Guardian Angel of Each Zodiac Sign
Guardian Angel of Each Zodiac Sign
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Portraits of Guardian Angels, According to Astrology

When we're born, we all have angels and kind spirits that help us achieve our life goals. With the help of the god corresponding to the constellation you own, it will bring many good things in life.

It is this god that helps you have more positive energy to overcome all difficulties and challenges. And it is this same god that brings you to the pinnacle of glory.

Astrology believes that guardian angels are messengers of God, they are holy and pure, always protecting, watching over and helping you.

Although they are usually pictured to have wings, angels don't actually have a human form: they're beams of light and energies creating a golden hue around us.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

7 Ways to Communicate and Ask for Help from A Guardian Angel?

According to many astrologers, communicating with your angel is a very simple thing, not as difficult as people imagine.

1.Candle and Pray

Light a candle and think about whatever you're looking for for about 10 minutes.

Or you can connect with your guardian angel with just prayers. Angels will respond with simple signs in everyday life such as coincidences or positive situations that arise.

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs

Pray to connect with angel

The most important thing, according to astrology, is to have faith in your guardian deity. Only faith and sincerity can make your prayers come true.

You ask your Guardian Angel for favours and advice, thanking them, praying to them or connecting to your deceased loved ones under their protection. However, in order to do that, you must find out who your guardian angel is, what are their qualities.


Meditation is a simple way you can connect directly with your guardian deities. In a state of deep meditation, you can communicate, ask for god's help. The state of meditation helps you to direct your consciousness inward, easily meeting your guardian angel. From there find the answer to all questions.

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs

There are many different forms and styles of meditation. Meditation with your spiritual teacher is how you communicate directly with your inner teacher. This method requires you to focus your attention, maintain even breathing. If you can't connect with the teacher yet, you just need to meditate every day for 5-10 minutes. To have peace of mind, to purify garbage in the subconscious. As you get used to it, you'll develop a state of stillness. The sweet fruit is to soon see the connection between you and your guardian angel.

3.Talking to Yourself

Even when you're not in a meditative state, you can still connect with your guardian angel via chat. Every day, you talk to myself, with my guardian angel. At the same time, keep a deep connection with the teachers in the spiritual patronage team.

Angels often try to send messages through the buzzing sound in our ears. It usually happens during times of stress. Try to find a pattern and understand the meaning. Our angels try to remind us to stay calm.

4.Angel Numbers

Guardian Angels can communicate with you using Angel Numbers. You've probably heard a lot about what repeated numbers mean. For example: 11:11, 22:22, 555, 444, 7777. Each number is a vibration wave and the more times it goes up, the more energy it increases. It is also the greeting from the Angels that has its own meaning to you.

For example, if you constantly look at your watch, phone, or computer, you will see a certain number repeating. You go out and happen to see your home address, license plate, restaurant, etc all with the same number.


7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
How to Contact with Your Guardian Angel

According to science, the phenomenon of dreaming occurs when an area of ​​your brain that refuses to sleep is overactive. However, dreams can sometimes bring a lot of messages if you listen.

6.Message from Nature

Many people think that when you suddenly see a feather, you may be communicating with the gods. Sometimes seeing a bird perched, a butterfly flying by is also the angel's way of telling you. This thinking is completely valid. If your intuition tells you it's a message from the universe, that's exactly it.

Signals from nature such as a gentle breeze could be a guardian angel trying to contact you.

This is also one of many channels where guardian angels often communicate with the zodiac they protect.

7. Extrasensory Senses

When you have a high spiritual quotient (SQ), you will receive a variety of messages from the supernatural realm. Some of us will hear, see, feel things that people normally don't notice with our physical senses.

Some zodiac signs have opened up to this possibility after a time of spiritual awakening. They can hear, feel, and see the energy of the other person.

Let's take a look at the 12 guardian deities corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs below:

1.Guardian Angel of Aries: Archangel Ariel

How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Angel Aries

The angel Ariel is the Angel of Wisdom and War.

In the list of 12 guardian angels of the zodiac, Ariel has the ability to solve everything that happens in life. This god governs and looks after Aries. You can ask for the help of this guardian angel to achieve your dreams, especially when you want to improve a certain relationship.

