5 Most Unlucky Zodiac Signs in the Second Mercury Retrograde of 2022
Most Unlucky Zodiac Signs

According to astrology, almost all planets experience regular retrograde periods, i.e. moving backward from their usual orbits.

Planetary retrograde events create tumultuous swings in each of our lives, requiring us to take time to reflect on areas of our lives. Of all the planets, the most talked about retrograde cycle is that of Mercury, with about 3 to 4 times per year.

At each of its retrogrades, Mercury often causes problems related to communication, relationships, daily schedules, technological devices and more.

This year, we will welcome four Mercury retrogrades in 2022, with the most recent from May 10, 2022 to June 2, 2022.

In this 2nd Mercury retrograde in 2022, the route will start from Flexible Air - Gemini and end in Fixed Earth - Taurus.

Let's find out who is the unlucky constellation of the 2nd Water Retrograde season in 2022 and what needs to be done to "survive" through this difficult period!

1. Taurus

The second half of this 2nd Water Retrograde will take place in the house of Taurus. As one of the two "main characters" of this Mercury retrograde, your life will certainly not be as smooth as before.

First, the astrological sign shows that your finances are on the verge of many alarms. Taurus in this Mercury retrograde season needs to rethink the way you spend your money. During this time, you should not buy electronic appliances because you may encounter some unnecessary troubles.

You should learn to change your spending habits, cut unnecessary expenses. In particular, you should be wary of where you are spending your money and energy. It is best for Niu Nhi to make a reasonable investment plan and financial management, so that she can use her money more flexibly.

Be wary of your spending habits and double check any extra fees you have in your account, as there's a high chance of financial mishaps between May 10 and 22, so every transactions are expensive, you should wait until Mercury is in favor.

Not only that, the work also encountered certain problems. Plans need to be carefully planned. Important documents also need to be carefully reviewed before sending.

Besides, during the second half of the retrograde cycle, Mercury's influence becomes more and more obvious, which can cause you to have doubts and low self-esteem. When negativity hits, try to strengthen yourself with words of encouragement and inspirational quotes every day.

Some people can also carelessly damage furniture, leading to expensive repairs and compensation. Therefore, try to do everything as carefully as possible.

2. Aquarius

During Mercury retrograde, Aquarius is prone to family problems. It could be a matter of house, a room or an argument with a loved one that makes it easy to lose focus.

Moreover, when there is a conflict, you often choose to avoid it by communicating with the outside more than facing directly to solve the problem. Therefore, everything is still tangled like silk, there is no way to solve it.

In particular, parents need to pay attention to communication with their children. Don't force your child to go to extremes lest it backfire. Parents and children need to have a common voice to make communication easier.

Aquarius also need to be careful not to misunderstand or misunderstand other people's intentions during this time, too. You may have disagreements with your friends, including a bit of jealousy, but in the long run, you'll be glad you two reconciled.

In addition, your financial luck will also decrease, it is necessary to avoid wasting talent because of excessive play.

This season of Mercury Retrograde, there is a chance that a fixed source of your finances will be stopped or reduced, or a payment you hope to receive is delayed, or electronic equipment is broken, so It is best that you save money from now on. Investing at this time is also not a wise decision.

But in return, you also have a lot of creativity and inspiration during Mercury retrograde, and you can try to apply these ideas to your own work and study.

Looking at the positive side, lonely people have the opportunity to love during this time, so put aside unpleasant feelings and dress nicely to prepare for the upcoming love opportunity.

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3. Gemini

It is not surprising that Gemini is also among the unlucky constellations of this 2nd Water Retrograde season in 2022.

As the sign that welcomes the beginning of the process of Water Retrograde, the crisis you will face during this Water Retrograde will be no less than Taurus.

You are usually quite talkative, intelligent and quick, but during Mercury retrograde, you need to try to listen more. Gemini can miss out on great connections if you're just talking about yourself.

In particular, Mercury retrograde makes you even more confused about your future. You may have planned your next development direction, but during Mercury retrograde, you are easily shaken up, overturning some of your previous views, and life changes accordingly.

During this time, there may be fantasies, excessive idealization. That will only cause you to drift further and further away from your original purpose.

As Mercury moves into Taurus, Gemini needs to temporarily relinquish social life to focus on healing insecurities. In particular, you should avoid temptations or get caught up in the social media vortex during this time.

Mercury retrograde is also not a good time for Gemini to start new projects. Communication troubles, unfavorable communication, and misunderstandings will bring bad luck to most of your work.

So, if you have new projects or ideas, you should also be patient and refrain from waiting through the retrograde of this "turbulent" planet. Instead, it's time to recuperate, prepare for an upcoming boom, just like the inherent shining Gemini style.

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4. Virgo

All eyes will be on Virgo during this 2nd Mercury Retrograde. What you achieve during this time, whether success or failure, especially at work, receives special attention.

Adding the perfectionism, not accepting any mistakes, the pressure that Virgo has to bear is not small. That's why this zodiac sign needs to try their best. You probably won't receive any rewards during this time, but when Mercury turns retrograde, you could expect a well-deserved promotion or raise.

On the other hand, when Mercury is retrograde, you are easy to make mistakes at work, such as not communicating smoothly with colleagues, partners, customers, superiors, etc., leading to having to redo tasks. project, or progress is delayed.

At this 2nd retrograde of Mercury, Virgo is also advised to stay away from social media because this cycle will cause your reputation and one mistake can turn into "catastrophe". and ruined the image of this constellation by misguided misunderstandings or distorted meanings.

Therefore, you should be extra careful before intending to post any private stories.

Be careful when conveying any information, whether at work or on social networks because it is easy to cause big trouble by opening your mouth. The best way is to check carefully, "bend your tongue seven times before you speak" to avoid misunderstandings in communication.

No matter how shrewd and competent you are on a daily basis, it's hard to hide your laziness and boredom during this time.

With Mercury entering Taurus, Virgo will feel the need to break away from the routine, but it's best to avoid long-distance travel or anything out of the ordinary if possible.

5. Pisces

For Pisces, your life will not be very pleasant during this retrograde season.

Mercury retrograde will affect communication, leaving you extremely confused when it comes to expressing ideas or receiving information. If you don't speak clearly, you will be more vulnerable during this time.

At this stage, you and your family may have to talk many times about a certain issue, so be more patient and tolerant to understand each other's thoughts.

Family conflicts can also erupt at any time. Strange happenings can happen in the family or in the current living situation and need to be dealt with promptly.

This is also not a great time to move house because you will probably regret something about the new place.

Especially in Taurus season when Mercury is retrograde, some relationships may end, but that for good or bad, you will discover later. Besides, some good friends who have not been in touch for a long time may reappear.

In general, the energy of Water Retrograde is often concentrated and powerful, promoting events to happen faster and more intense. This can be extremely helpful, providing breakthroughs in relationships where you once had too much expectations or too attached to it.

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