Acorn TV in July 202
Acorn TV in July 2023

The Acorn TV July 2023 schedule features Acorn TV Originals like The Fall, The Best of Us, Murdoch Mysteries Season 16, and London Kills Season 4.

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Acorn TV July 2023 Premiere Full Schedule for Viewers in, UK, Australia, US & Canada


Cannes Confidential (Acorn TV Original) – EXCLUSIVE PREMIERES | New Episodes on Mondays

Episode 3, “A Clear Conscience”

On the St. Marguerite Island outside of Cannes, a monk's body is discovered shot to death beneath the fort Royal. the notorious island where the Man in the Iron Mask lived. And why was the monk killed?

Lea feels envious when Harry (Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica) and Camille (Lucie Lucas, Porto) come into contact once more. Father Placid, an old friend of Harry's, served as a mentor to the deceased monk, and Camille and Lea must investigate the victim's troubled past to learn the truth.

Despite being one step ahead, Harry ends up in over his head and needs Camille's assistance to survive. Meanwhile, Margaux, Camille's sister, is approached by Julien Boire, her father's adversary (Hugo Brunswick, The Black Box), who makes it even more personal. He gives Camille a direct warning to stop digging or else.

Episode 4, “The Deadlier Species”

Although Camille (Lucie Lucas, Porto) is being pursued by Boire, she manages to visit her father Philippe while he is imprisoned. Leo Duval, a billionaire arms dealer, is to be watched over by Camille and Lea at The Majestic. Death threats have been made against Duval, and it is said that the renowned killer Nightshade has been hired to kill him.

The Nightshade hasn't been spotted in fifteen years, which is a problem. Camille and Harry become closer as Harry (Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica) serves as the assassin's encyclopedia and guide in an effort to stop him.

Camille discovers the Nightshade is still alive when the body of a former MI6 agent appears. As night falls, the puzzle becomes more challenging. Money is not the only motivation.

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 16 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episode on Mondays

Episode 16, “An Avoidable Hinder”

Leo O'Rourke, a former coworker from a logging camp, has Murdoch in a corner. He just got out of a 32-year prison term for murder, and he wants Murdoch to clear him. Unfortunately, the only available evidence is old testimonies and court records.

Murdoch takes him to see Stanley Mead, a fellow ex-logger who doesn't add anything to the tale of a love triangle and fight gone horribly wrong. O'Rourke is disappointed, especially after Murdoch claims that, given his guilty plea, he doesn't believe O'Rourke is innocent. However, Murdoch realizes there's more to the story after O'Rourke is shot at his halfway house.

The Fall, Seasons 1-3 BINGE

A senior investigating officer from the Metropolitan Police, Superintendent Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson, The X-Files), is seconded to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to evaluate the status of a murder investigation that has been ongoing for more than 28 days.

Local detectives are forced to work with Stella to track down and apprehend Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan, Fifty Shades of Grey), who is attacking young professionals in Belfast when it becomes clear that a serial killer is on the loose. Stella's team works tirelessly to develop a case as time goes on, but they encounter challenges both inside and outside the PSNI.


Cannes Confidential (Acorn TV Original) – EXCLUSIVE PREMIEREs |New Episodes on Mondays

Episode 5, “Southern Gothic”

After a seance, Pascal, the son of renowned conductor Francois Fontaine, is discovered hanged. Due to the victim's mother Babette's tragic death in a mental institution, the Fontaine family is allegedly cursed.

Everyone, with the exception of Camille (Lucie Lucas, Porto), does not believe in ghosts. In order to find the truth, Camille, Lea, and Harry (Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica) must consult shady mediums, news archives, and scorned lovers.

An authentic tale of southern gothic where nothing is as it seems. In the midst of this, Camille and Harry attempt to trick Boire (Hugo Brunswick, The Black Box) into falling into a trap that will have disastrous results. particularly for Lea. Finally, Camille understands why Harry is in Cannes.

Episode 6, “Love and Let Die”

Camille (Lucie Lucas, Porto) and Lea are given the case of Zina's murder while attending the Cannes Film Festival. Zina was the assistant to well-known actress Celeste Badeau. Was the Hollywood celebrity the intended victim? The infamous paparazzi Miko Zajac is the main suspect in Celeste's blackmail, but why?

Lea meets Eloise, her ex-lover and Zina's girlfriend, during the investigation, and Camille notices that it has an impact on her. Meanwhile, Boire (Hugo Brunswick, The Black Box) has threatened Harry's daughter Emily, so he resolves to put a stop to the criminal once and for all.

When Harry breaks into Boire's office, he discovers startling information that will astound Camille. When Camille's father Philippe is about to be released, Harry must tread carefully to prevent Camille from getting caught in the crossfire.

London Kills, Season 4 (Acorn TV Original) – EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE | BINGE

Rob wakes up in his car next to a dead body – and is arrested on suspicion of murder. As the team fight to clear his name, David and Vivienne’s past comes back to haunt them.