Aries people, on the other hand, tend to be hasty and sometimes selfish. When you realize you need to slow things down or lower your ego, connect with Ariel. Ariel will remind you to put yourself in the shoes of others and think, thereby finding the most effective solution.

Aries people often achieve a lot of success in life thanks to the help of this deity. Once done, there is only success, because the goddess Airel always supports and helps them overcome all difficulties and challenges. On the other hand, these people tend to be hasty and sometimes selfish. But with the help of this god, they avoid some troubles in life.

2.Guardian Angel of Taurus: Archangel Chamuel

How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of Peace, Comfort and Love

Chamuel is the angel of love and beauty.

Chamuel helps Taurus find things in a particular way in life. If you're looking for a new source of income, true love or simply want to reconnect with an old friend, Chamuel can help.

Taurus people tend to focus on appearance more than soul, inner personality. Especially in love affairs, they always focus on and look for the ideal life partner. They only associate with people who really fit all of their criteria. The point of view of Taurus is very clear, wanting to have no friends is better than having friends, it's not compatible, meeting is arguing, conflict.

With this personality, Taurus people need the help of the Goddess of Love and Beauty to get true love.

3.Guardian Angel of Gemini: Archangel Zadkiel

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Angel Zadkiel is the angel of light

Angel Zadkiel is the angel of light, symbolizing the good things in life.

Gemini has a generous and affectionate lifestyle, while Zadkiel is the angel of forgiveness. So, when you have a strong argument with someone, ask Zadkiel to help with tolerance and forgiveness so that everything can be resolved smoothly.

Also, if Gemini is living too superficially or flying around and want to improve this, connect with Zadkiel so that you can find yourself again.

The person protected by this god often has a generous heart and forgives all the mistakes of the opponent. Although Gemini people are selfish and calculating. But in relationships, as long as someone knows their mistake and admits it, they can easily forgive all past mistakes.

In any argument, Gemini will find a way to stay away from the conflict. They don't want to use words back and forth to win something.

4.Guardian Angel of Cancer: Archangel Gabriel

How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Angel Gabriel

The angel Gabriel oversees Cancer, giving them insight and sensitivity. The guardian angel Gabriel always helps Cancer have a subtle view of everything around.

Although they are a bit sensitive, they are very subtle, they always observe people from the smallest things in life. In particular, this god has helped Cancer to pay more attention to taking care of family and children.

If you are planning to get pregnant and want a happy family life, ask Gabriel for help!

On the other hand, the crabs are also very good at money management, and Gabriel will also bring good luck to this sign, especially if you are an artist or writer.

5.Guardian Angel of Leo: Archangel Raziel

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Archangel Raziel

Those who belong to the constellation of Leo are supported by the patron angel Raziel. Leo is delighted with the outstanding performances on the stage and the angel Raziel is equally brilliant.

Anyone who receives help from this god reaps countless successes in life.

No matter how strong they are, there are times when they are tired and stressed. Thanks to this angel, Leo people have more positive energy. They will be confident enough to overcome all difficulties and stumbles in life and love affairs.

If you need to improve relationships or want to overcome phobias and fears, talk to Raziel and pray for help from this guardian angel.

6.Guardian Angel of Virgo: Archangel Metatron

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Archangel Metatron

Metatron's greatest power is healing and releasing bad energy.

Metatron always releases the bad things of Virgo, helping this sign become strong and confident in life.

Virgo people use their weaknesses to turn into strengths and achieve their own success. Although Virgo people are quite skeptical, thanks to this god, they become confident and shine in front of the crowd.

Virgo is very good at taking on challenges. Therefore, the angel Metaantron can turn these challenges into a source of positive energy to help Virgo overcome all troubles in life.

Besides, the nature of Virgo is anxious, thinking, so Metatron's energy will reduce negativity and help Virgos feel more peaceful.

7.Guardian Angel of Libra: Archangel Jophiel

The angel Jophiel represents justice and civilization. Therefore, Libra people always live friendly and harmonious with everyone, always being respected and admired by everyone. This deity will help Libra clean up the disturbances in life.

