goody, one of the perpetrators of the crime, is seen in this amazing movie revealing the identity of the elusive and enigmatic "Ulsterman," the missing mastermind behind Britain's most infamous heist.

Murdoch Mysteries Season 16 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episodes on Mondays

Episode 21, “Murder in F Major”

Murdoch investigates (Yannick Bisson) when Toronto’s new symphony director is strangled at a reception.

The Great Train Robbery

In this two-part series, Luke Evans (Beauty and the Beast) plays the leader of a gang of 15 robbers who attacked a train in 1963 and made off with more than £2.6 million. The incident is known as the Great Train Robbery.

Part One tells the tale from the perspective of the robbers, going into detail about how the robbery was conceptualized, planned, practiced, and carried out.

The focus of Part Two is on the police investigation into the robbery, which is being overseen by London DCS Tommy Butler (Jim Broadbent, Moulin Rouge), as the team of detectives tries to track down every offender and bring them to justice before they leave England.

The Lost King

Based on the true story of an amateur British historian’s (Sally Hawkins, The Shape of Water) unlikely – and ultimately successful – quest to find the lost remains of King Richard III’s remains.


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 16 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episode on Mondays

Episode 22, “Scents and Sensibility”

Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) suspects a bride who suddenly died before her wedding was poisoned by her perfume.

One Lane Bridge Season 3

Since Detective Sergeant Ariki Davis (Dominic Ona-Ariki, The Commons) used police work and his second sight to identify the killer of his best friend Joe Turner on One Lane Bridge, things have been a little bumpy.

Now that Stephen Tremaine (Joel Tobeck, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King) has left a mess behind, everything at Queenstown CIB has changed.

After being shocked by the conflict of interest that led to the dismissal of the homicide case against Lois Tremaine (Alison Bruce, Golden Boy), Ariki is demoted to routine police work until he can impress his obstinate new female boss, Senior Sergeant Pounamu Edwards.


Murdoch Mysteries Season 16 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episodes Weekly on Mondays

Episode 23, “The Long Goodbye, Part One”

Murdoch’s (Yannick Bisson) investigation of a constable’s murder is hampered by interference from Brackenreid’s (Thomas Craig) overzealous replacement.


The Chelsea Detective Season 2 (Acorn TV Original) – SEASON PREMIERE | New episode weekly on Mondays

Detective Inspector Max Arnold (Adrian Scarborough, Killing Eve) and the team have new cases to look into in Season 2. Detective Sergeant Layla Walsh from Exeter police, played by Vanessa Emme in Dublin Murders, joins Max.

Layla adapts to Max's distinctive style quickly and will occasionally roll her eyes at Chelsea's worst excesses.

Murdoch Mysteries Season 16 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – SEASON FINALE

Episode 24, “The Long Goodbye, Part Two”

Having resigned from the constabulary, Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is hired to find a missing heiress.

Top 10+ Most Watched TV Series on Acorn TV Top 10+ Most Watched TV Series on Acorn TV

Discover and enjoy the 10 plus most watched, most popular TV Series today on Acorn TV.

Top 5 Most Watched TV Series on Acorn TV

1.Happy Valley

TV Series (2014-2023). 3 temporadas. 18 episodios. Catherine (Sarah Lancashire),is a no-nonsense police sergeant who heads up a team of officers in a rural valley in Yorkshire. When a staged kidnapping spirals out of control and turns into a much more brutal series of crimes, Catherine finds herself involved in something significantly bigger than her rank, but unknowingly close to home.

The first series began on BBC One on April 2014, the second on February 2016, and the third on 1 January 2023.

Rankings Position:
Best TV Series of the 21st century
Best TV Series in TV history

2. Anne (TV Miniseries)

TV Series (2022). 4 Episodes. Devastated by the loss of her fifteen year old son, Kevin, at the 1989 FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest, Anne Williams fights for the truth about the tragedy. Standing along side other parents who lost children in the match and refusing to believe the official investigation results, Anne seeks her own evidence in a relentless quest for justice.

3. Dalgliesh (TV Series)

Follows Dalgliesh's crime-fighting career from 1970s England to the present day.

4. Holding (TV Miniseries)

TV MiniSeries (2022). 4 Episodes. In the insular village of Duneen, West Cork, on the edge of Ireland - a place with its own climate and rhythms - local police officer, Sergeant PJ Collins is a gentle mountain of a man who hides from people and fills his days with comfort food and half-hearted police work. However, when the body of long-lost local legend Tommy Burke is discovered, PJ is called to solve a serious crime for the first time in his career. PJ finally has to connect with the village he has tried hard to avoid.

5. The Larkins (TV Series)

TV Series (2021-2022). 2 Seasons. 13 Episodes. A new adaptation of the classic novel The Darling Buds of May by H.E. Bates following the warm-hearted, wheeler-dealing adventures of the iconic Larkin family in the idyllic Kent countryside.

Canceled after the second season.

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