Best things in life
Best things in life

These 6 things are the best things in life that most people have lost.

1.Peace of mind

Previously, when staying in the old house, sleeping at night without closing the door was still comfortable, not afraid of being stolen. Although there is no air conditioner in the house, the air is always airy and fresh. But now when I live in a big house, I have to lock the door everywhere. The whole house is tightly surrounded, without a gap that sometimes, even the owner himself cannot enter the house.


In the past, in the countryside, people were always close to each other, watching each other's relatives. The house is also in the same lane, all delicious dishes are brought to each other. Who has work at home, everyone gathers to support. And now, we live in the same building, even in the same row, face each other every day but don't know what the other's name is.


Children in the countryside most like to wade in rivers and catch fish. Eat directly, enjoy the pure green taste. But now the goods in the supermarket are countless, but no matter how many times you wash them, you will not feel secure and worry about your health.


In the past, children were busy gathering by the roadside to have fun, just using the blade of grass and tree branches also made them drunk and boisterous. But now the society is developing, the roads are getting wider and the cars are getting more and more, so children can't play comfortably for fear of danger.


If there were not many photography shops in the past, there were a few times a year to take pictures. Each photo is carefully preserved, collected in the album...the times when the memories are opened, the memories are still intact.

Now, not many people go to the photography shop, everyone has a camera, and they can take pictures with their mobile phones. Those photos are stored on the device, often forgotten, lying dormant in a certain corner of the device's memory, without a souvenir value that evokes any memory.


In the past, children only had a few simple colored clothes, sometimes wearing the old clothes of siblings in the house. But those items are considered treasures. And now, clothes of all colors, all materials ... but we always feel not beautiful enough, not enough.

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