Angel can bring Libra to the heights of glory and success.

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Archangel Jophiel

Libra is always trying to create balance in your life, and Jophiel can help when you're feeling uncomfortable.

Jophiel is also often referred to as the feng shui angel because he helps clear out all the clutter in your home and mental messes so you can achieve your dreams.

Sometimes, Libra feels shy and lacks confidence. In those moments, Jophiel can help you see the beauty in life and in yourself. In addition, when having problems with love or family life, connect Jophiel for support.

8.Guardian Angel of Scorpio: Archangel Jeremiel

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Archangel Jeremiel

Scorpio boys and girls will be protected by the god Jeremiel.

Scorpios are inherently hot-tempered and hasty, but protected by this angel, they will be calmer and more thoughtful in everything.

In life, sometimes Scorpio has mythical thoughts, but thanks to this god, they let go of bad things. Moreover, the god Jeremiel always helps Scorpios prosper in the things they are passionate about.

The angel reminds us that life has both a light and a dark side, the most important thing is to clearly understand where you are.

In life, there are times when Scorpio thinks paranoid and jealous, Jeremiel can help you let go of this. In addition, if you want to develop wisdom, you will also be enthusiastically supported by this guardian deity.

9.Guardian Angel of Sagittarius: Archangel Raguel

People under the sign of Sagittarius will be protected by the angel Raguel. Angel Raguel brings good energy, is friendly, sociable, kind and always knows how to mediate disputes.

It is this support that helps Sagittarius become friendly and sociable, knowing how to mediate all disputes and conflicts in life.

Sagittarius brings people happiness and good fortune, but can sometimes be reminded of being too talkative and over-enthusiastic. Angel Raguel can help you control your own emotions, reduce anger in each argument.

10.Guardian Angel of Capricorn: Archangel Azrael

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Archangel Azrael

The angel Azrael has helped Capricorn overcome all difficulties in life.

Help Capricorn more confident and strong to face fear and let go of pain in life.

Capricorn people are quite ambitious by nature, but thanks to this god, they seem friendly and control everything in life.

Capricorns are so ambitious, practical, and hard-working that they forget about their feelings. If you are overworked and stressed, connect with Azrael to regain balance.

11.Guardian Angel of Aquarius: Archangel Uriel

How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Aquarius – Angel Uriel

Aquarius people are all protected by the god Uriel.

Uriel has the mind of a professor and is a wise teacher. They are often more intelligent than people, always creating masterpieces for humanity.

Usually Aquarius people live by reason rather than the heart. When Aquarius does not understand a problem, this Uriel god will offer good solutions. Help Aquarius achieve many successes in life.

If you find that your thoughts are not "intelligible" and are looking for an ideal life partner, call for help from Uriel. He will give you wisdom, insight and guide you to choose the right partner.

12.Guardian Angel of Pisces: Archangel Sandalphon

Sandalphon is a musical angel. Therefore, Sandalphon will help you promote creativity, feel peace of mind when confused.

Those who belong to the Pisces sign and are protected by the god Sandalphon often live quite poetically. Especially this person has natural talents such as singing, painting, etc.

7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Guardian Angel Based on Zodiac Signs
Archangel Sandalphon

Thanks to the help of the angel Sandalphon, Pisces' career path becomes bright and successful. Although sometimes feeling tired, this god has created more positive motivation to help Pisces overcome all difficulties.

When feeling sad, insecure, listen to a suitable song, the lyrics of which may contain the message Sandalphon wants to send to you.


We used to be babies who grew up with fairy tales and beliefs about guardian angels also grew.

Guardian angels are always by our side and follow us on our journey of experiencing life lessons. If you have faith, you are one step closer to your angel. They will always extend their arms to protect their students. However, the universe has the law of free will. You do not see, do not believe, without help, the angels will hardly interfere deeply in your private life.

Therefore, every day I myself also ask for the guidance and guidance of the angels on the journey of spiritual development. I also do not forget to express my deep gratitude every day to the angel. And the whole life I'm experiencing right now.

When we are in trouble, we should pray. As a sacred ritual, we can connect with the guardian angel for guidance and protection.

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