Weekly Love Horoscope for New Week
Weekly Love Horoscope for New Week

On March 18, the full moon in Virgo will be a communicative and lucky one, encouraging you to share your desires — and to be as detailed as possible.

Once the confident sun moves through impulsive, driven Aries from March 20 to April 19 — and messenger Mercury joins there from March 27 to April 10 — you may want to be bolder, more spontaneous, and more playful in love — and in the bedroom.

Here are 4 zodiac signs that are unlucky in love in the new week (14-20 March, 2022). However, if you are among these 4 zodiac signs, do not be too disappointed. Because according to the old saying that "Unlucky in Love, Lucky for Gambling" and the new week with 7 days will pass very quickly.


Single Taurus should be careful with people with ulterior motives approaching them, it is best not to accept the confessions of spoiled, flexible people. It is important to stay rational and alert.

Not everyone is worthy of your love, cheaters should kick him out of their lives right away. You should let people know that you are a serious person, not joking around.

The person in love will quarrel with his lover because he broke his promise, what Taurus hates the most is breaking a promise, so quarreling is completely possible.

The weekend has a bit of emotional trouble, unexpected things happen that are out of your control, causing the plan to fall apart. Life is like that, there are always unexpected variables that arise, don't be too stressed just because the plan doesn't go as you want.

Taurus Lucky in Finance?

You will benefit from the active support (material, emotional, financial) of those around you who will be won over by your plans. Money is not the subject that holds your attention until the end of the month when Jupiter reinforces your projects and generates situations that help you morally and materially.

You have fairly encouraging financial prospects.There is a distinct chance that you would gain substantially by a service done to you by some elderly person. You could expect further good fortune through a partnership or a professional association with some member of the female sex.

The climate would be quite congenial for investment and new ventures. And those of you who have such plans on the anvil would do well to put these into motion.

Look to March 5, 13, and 18 as other opportunities to note progress. And around March 18, when the full moon lands in your fifth house of romance, you'll be compelled to put work on the back burner in order to have a spontaneous, flirtatious, heartfelt time with your sweetheart or a potential partner. Sexy, loving emotions will be running high.

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Top 4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Unlucky in Love, Lucky at Cards - Weekly Horosocpe (14-20 March, 2022)
Leo Weeklu Horoscope: Unlucky in Love

As an unlucky love zodiac sign in the new week, the single Leo if too reserved will lose the opportunity to interact with the person they like. You are a little lacking in courage when it comes to relationships.

The courage to say your feelings is not a shameful thing, if you like it, say it as well as if you are hungry, you must eat, why should you be afraid?

People in love are cold and distant, with no common topics to talk about, which makes Leo feel insecure.

It will be very difficult to control anger towards your partner because you always seem ready to take advantage of every opportunity to argue with your partner.

Doing so will make the person you love most vulnerable, so you should control your anger and reduce your ego a bit.

Leo Lucky in Finance?

Nothing very favourable, about your financial prospects this new week, according to the stars. Those having interstate commercial transactions and overseas trade relations would have to face rough weather. In fact, most of you would have to struggle quite a bit to achieve expected gains, and even then you are unlikely to achieve much success.

The climate would not be ripe for investment and the launching of new ventures. These are likely to get stuck up. Further, any pending loan applications with banks or financial institutions would not have much chance of approval. This is not a favourable period for you, and therefore, it could be best to maintain a low profile till the adverse period is over.

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The singles association is still attached to a vague love that makes me very worried. The new week (14-20 March, 2022), Capricorn still has not found the answer to the question "does the person I like like me?".

Remember this week, if your ex-lover wants to come back, you have to run away immediately, the universe says that even if you go back to that person a thousand times, the result will not be the same.

Those who are in love are not okay at all, the two of you easily quarrel over nonsense things that are not going anywhere, you do not receive support from the other half.

In fact, it's just your childishness that puts both of you in a state of stress. They are all grown-ups, don't always just want to win for themselves.

On March 17, messenger Mercury in your third house of communication forms a friendly sextile to game-changer Uranus in your fifth house of romance and self-expression, which might inspire you to speak your truth in a fun, flirtatious way. Sharing your feelings with someone special or talking about the future with your sweetheart could lead to a satisfying breakthrough. And thanks to the full moon lighting up your ninth house of adventure on March 18, you'll be ready to take a leap of faith in an effort to be true to your heart.

Capricorn Lucky in Finance?

This new week will see you save a lot because you have many responsibilities that you need to take care of. March astrology for 2022 wants you to focus on needs now rather than wants. Take care of your expenses before you can set aside money for pleasure.

The stars are not in an obliging mood, and as such your financial prospects are not very bright. The climate would not be at all congenial for investment or new ventures, these could easily get stuck. And as for existing work, most of you would tend to struggle quite a bit to realize planned objectives, and even then achieve little success.

Writers, painters, and other practitioners of the arts would do well to store up for the rainy day, for they are going to face an extremely lean period this month. This would also apply to traders of various descriptions, who would also not fare well, or at least not do as well as anticipated. Further, any pending loan application or a proposal for a fresh advance to banks or financial institutions is unlikely to be cleared in a hurry, if at all.

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Top 4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Unlucky in Love, Lucky at Cards - Weekly Horoscope (14-20 March, 2022)
Pisces Unlucky in Love in the new week

If the single Pisces is interested in someone, they should say it frankly, thinking about it over and over is a waste of precious time. Now, if you don't let people know you like them, tomorrow someone else will do it for you. Until then, don't regret it.

Pisces in love should not travel far with that person, should not manage that person too tightly, it would be better to give each other a little private space.

You should look directly at the reality, that person sacrifices a lot for you, but you are stubborn and refuse to yield to the other person.

While messenger Mercury moves through your sign from March 9 to 27, you'll be extra inspired to put your most heartfelt emotions, dreams, and desires into words.

Pisce Lucky in Finance?

Finance Horoscope reveals that you should always be hopeful that you will achieve financial security and stability sometime in this new week.

The combination of stars facing you is quite favourable, and as such, you should fare quite well financially. Association with gifted people of learning and spiritual stature would give your life a dimension of culture and excellence and also material gains.

Writers, painters, sculptors and practitioners of the other arts would have an extremely satisfying time both in terms of financial gains and also in terms of creative output. Traders in general would also fare well and, what is more, be able to realize their profits in full. The climate would also be congenial for investment and the launching of new ventures.

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