The Best Tattoo For 12 Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
The Best Tattoo For 12 Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
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Tattoos are a hobby of young people. Through tattoos on the body, you can predict somewhat about a person's personality. Depending on your preferences and personality, tattoos and tattoo locations are different.

Through tattoos on the body, you will exude a person's aura and power. Not only that, it is a proof that they own the constellation corresponding to that tattoo

Tattoos will stay with you for the rest of your life, so choosing the right tattoo is also important.

Here are the best ones for your zodiac sign.

1. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Photo: riotattoostudio
Photo: riotattoostudio

Personality traits

Trendsetter, game control, you grow by projecting your feelings, thoughts, and ideas into the outside world, and from that will you turn them into reality.

Type of Tattoo

These zodiac signs want a tattoo related to a major life change, as the mark of a transition. If that's the case, consider what specific tattoo you really want as a landmark for this change and what you're willing to leave behind.

Is there a way to incorporate a tattoo that represents an intention, a goal, or a wish for your future?

When looking for the perfect tattoo for the 12 zodiac signs, suggestions for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn can be tattooed on the collarbone with a small flower in bloom, or a gentle handwritten line as well. enough to show your sophistication and personality.

Or you can also choose a tattoo on the cleavage - one of the sexy places, bringing a lot of tenderness, femininity, and full of meaning. These constellations can refer to thin tattoos, and gentle lines to beautify their bodies.

In addition, you must not forget to choose a reputable place to tattoo, anyway, you need to ensure your safety. Specifically, one of the steps that you should take before getting a tattoo is to learn about the tattooist and the type of ink used to tattoo you.

While tattoo ink is usually sterile ink, to get the desired color, the artist will dilute them with water. If the water is not sterile, it can affect the ink and cause you to get an infection during the tattooing process.

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2. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Photo: vntat
Photo: vntat

Personality traits

Comforting, steadfast, and determined, you seek consistency, security, and stability.

Type of tattoo

For you, a new tattoo to mark the anniversary is worth it. But you also need to remember that they will stay on your body forever. Tattoos can be a source of comfort for you, a reminder that life is precious no matter what the world is out there.

Choose a design that stimulates this sense of stability and reminds you that your body is your “home”, no matter where you are in the world.

The position that you can tattoo is the side, where the thighs or ankles are also discreet locations to satisfy your tattoo preferences. It is the subtleties and refinements when choosing a tattoo in a place where few people see it that gives you a very special feeling.

Not everyone can admire the artistic carvings in this position, so the more meaningful the tattoo here, the more it shows that you are a deep thinker.

Discover the perfect tattoo for the 12 zodiac signs, some tattoo positions Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius can refer to that is the waist, which is very suitable for the girl who values ​​good looks, Feel free to wear crop tops or sports suits showing off your supple body in the gym.

As can be seen, the small tattoo on the waist helps to increase the charm. Especially, the waist area is relatively comfortable, you can freely come up with ideas for your own unique tattoos.

The care after the tattoo is also very important, for the tattooed skin area, you should also apply moisturizer to keep the skin soft. To avoid irritation and redness, do not use fragranced products on tattooed skin for 1 week.

An unscented moisturizer can be used to keep skin soft and supple. You should also apply a thin layer of vaseline to the tattoo for longer protection. Remember not to use granular scrubs that rub too much on the tattoo, it can scratch the skin and affect the quality of the tattoo.

3. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Photo: owlinkstudio
Photo: owlinkstudio

Personality traits

A person who is good at adapting to external changes, outstanding adaptability, and changing quickly from one thing to another like a chameleon.

Type of tattoo

With a personality as changing as the weather, these constellations should consider more carefully before deciding to get a tattoo. It can be said that the more people get a tattoo, the more people decide to remove their tattoo later. Thanks to technology, the process of removing tattoos have become easier, but they are still a process with many complicated steps. Therefore, the best way is still to think carefully about this issue before implementation.

Once you've made up your mind, you can give yourself at least two weeks to think things over before getting a tattoo, and don't forget to take the extra time to find a design that really speaks for itself.

Being a person with artistic and aesthetic abilities, these constellations can also draw symbols, create a unique tattoo of their own, or ask experienced artists to advise on tattoos that match their personality. you instead of just picking a random one.

Suggestions for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces is that they can mark the anniversary with a tattoo on their hand or a circle around their finger. For gentle, delicate, and quiet girls, a cute little tattoo here is enough to express her personality, show her fragility, making others just want to protect her.

Hand tattoos will help girls get attention at first sight. Still light ideas, but different ways of expressing color and thickness of lines will bring their own layers of meaning.

The idea of a butterfly, branch or small flower with vivid colors along the spine or at the foot is also quite interesting for nature lovers. Simple textures and bright or monochrome colors are suitable for tattoos in this location.

In particular, you are not allowed to go swimming or go to the sea after 1 week of tattooing. One thing to note for you is that with tattoos that are often susceptible to light, make sure you protect your tattoo too. Remember to apply adequate sunscreen on the skin, especially the tattooed areas at least 45 minutes before going outside.


Above are the 12 most beautiful zodiac tattoos and astrology tips that match the personality and interests of each sign. Hopefully the tattoo advices for the 12 zodiac signs above will help you find the most suitable and satisfactory tattoo.

Each constellation will correspond to its own beautiful and impressive tattoos. Depending on your preferences and constellations you own, choose the corresponding tattoo. Tattoos on the body are not only to affirm your personality. It pays homage to the interesting things that constellations bring. So which constellation do you belong to in the 12 signs and which tattoo do you like the most in that constellation?

Which zodiac tattoo do you like the most? If you also like tattoos, quickly choose a tattoo for your constellation. Who knows, this tattoo will bring you a lot of luck and success. Let the tattoos on the body assert their own. Have fun and welcome many good things in life.

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