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One of LG's attractive designs. Photo: GenK.

If this describes you, read on for more intriguing information about this well-known electronic brand.

Sooper Articles showed that LG, a well-known brand, is ranked as the third largest producer of mobile phones and the second largest producer of television sets worldwide. This ranking has held steady since 2009. To help fill up the blanks, we've compiled 5 facts about Oppo that you might not have known. Included is the long-awaited resolution; impress your LG-using friends with this knowledge.

1.The Origin of the Name LG

One of the notable LG-related facts is that the business was founded in 1947 under the trading name Lak Hui. It started off as a commerce and cosmetics company. In-Hwoi Koo afterwards introduced Goldstar in the year 1958. He was the one who founded Lak Hui. Goldstar produced Korea's first radio. LG Electronics' initial brand name, Goldstar, is where the letter G first appeared.

2.LG's Slogans

Although LG's "Life's Good" slogan is now its most well-known advertising campaign, it is not the only slogan associated with the company. In addition to "Digitally Yours" from 1999 to 2004, they also used "Future's Technology" from 1997 to 1999.

2305 lg ke850

LG KE850. Photo: GenK

3.LG has paved the way to produce the first capacitive touchscreen on a phone

Do you recall the time when touchscreens were resistive, many years ago? This implies that they were highly imprecise and unresponsive because they gave in to pressure. The LG Prada, also known as the LG KE850, was the first smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen to improve things.

In addition to running Flash UI, this phone featured a 3-inch 240400 display, 8 GB of internal storage, 2G data speeds, and a 3-hour talk time battery life. More than a million handsets were sold in the first 18 months, according to the androidauthority. a product that was successfully introduced?

4.LG electronics are available on the Internet

The third intriguing aspect is that, unlike other manufacturers in the industry, LG devices are currently available for online purchase. To make things simpler and more convenient for the customers, the firm has begun selling its items online. Never forget that only a reputable electronics retailer can offer a product that is high-quality and equipped with the newest technologies.

LG with its pledge - Environmental friendliness

Electronics businesses should at least try to be more environmentally conscious. In light of everything, it's fascinating to note that LG ranks quite highly on Greenpeace's "Guide to Greener Electronics." They are presently in 12th place with a 3.5/10 rating. You may read the entire report from Greenpeace for yourself.


According to the five fascinating facts listed above, LG has the ability to produce goods that will satisfy even the most discerning clients' high standards. If you're unsure which branch to use, think about LG. This branch would meet your needs.

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