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If you are planning a trip to Canada, you will undoubtedly be drawn in by a variety of vibrant and fascinating Canadian symbols, some of which you may have encountered in other places in the past. They each have a history, and by learning about those histories, you will have a better understanding of the morals and traditions that guide the lives of Canadians.

KnowInsiders would like to introduce some of Canada's most recognizable icons, including:

1. The Canoe

The word "canoe" conjures up the same image all over this stunning country. Canoes were once relied on by early Canadian explorers and fur traders, but are now mostly used for leisure activities like fishing and camping.

Canoeing is available in nearly all Canadian provinces and territories. While there are certainly adventurers who own their own canoes, most will find it more convenient to rent one from an outfitter.

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2. Hockey

Hockey is the reason why so many Canadians spend their winters glued to their televisions, and why so many parents rise before dawn to get their kids to the rink on time.

In Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver, hockey fans can catch a National Hockey League game during their visit to Canada. The price and availability of tickets will vary greatly. Tickets for the Toronto Maple Leafs will be the most expensive and difficult to secure, while those for the Ottawa Senators will likely be the most accessible and cost-effective option.

3. The Moose

You can spot this massive deer species all over Canada, particularly in wooded regions that are close to water. A mature bull moose can be as tall as a horse, weigh over 1,300 pounds, and have antlers as long as 150 centimeters (about 5 feet) in length.

4. The Loon

Canadians are affected in a unique way by the loon's call. Many of us have fond memories of summers spent at a cottage or camp, relaxing beside a lake, and the stuttering, musical loon call transports us back to those days.

The common loon, the most well-known of Canada's five loon species, is widespread across the country's lakes. The Ontario provincial bird.

05. The Mountie

Mounties are members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada's national police force. Anyone on the force can be recognized by their distinctive red jackets, navy jodhpurs, brown boots, and hats.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are responsible for all federal law enforcement across Canada as well as providing contracted services to the three territories, eight provinces, more than 190 municipalities, 184 Aboriginal communities, and three international airports. Most Canadians live in either Ontario or Quebec, and both of those provinces have their own police forces.

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6. The Maple Leaf

Canada's flag features the maple leaf, the country's official symbol. Canada's national symbol, the maple leaf, has deep historical roots.

The leaves of the maple tree, which can be found all over the United States, are known for their spectacular autumn display of yellow, orange, and red.

As well-known as they are, national symbols of Canada are the things that are used to represent the country and its people both in Canada and around the world. The maple leaf has been a major symbol of Canada since the early 18th century. It is shown on the country's current and former flags, the penny, and the coat of arms (or royal arms).

7. The Great Outdoors

As the second largest country in the world, but with a population that doesn't even make the top 30 (just over 36 million people as of 2016), Canada has a lot of open space. Canada is a popular place for outdoor vacations because it has more coastline than any other country, as well as lakes, mountains, and a diverse landscape.

8. Beer

There's no denying that Canadian beer is great and that Canadians drink a lot of it.

If you like beer, you should try some of the local microbrews and craft beers, which you can find in many pubs and restaurants.

Most beer brands, even Canadian ones, are owned by companies from other countries. Moosehead is the largest beer company that is owned by Canadians.

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9. The Beaver

"An Act to provide for the recognition of the Beaver (Castor canadensis) as a symbol of the sovereignty of Canada" was signed by the king on March 24, 1975. This made the beaver an official symbol of Canada. But the beaver was part of what it meant to be Canadian long before the National Symbol of Canada Act was passed by Parliament.

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