The Unluckiest Day and Month of 2022 for 12 Zodiac Signs
Unluckiest Day and Month of 2022 for 12 Zodiac Signs

1.Aries: October 30 and April 14

Unlucky month: According to the Aries horoscope in 2022, the fortune of this constellation is the most uncertain and turbulent in April, especially in terms of career. If you are not careful, your previous efforts will become a sand cart, returning to the starting point.

Moreover, the relationship with colleagues, leaders, partners is not really smooth. Projects are easily interrupted, displeasing superiors.

Unlucky Day: for Aries in 2022 are probably on the 14th. On this day, it's best not to conduct important work, if possible, limit going out of the house. is best, otherwise it is very easy to have unexpected things happen.

Mars will be stationing retrograde from Oct. 30 until Jan. 12, 2023, so be mindful of how you’re communicating and expressing thoughts, opinions, and ideas during this time.

The Rams are famous for being carefree, easy to act impulsively, doing without considering the consequences, so whenever there is something to do, just work hard to do it. The shock can cost you dearly, even spending money to solve.

2.Taurus: May 15

A solar eclipse on May 15 will bring an end to a certain matter. It could be a relationship that can't be continued, needs to be ended. Or it could be a career path that is no longer suitable that you should change. Although this will be a painful period, it is the best for your future.

The first Scorpio eclipse will be taking place on May 15, shining a light on your connections (more importantly, the ones you likely need to leave behind).

3.Gemini: August 20

On August 20, Mars will be retrograde in your sign, taking you through a period where things speed up rapidly. This can make you more prone to burnout and want to give up more. So before that, take the time to evaluate and define what your overall goals are for the final months of 2022. And prepare mentally for the upcoming challenges.

Be sure to mark Aug. 20 on your calendar, Gemini, because it’s the day that Mars moves into Gemini, where it will remain until Jan. 12, 2023. That means Mars will remain in your first house of self for five.

4.Cancer: March 3, 2022

- Unlucky Month: The unlucky month for Cancer in 2022 is March and November. During this time, everything will not go well with the Crabs, from work problems to problems in love. have a cold.

In short, the worst will happen this month. Although Cancer works very hard, can also endure hardships, but still is constantly disappointed because the results are not so much.

- Unlucky day: Unlucky day in 2022 is the 15th and 3. On this day, Cancer will have health problems. The cause is due to long hours of working overtime and often staying up late, the body begins to show symptoms of labor.

On March 3, Mars and Pluto will be conjoining in Capricorn, in your seventh house of romantic partnerships and relationships, potentially causing some disruptions in these dynamics.

In addition to erratic living habits, irregular diet, unbalanced work and rest, it is easy to have potential health risks that you cannot anticipate.

5.Leo: August 14

Saturn will be retrograde in Aquarius in opposition to your Sun. This can make you feel more unsettled, heavy, and constrained.

If someone or something is preventing you from being true to yourself, then you need to make some necessary adjustments. Carefully consider the solutions, because this is the time when your life will undergo some important turning points.

Your warm, expressive nature will be put to the test on Aug. 14, as Saturn retrograde in Aquarius opposes the sun, aka your chart ruler. Since the sun and Saturn are polar opposites, this day may generally have you feeling out of sorts, and it will likely stem from your relationships with others.

6.Virgo: May 10

On May 10, your ruling planet Mercury will officially turn retrograde, leaving you prone to information disturbances and difficult to focus on your goals. With this Astrological event, you are encouraged to slow down and take a closer look, making corrections to anything you are not satisfied with.

7.Libra: September 9

On Sept. 9, this may become a bit of an issue as Mercury stations retrograde in Libra, aka your first house of self. During this time, it’s best to draw your energy inward a bit, because it may be a bit more challenging to get your words across than normal.

Mercury is retrograde in your zodiac sign, making your energy sources unstable and difficult to develop to their full potential. At this point, you will feel as if you are no longer yourself. You find it harder to communicate thoughts or share ideas. Conflicts and confusions are also likely to increase.

8.Scorpio: February 6

- Unlucky month: February What is the unlucky month of the 12 constellations in 2021? With Scorpio, your luck drops especially sharply in February. During this time, Caper is very prone to conflicts with friends, even getting entangled in a love triangle with a friend. Scorpio is inherently one of the constellations that attach great importance to love, if Caper and her friend like the same person in this February, one side is love, the other is friendship, whichever side you choose will make you happy. This constellation is very painful and awkward.

- Unlucky days: Scorpio's 6 unlucky days in 2021 is the 6th. On this day, Scorpio will not be able to refuse any requests from others. For a person with a strong personality and dignity like this constellation, you are always capable and agile in the eyes of others.

But if the request is repeated again and again, and it still appears on an unstable day like this 6th, you can't help others even if you want to, but you can't directly refuse, take it yourself. trouble for yourself.

9.Sagittarius: July 28

On this day in July, Jupiter in Aries will station retrograde in your fifth house of self-expression and creativity, prompting a pretty significant period of withdrawal.

Jupiter, your ruling planet, will be retrograde on July 28, bringing major influences on your self-expression and creativity, slowing growth. You've done a lot in the past time and maybe it's time to take a break and reflect. Try not to get discouraged at this stage.

10.Capricorn: June 4

During the first months of 2022, you will achieve certain goals. But by the middle of the year, things will level off. Do not worry. Everything happens for a reason and always appears at the right time, whether it is difficult or successful. June 4th you will realize that you have overlooked something important and now it's time for you to reconsider.

You’ll obtain your goals in due time, but for now, use this period to catch up on some of the things you may have overlooked over the last several months. Despite how frustrating it may be, you definitely need a moment to catch your breath.

11.Aquarius: October 4

- Unlucky month: October 2022 for Aquarius is a month full of waves and storms. You clearly feel the problems at work, no matter how hard you try, it will not be rewarded. For ambitious and aggressive Aquarius, promotion is a goal that you always want to touch, only regret that your ability is not enough, so even though you have worked very hard, you have not caught the "blue eyes" of your superiors. So this month, when seeing that the effort spent has not brought about the worthy results, Bao Bao feels very disappointed and troubled.

- Unlucky day: Aquarius will be especially unlucky on the 4th of 2022. This day is easy for you to be misunderstood but cannot explain to regain your purity. It is also because of the indifference and indifference of Aquarius that makes you quite easy to fall into a situation of righteousness. Even so, this constellation is not an easy person to be bullied, even if it is wronged, it never sucks sweet soap.

Instead, find ways to prove yourself innocent. However, you should also pay attention to the time and circumstances to speak up appropriately, avoid turning yourself into an ungrateful person, the more you explain, the more ineffective it is.

12.Pisces: January 13

- Unlucky month: January Pisces will be especially unlucky in the first January of 2022. During this time, the advice for the Fish is to say so, do it and enjoy it. Never brag or "cheat" during this time because you will be exposed quite quickly. Then, the most embarrassing person will be you. So talk less and do more, work hard to do your duty.

- Unlucky day: 13th day of the year 2022 is the day when bad luck comes to this constellation. During that day, Pisces may suffer a loss of self-esteem, causing you to have thoughts of avoiding reality to reduce this feeling of shame. Also because of the habit of showing a little too much compared to her true nature, when Ngu Nhi is exposed, she will feel very embarrassed.

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