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Extend the life of your favourite piece of clothing
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What do you do to stop your jeans from fading?

The most versatile piece of clothing, they go with anything, from dressy to casual wear, and are perfect for those seeking comfort. In fact, the right pair of jeans can flatter your figure in an effortless manner. Dark jeans are usually the most sought after as these look the best on all body types.

Therefore, in order to save you the trouble of denim related mourning, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best tips and tricks to keep your beloved pair from retiring too early!

Tip #1: Set the dye

When I was a kid, you bought jeans extra-large because they’d shrink after the first wash, and even then they’d turn your legs blue (or black) the first few times you wore them. These days, jeans come pre-shrunk, but their dyes still need to be set, Housewifehowtos expressed.

To do this, fill a sink 1 gallon of cold water, 1 cup white vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of table salt. (Or run the smallest load setting on your washing machine, add the vinegar and salt but skip the detergent, and set it to soak.) Turn your jeans inside out and soak them in this solution for 1 hour. Drain and wash the jeans on cold with a cold rinse. Don’t like vinegar? Use a dye fixative instead!

Tip #2. Spot treat stains.

You don’t need to throw your jeans in the wash every time they get a spot. Get greasy stains out with a dab of liquid dish detergent on a white cloth. Remove ink stains with hairspray or rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. You can use cornstarch on a variety of stains, too.

Tip #3. Give your jeans a light steam shower

Water, both warm and hot, not only fades your denim—it causes shrinkage. If you’re barely able to squirm into your skinny jeans, a hot bath is the last thing they need. Even if you don't use a dryer, hot water will cause fabric to expand and then shrink.

Besides, unless you've been playing in mud, your jeans probably aren’t very dirty. A quick way to freshen them up is to hang them in your bathroom while you shower. Steam from your shower will soon have your dark blues smelling new, and a small amount of water vapor won’t make the fabric swell.

Tip #4. Hang your pants outside

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Your dryer poses just as much of a threat to your denim as the washer. High temperatures will make your jeans shrink, and all the tumbling leads to unnecessary wear and tear.

If it’s a nice day outside, hang your favorite pair outdoors. Having your jeans air out gives them a rejuvenated scent—just make sure they’re out of direct sunlight. The bright star we refer to as “the sun” can bleach your jeans faster than you'd think, Usatoday added.

Tip #5. Jeans love company

Now here is a little tidbit you didn’t know – washing dark jeans with other dark jeans and clothing items can keep them from fading! While many people end up washing their jeans individually, washing them in the company of other darker clothing can actually prove more beneficial. This is because the dark dyes in the washing machine swirl and mix around, and are mostly retained by the clothing present within.

As a result, the jeans end up retaining their original shade instead of having it washed away. So when the time comes and you absolutely must wash your jeans, do so with all the other dark clothes as well. If these aren’t readily available, wait until they pile up – and then throw them all in together, Stayathomemum noted.

Tip #6. Skip the dryer

A dryer’s heat opens clothing fibers and allows the dye to escape, while the tumbling action produces friction that rubs away colors. Line dry your jeans in a shaded area instead or dry them indoors on a rack.

Tip #7. Wash less, wash properly

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People these days wash clothes far more often than necessary. Jeans can be worn 4 or 5 times between washing. Some people never even wash theirs — they freeze them!

Always use a cold/cold cycle to keep dyes intact. You might even want to use a detergent specifically for dark-colored clothing.

Launder jeans inside out using the gentle cycle to reduce the friction that rubs away their dye. If you clean everyone’s jeans in the same load, any color that does leach into the water will boost the colors of the other pairs.

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