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 16 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episodes Weekly on Mondays

Episode 17, “The Battle of Gentleman Jones”

Watts, who was hired to infiltrate the community to find the victim, who had come into an inheritance, alerts Murdoch (Yannick Bisson, Baking All The Way) after a hobo is shot close to a rail camp. The victim had come into an inheritance. The "ghost coin," an intricately tampered nickel in his pocket, is their only lead.

Murdoch discovers strange symbols that are a part of a hobo language when another hobo is killed, and he immediately suspects a serial killer. But having an inside man is necessary for a thorough investigation, which Watts initially rejects before realizing Murdoch will probably hire a less qualified individual who would be more noticeable.


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 16 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episodes Weekly on Mondays

Episode 18, “Virtue and Vice”

Murdoch looks into the bludgeoning death of a respected art dealer who had a hidden stash of lewd drawings. The variety and accuracy of images showing men, women, and children who are both in flagrante delicto as well as naked people assail Crabtree (Johnny Harris) as he catalogs the evidence.

When Murdoch needs someone to infiltrate a bookstore and pose as a buyer of pornographic art, Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig, Inspector Morse) is the obvious choice. Ogden (Helene Joy), after examining a woman who was obviously being abused by her husband, tries to protect the woman from a violent and politically influential partner.


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 16 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episode Weekly on Mondays

Episode 19, “Whatever Happened to Abigail Prescott”

Murdoch worries about the future of his wife and child in light of Ogden's three-year prison sentence for the death of Abigail Prescott, the abused wife of a dishonest Alderman she was attempting to assist. Even though a page from the police report was missing, Effie's attempts to reopen the case were unsuccessful.

Murdoch goes after the arrogant politician with a vengeance after becoming convinced that the Alderman received a call from his wife the night of her laudanum overdose and that he most likely administered it. Unfortunately, the grounds for appeal are rapidly dwindling in the absence of fresh evidence.

The Best of Us (Acorn TV Exclusive) – EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE | BINGE

Brilliant biathlete Abel Guerin is discovered dead on the practice field. Young Captain Awa Sissako is sent to help Lieutenant Salvi with the investigation.

Prior to the start of the World Cup, she needs to find out right away what happened to Abel. (Language Français)


Murdoch Mysteries, Season 16 (Acorn TV Exclusive) – New Episode Weekly on Mondays

Episode 20, “Just Desserts”

On the night before she is cleared, Ogden has dinner with Warden Hymus, his wife, Lauren, and Leslie Garland (Gianniotti), Lauren's fiancé. A chilly exchange results from Ogden's unexpected run-in with her unseemly ex-brother-in-law, but things get really heated when the Warden is stabbed with a steak knife just before the Baked Alaska.

However, someone breaks into the cupboard and steals the weapon after she locks it away and collects everyone's fingerprints. A seemingly healthy student mysteriously passes away outside the black fraternity dance where Hart and Isaiah Buchanan are attending.

Acorn TV July 2023: Highlights

Cannes Confidential (Acorn TV Original) – New Episodes Premiere Mondays Through July 10

The Cote d'Azur-based crime drama Cannes Confidential stars Jamie Bamber (Strike Back, Marcella, Battlestar Galactica), Tamara Marthe (Profilage), and French TV drama actor Lucie Lucas (Clem, Porto and Gloria). The relationship between an idealistic, local underdog female cop (Lucas) and an ex-con (Bamber) is the series' main focus.

The two are compelled to work together in an unlikely but surprisingly effective crime-fighting alliance, and in each short episode, they successfully solve a murder. The drama's plot, however, is centered on the protagonist's search for the criminals who falsely accused her father, a local hero police officer who was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

London Kills Season 4 (Acorn TV Original) – Binge Premieres Monday, July 10

Although Detective Inspector David Bradford has always been unconventional, his actions are getting out of hand. When Detective Sergeant Vivienne Cole confronts him about his behavior, he declares that their working relationship is over before going missing.

When Vivienne finds David and demands an explanation for his actions, what he says shocks her. starring Tori Allen-Martin, Sharon Small (Trust Me), Bailey Patrick (Casualty), Hugo Speer (Britannia), and others.

The Best of Us – Binge Premiere Monday July 24

The case in this crime drama in French is as compelling as the setting.

No-nonsense cop Awa Sissako (Mariama Gueye) is dispatched from the suburbs of Paris to investigate the murder of a local hero, which forces her to confront her personal demons.

Good Karma Hospital (Premieres 31 July)

The busy tropical Indian hospital is back for season four. Dr. Lydia Fonseca, a fiery and passionate woman, must confront her troubled past and deal with some uncomfortable truths if she is to save Greg from deportation and maintain their future as a couple. Ruby still struggles to process Gabriel's abrupt departure; as a result, she makes snap judgments, vents her frustrations on others, and struggles to see the big picture. The charismatic Dr. Samir Hasan and the talented, young Dr. Nikita "Niki" Sharma have just recently joined The Good Karma Hospital's medical staff. Starring are Amanda Redman, Darshan Jariwala, and Nimmi Harasgama.

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